PHP interaction with Selenium Webdriver API
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PHP interaction with Selenium Webdriver API

##  Description

This library allows creating Selenium Server V2 tests in PHP. It communicates with the WebDriver API through the official JsonWireProtocol.

One of the goals is to provide a client usage as close as possible to the Selenium Official libraries (such as Java's, c#'s). Most methods are named as the same as of these libraries'. In this way, whenever a developer runs into ideas or documentation in Java Client , the same techniques can be implemented by using this library.

##  Required environment

  • PHP 5.3.8 or newer.

  • Download and run the distributed Selenium Server Jar file version 2.18.0 or newer. By this, a web server will be enabled in your local computer, to which the API interactions will take place.

  • For unit testing building it is recommended to implement a unit testing framework such as PHPUnit.

##  How to use it

Working demo available in this repository, within SeleniumClientTest/Demo. Simply navigate to this directory and run > phpunit Demo1.php and > phpunit Demo2.php to see them in action.

Also, you can get more information on how to use the library by looking at the unit tests.

  • Start a session by creating an instance of WebDriver. By default, the test will run in firefox

    $driver = new WebDriver();
  • As an alternative you can define desired capabilities for the session

    $desiredCapabilities = new DesiredCapabilities("chrome");
    $driver = new WebDriver($desiredCapabilities);
  • Navigate by using the get() method from the WebDriver Class

  • Get elements from the DOM in current location

    $textbox1 = $driver->findElement(By::id("someTextBoxId"));
    $button1 = $driver->findElement(By::cssSelector("html body div#content input#someButtonId"));
  • Manipulate located elements

    $textbox1->sendKeys("Some text to send");
  • Find element within elements

    $listItems = $modal1->findElements(By::tagName("li"));
  • Switch between windows

  • Manage alerts

  • Wait for elements to be present

    $webElement = $driver->waitForElementUntilIsPresent(By::id("someElementId"));
    $wait = new WebDriverWait(8);
    $webElement = $wait->until($driver,"findElement",array(By::id("someElementId"),true));