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Version 2.20


  • The fts64_* functions were added: glibc supports them since 2.23.
  • The chroot(8) wrapper and fakechroot(1) command can work with POSIX shell.

Version 2.19

20 Nov 2016

  • The FAKECHROOT_EXCLUDE_PATH list has to contain at most 100 elements.
  • The env(1) wrapper works with dash.
  • The fakeroot(1) works if chroot(8) is invoked twice.
  • Fixes were made for chdir(2). It was possible to change to a directory outside of fakechroot.
  • The fakechroot(1) command sets FAKECHROOT_CMD_ORIG environment variable for wrapped command.
  • The ldd(1) wrapper distinguishes different paths with the same beginning.
  • The ldd(1) wrapper does not fail if the path is not existing outside fakechroot.
  • Can be compiled with clang 4.0.

Version 2.18

26 Oct 2015

  • The fakechroot(1) command accepts new option --bindir.
  • The chfn(1) command runs correctly on Ubuntu vidid and Debian stretch.
  • The env(1) wrapper works correctly if there is variable with multilined content.
  • New functions ldaddr(3) and dl_iterate_phdr(3) were added. The dlopen(3) function was fixed. The java(1) command should work correctly.
  • New functions posix_spawn(3) and posix_spawnp(3) were added. Some new applications like clang(1) should run properly.
  • Fixes were made for lstat(2) and lstat64(2) functions. The ending slash is not removed by normalization of a path name.
  • Fixes were made for readlink(2) function. The fakechroot(1) command runs properly with libjemalloc library.
  • The tilde ~ character in FAKECHROOT_* variables is not expanded anymore.
  • Fixes were made for getpeeraddr(3) and getsockaddr(3) functions.

Version 2.17.2

24 Dec 2013

  • Fixes were made for fakechroot(1) command with -h option.
  • The path for function chroot(2) is sanitized so it works correctly when path is ended with /.
  • The make -n test was fixed and doesn't call any command.

Version 2.17.1

5 Dec 2013

  • The fakechroot(1) command runs proper wrapper rather than original command, if it is listed on FAKECHROOT_CMD_SUBST variable.
  • Fixes were made for chroot(8) wrapper. It scanned /etc/ incorrectly and now enters to physical path, avoiding symlinks.
  • The chroot(2) function allows to use more than 2048 bytes for LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

Version 2.17

24 Nov 2013

  • The FAKECHROOT_ELFLOADER environment variable changes the default dynamic linker. The fakechroot script provides --elfloader option.
  • The FAKECHROOT_EXCLUDE_PATH environment variable overrides the default settings.
  • The ldd(1) wrapper can work if overridden with FAKECHROOT_CMD_SUBST environment variable.
  • New env(1) wrapper was added. It preserves fakechroot environment even for --ignore-environment option.
  • The special environment none means that no environment settings are loaded at all.
  • The function setenv(3) and unsetenv(3) was reimplemented, to prevent problems with binaries which brings own implementation of these functions.
  • New function clearenv(3) was added. It preserves fakechroot environment.
  • It is safe to use relative paths which won't escape from fake chroot.
  • Fixes were made for readline(2) function if destination path is similar to FAKECHROOT_PATH.
  • Fixes were made for mktemp(3) function if used on a path in FAKECHROOT_EXCLUDE_PATHS.
  • The _xftw64(glibc) function is reenabled. It had wrong wrapper.
  • Fixes were made for __realpath_chk(glibc) function when __chk_fail function is missing.
  • New functions mkostemp(3), mkostemp64(3), mkostemps(3), mkostemps64(3), mkstemps(3) and mkstemps64(3) were implemented. It fixes sed -i command.

Version 2.16

11 Dec 2011

  • The fakechroot script loads additional environment settings from configuration directory (--config-dir option). By default additional settings are provided for chroot(8) and debootstrap(8) commands.
  • Wrapped chroot(8) command loads paths to LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.
  • The debootstrap(8) command works with default, buildd and minbase variants.
  • Fixes were made for getpeeraddr(3) and getsockaddr(3) functions. lwp-request command is working correctly.

Version 2.15

29 Sep 2011

  • New function faccessat(2) was added. It fixes test -r command. Thanks to Johannes Schauer.
  • The popen(3) function were reimplemented based on OpenBSD source to prevent some coredumps with newer GNU C Library.

Version 2.14

18 Dec 2010

  • The source code was refactored: all functions was moved to separated files.
  • The opendir(3) function is compiled only if it doesn't call other function internally. It fixes opendir(3), fts_open(3) and ftw(3) functions.
  • The fts_*(3) functions were reimplemented based on OpenBSD source.
  • The ftw_*(3) functions were reimplemented based on GNU C Library source.
  • The __opendir2(3) function was reimplemented based on FreeBSD source.
  • Fixes were made for older GNU C Library and for cross-compiling environment.

