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29 Nov 2010

New version 2.13 is released. Fixes were made for realpath(3) and ftw(3) functions. apt-ftparchive command currently is working. Fixes were made for canonicalize_file_name(3), ftw64(3), nftw(3) and nftw64(3) functions. New functions fts_children(3) and fts_read(3) were added. Lazy dynamic symbol loading was implemented.

10 Nov 2010

New version 2.12 is released. New function were made for execlp(3), statfs(2) and statvfs(2) functions. Better support for GNU/kFreeBSD was made.

2 Nov 2010

Wiki site moved to [[GitHub|]]

12 Sep 2010

New version 2.11 is released. Fixes were made for getpeername(2) and getsockname(2) functions: host command currently is working. Fixes were made for canonicalize_file_name(3) function: man-db command currently is working. New environment variable FAKECHROOT_AF_UNIX_PATH defines an optional prefix for unix sockets. Better support for [[FreeBSD|]] was made.

25 Aug 2010

New version 2.10 is released. It fixes lstat(2), readlink(2) and chroot(2) functions. New functions were added: utimensat(2), linkat(2), mknodat(2), mkfifoat(2), readlinkat(2), symlinkat(2), popen(3) and system(3). Compatibility were improved for open(2) and scandir(3) functions on the latest GNU libc. New FAKECHROOT_CMD_SUBST environment variable handles a list of substituted commands. New scripts for fake ldd and ldconfig are installed.

7 Aug 2010

Project moved to [[GitHub|]] repository (upstream source) and [[Launchpad|]] service (Debian and Ubuntu packages).

31 Mar 2009

New version 2.9 is released. It fixes getpeername(2), getsockname(2), execve(2), chroot(2), mktemp(2) functions. New functions were added: futimesat(2), bindtextdomain(3), inotify_add_watch(2). make check command works as expected.

25 Jul 2008

New version 2.8 is released. It fixes __fxstatat64(3) function and brings better support for FreeBSD.

17 Jul 2008

New version 2.7.1 is released. It supports uClibc and older GNU libc.

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What is it?

fakechroot runs a command in an environment were is additional possibility to use chroot(8) command without root privileges. This is useful for allowing users to create own chrooted environment with possibility to install another packages without need for root privileges.

How does it work?

fakechroot replaces more library functions (chroot(2), open(2), etc.) by ones that simulate the effect the real library functions would have had, had the user really been in chroot. These wrapper functions are in a shared library /usr/lib/fakechroot/ which is loaded through the LD_PRELOAD mechanism of the dynamic loader. (See

In fake chroot you can install Debian bootstrap with debootstrap --variant=fakechroot command. In this environment you can use i.e. apt-get(8) command to install another packages from common user’s account.

Where is it used?

fakechroot is mainly used as:

  • a variant of [[debootstrap|]], the tool which can set up new Debian or Ubuntu system.

  • a helper for [[febootstrap|]], the tool which can set up new Fedora system.

fakechroot had found another purposes:

  • to be a part of [[Klik|]] application installer as kfakechroot project

  • to be a supporter for [[pbuilder|]] building system

  • to be a supporter for [[Apport|]] retracer

  • to be a supporter for [[libguestfs tools|]] for accessing and modifying virtual machine disk images

  • to be a part of [[Slind|]] - a minimal Debian-based distro for embedded devices as libfakechroot-cross project

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