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tmplj is a string based templating system, that aim to be lightweight and fast enough.

It does a simple translation to java source code, with compilation (requires tools.jar distributed with the jdk runtime) and runtime loading.

An example file can be seen in the test directory example here.

Some syntax examples and java code translation:

<import name="package.ClassName">import package.ClassName;

<var type="int" name="x" expr="5">int x = 5;

<set name="x" expr="10">x = 10;

<do expr="x += 10">x += 10;

<for expr="int i: new int[] {1,2,3,4,5}"> ... </for>for (int i: new int[] {1,2,3,4,5}) { ... }

<if expr="true"> ... <elseif="true"> ... <else> ... </if>if (true) { ... } else if (true) { ... } else { ... }

<print expr="i">out.append(tmplj.util.Strings.escapeBasic(""+i);

Due to the basic nature of the parser, writing <var ...> and <var .../> has no difference.

The compilation of templates is done by saving the generated source in a .java file, in a specified directory or, if no directory path is provided, in a temporary directory. The temporary file is compiled and, if success occurred, loaded at runtime. (see tmplj.Loader).