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+ <title>Registering a Class Prefix</title>
+ <para>Since 12.1, there is the ability to register where the auto-loader will look based on a class prefix (previously only
+ the "J" prefix was supported, bound to the <filename>/libraries/joomla</filename> folder). This allows for several
+ scenarios:</para>
+ <simplelist>
+ <member>A developer can register the prefix of custom classes, and a root path to allow the auto-loader to find
+ them.</member>
+ <member>A developer can register an extra path for an existing prefix (for example, this allows the Joomla CMS to have
+ custom libraries but still using the "J" prefix).</member>
+ <member>A developer can register a force override for a prefix. This could be used to completely override the core classes
+ with a custom replacement.</member>
+ </simplelist>
+ <example>
+ <title>Using JLoader::registerPrefix</title>
+ <programlisting>// Tell the auto-loader to also look in the /libraries/cms folder for "J" prefixed classes.
+JLoader::registerPrefix('J', JPATH_PLATFORM . '/cms');
+// Tell the auto-loader to look for classes starting with "Foo" in a specific folder.
+JLoader::registerPrefix('Foo', '/path/to/custom/packages');
+// Tell the auto-loader to reset the "J" prefix and point it to a custom fork of the platform.
+JLoader::registerPrefix('J', '/my/platform/fork', true);</programlisting>
+ </example>
+ </section>
+ <section>
<title>Discovering Classes</title>
<para>Classes in a folder that follow a naming convention, but not one the auto-loader immediately recognises, can be
registered collectively with <classname>JLoader</classname>'s <methodname>discover</methodname> method. The discover method
looks at the file names in a folder and registers classes based on those names. Additional arguments can be used to update the
- class register and rescurse into sub-folders.</para>
+ class register and recurse into sub-folders.</para>
<title>Using JLoader::discover</title>

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