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Please, use the latest source from GitHub. See Download section for details.

Last changes

You can find a list of the last changes at


The Subversion sources needs additional utilities:

  • libtool (>= 2.0)
  • automake (>= 1.10)

First you need to run ./ script to get correct ./configure.


The tests are located at test/t directory and can be launched with make check command in source root directory:

    master$ make check
    PASS: t/chroot.t
    PASS: t/cmd-subst.t
    PASS: t/escape-nested-chroot.t
    PASS: t/pwd.t
    PASS: t/touch.t
    Testsuite summary for fakechroot 2.18
    # TOTAL: 5
    # PASS:  5
    # SKIP:  0
    # XFAIL: 0
    # FAIL:  0
    # XPASS: 0
    # ERROR: 0

The test scripts generate output compatible with TAP protocol, so can be also launched with prove command (or make test command if prove is already installed; it falls back to simple make check otherwise). Additional flags for prove can be set with PROVEFLAGS variable.

    master$ make test PROVEFLAGS=-j8
    t/chroot.t ................ ok   
    t/cmd-subst.t ............. ok   
    t/escape-nested-chroot.t .. ok     
    t/pwd.t ................... ok   
    t/touch.t ................. ok     
    All tests successful.
    Files=5, Tests=43,  9 wallclock secs ( 0.09 usr  0.02 sys +  1.14 cusr  5.96 csys =  7.21 CPU)
    Result: PASS

Each test is launched with real chroot command (only if called as root privileges) and with fakechroot wrapper. You can call single test directly if you want to check the test with real chroot:

    test$ sudo t/t.pwd
    ok 1 testtree
    ok 2 chroot pwd is /
    ok 3 chroot CHROOT is testtree
    ok 4 fakechroot pwd is /
    ok 5 fakechroot CHROOT is testtree

Bug reporting

Please report bugs via You can send patches directly to, but the GitHub Issues Tracker is prefered.


The recommended way is through GitHub service. Please fork fakechroot/fakechroot repository and make modifications to your own repository. The reported patches (pull requests) will be merged back to master branch.

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