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DEXON's fullnode implementation is based on the go-ethereum project. These means we are API-compatible with Ethereum.

The JSON-RPC specification is the same as Ethereum, the readers could refer to the Ethereum Wiki on the fullnode JSON-PRC.

To access the testnet, please follow the steps here.

List of Repositories

  • dexon-consensus: the consensus SDK and simulation.
  • dexon: the DEXON fullnode implementation, based on go-ethereum.
  • governance-abi: the DEXON governance contract interface solidity implementation for generating ABI.
  • dekusan: Chrome wallet extension based on MetaMask.
  • dsolidity: DEXON fork of the solidity compiler, includes extra features supported by DEXON's modification of EVM.
  • DIPs: a place for DEXON Improvement Proposals

Development Guide

Technical Documentations

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