Makefile to generate/maintain SSL keys, CSRs and (optionally) certificates
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A Makefile which generates SSL keys and CSRs (and also certificates if you want).

It can also be used to manage an OpenVPN client network.

Giving the certificates your own data

The data used for the certificate information can be found in ssl-data.txt. You should edit this file to contain information valid for your certificates.


To generate a CSR for a new host

 mkdir -p hosts/

To generate a new certificate (or set of certificates);

 mkdir -p hosts/
 make certs

To generate certificate bundles for all hosts (this will implicitly make all certificates as well):

 make bundles

Certificate Authority

If you use 'make certs', a root certificate authority and signing key will be generated for you. You'll need the file ca/ca-chain.pem as a certificate chain.

Certificate verification

make verify will verify all generated and non-generated certificates. Any missing certificates will be generated.

Managing OpenVPN

Set the make variable "VPNHOST" in ssl-data.txt and then run make openvpn.

This will generate an OpenVPN configuration file for each defined host and create a .zip file which contains the configuration file and all necessary supporting certificates into a single .zip file. The file is suitable for distribution. The OpenVPN configuration file is based on an editable template (see openvpn-config-template.conf).

NOTE: On Windows, MAC, (most platforms) the extention .ovpn is correct for OpenVPN to automatically recognize the configuration file. However, on Linux servers this extention needs to be .conf. The generated .zip file contains copies of the configuration file with both extentions.


OpenVPN does not seem to like certificate chains. By default, this Makefile does NOT use multi-level certificate chains -- every certificate is signed with the root CA. HOWEVER, if you set USE_INTERMEDIATE_CRT=yes then the Makefile will generate and use an intermediate signing certificate. The current OpenVPN configuration will not work in this mode. Contributions/fixes for this welcome.


This code is licensed under the GPL v2. See LICENSE.txt for more details.