Arduino + LinuxCNC = Your very own FREE high-end CNC controller.
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EMC 2 Arduino

EMC 2 Arduino is a small collection of files intended to allow a person with an Arduino Mega2560 (or UNO), an old USB enabled computer and a free copy of LinuxCNC to begin building their very own CNC machine cheaply and quickly with a variety of components, ranging from low-end inexpensive (even salvaged) components such as old steppers and computer parts to high-end linear servos.


The current version (these files) is 0.07b. It and previous versions can be found in the Downloads folder, zipped for your convenience.

Instructions.txt has a good amount of documentation.

EMC 2 Arduino is known to work with ATMega2560 based Arduinos. 32u4 based Arduinos (Leonardo, etc.) can also work, but some communication issues are still being ironed out.

Further information and discussion can be found at

Right now We're just beginning, accepting advice, contributions of code and skill as well as learning too.

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