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A small Objective-C wrapper around GCD
Objective-C C Ruby
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JSGCDDispatcher, a small Objective-C wrapper around GCD

JSGCDDipatcher is a small Objective-C wrapper around GCD that provides a simple interface to submit blocks to GCD either on the serial or concurrent queue.

Global Queue

[[JSGCDDipatcher sharedDispatcher] dispatch:^{
  // Busy Work
[[JSGCDDipatcher sharedDispatcher] dispatch:^{
  // Busy Work

Serial Queue

[target dispatchOnSerialQueue:^{
  // Busy serial work
[[JSGCDDipatcher sharedDispatcher] submitSerialQueueCompletionListener:^{
 // Serial jobs complete

Background Tasks (iOS)

Invoke this method when you have a task that is important and should not be interrupted if the application is suddenly placed in the background.

[target dispatchBackgroundTask:^(UIBackgroundTaskIdentifier identifier) {
  if(identifier == UIBackgroundTaskInvalid) {
    // Almost out of time to run the task
  } else {
    // Good to go


  • Better documentation
  • Add OS X Test Target
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