Version 2.13.1

30 Nov 2010

  • Fixes were made for older GNU C Library.

Version 2.13

29 Nov 2010

  • Fixes were made for realpath(3) and ftw(3) functions. apt-ftparchive command currently is working.
  • Fixes were made for canonicalize_file_name(3), ftw64(3), nftw(3) and nftw64(3) functions.
  • New functions fts_children(3) and fts_read(3) were added.
  • Lazy dynamic symbol loading was implemented. Thanks to Alexander Shishkin.
  • Fixed bug when FAKECHROOT_EXCLUDE_PATH list was sometimes ignored.
  • All source code is now on LGPL license again.

Version 2.12

10 Nov 2010

  • New function execlp(3). Thanks to Robert Spanton.
  • New functions statfs(2) and statvfs(2). Thanks to Paweł Stawicki.
  • Better support for GNU/kFreeBSD was made.

Version 2.11

12 Sep 2010

  • Fixes were made for getpeername(2) and getsockname(2) functions. host command currently is working. Thanks to Daniel Tschan.
  • Fixes were made for canonicalize_file_name(3) function. man-db command currently is working.
  • New functions __*_chk(3) were added for GNU libc with fortify level > 0.
  • New environment variable FAKECHROOT_AF_UNIX_PATH defines an optional prefix for unix sockets.
  • Better support for FreeBSD was made.
  • Autoconf scripts were refactored.
  • More test units were added.

Version 2.10

25 Aug 2010

  • Handle properly GNU libc open(2), open64(2), openat(2) and openat64(2) inline functions.
  • Compatibility were improved for scandir(3) and scandir64(3) functions on the latest GNU libc.
  • Fixed lstat(2) function returns correct st_size. Thanks to Daniel Baumann.
  • Fixed readlink(2) function. Correctly truncates content if buffer is too small.
  • Fixed undefined symbol: rpl_malloc error for compiled 32-bit library on 64-bit architecture by dropping AC_FUNC_MALLOC in
  • Fixed chroot(2) function for path which contains dot character. Thanks to Robie Basak.
  • New function utimensat(2) fixes cp command on Debian sid.
  • New functions linkat(2), mknodat(2), mkfifoat(2), readlinkat(2) and symlinkat(2).
  • New functions popen(3) and system(3) for GNU libc.
  • dpkg-shlibdeps(1) works again because cd $FAKECHROOT_BASE does not change current working directory to root directory.
  • New FAKECHROOT_CMD_SUBST environment variable handles a list of substituted commands. Thanks to Richard W.M. Jones.
  • New scripts ldd and ldconfig with .fakechroot suffix are installed.
  • New make test target uses Perl's prove tool to run test units.

Version 2.9

31 Mar 2009

  • Fixes were made for getpeername(2) and getsockname(2) functions. Thanks to Axel Thimm and Fedora people.
  • Fixes were made for execve(2):
    • Always copy necessary variables to new environment.
    • Do not make duplicates of environment variables. Thanks to Richard W.M. Jones.
  • Fixed were made for chroot(2). It is possible to escape chroot. Thanks to Richard W.M. Jones.
  • Fixed were made for mktemp(2). There was a buffer overflow. Thanks to Mikhail Gusarov.
  • New function: futimesat(2). Fixes touch -m command.
  • New functions: bindtextdomain(3), inotify_add_watch(2).
  • More test units was added, make check works as expected.

Version 2.8

25 Jul 2008

  • Fixes were made for __fxstatat64(3) function which broke chown command on i386 architecture.
  • Better support for FreeBSD was made.

Version 2.7.1

17 Jul 2008

  • Compiles with older GNU libc: readlink type of return value is detected.
  • Compiles with uClibc: existence of getwd function is detected.

Version 2.7

15 Jul 2008

  • Stability and compatibility were improved for the latest libc.
  • Fixes were made for latest version of coreutils.
  • Fixed readlink(2) function to be ssize_t as it is in newer libc.
  • New functions: __fxstatat(2), __fxstatat64(2), fchmodat(2), fchownat(2), __openat(2), __openat64(2), unlinkat(2). It fixes last coreutils.
  • New functions: mkdirat(2), renameat(2).
  • Fixed chroot(2) function to not change current working directory.
  • Fixed chroot(2) function to handle relative path.
  • Fixed execve(2) function to not expand argv0 and handle #! correctly.
  • New eaccess(3) function backported from Klik.
  • New functions: bind(2), connect(2), getpeername(2), getsockname(2). They support PF_UNIX sockets.
  • More memory allocation for fakechroot_init.

Version 2.6

5 May 2007

  • New environment variable FAKECHROOT_EXCLUDE_PATH.
  • Fixed getcwd(3). Unbreaks cd command.
  • Fixed readlink(2) function. Unbreaks readlink command.
  • Fixed mktemp(3) function. Unbreaks patch and ranlib command.
  • The chroot(2) function is now recursive and allows nested chroots.