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A fully-featured lisp/scheme shell written in Racket.
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Lisp Shell

This is a cross-platform shell developed in Racket. To use, either compile to binary using Racket 6.11 or newer, or run:

Windows: "C:\Program Files\Racket\racket.exe" -f "lsh.rkt" -e "(require 'lsh)" -i

Unix: racket -f "lsh.rkt" -e "(require 'lsh)" -i

Available commands:

     help    ; displays this message
     cd      ; displays the current working directory or change it
     cd/     ; same as (cd "/") - goes back to filesystem root
     pwd     ; print the current directory's path
     dir     ; list the current directory's file list or the specified path
     ls      ; prints the current folder's file list
     mkdir   ; makes a folder
     run     ; run a program from the current directory, optionally takes parameters
     run#    ; run a program directly using its path
     racket  ; edit a file using DrRacket
     edit    ; edit a file using notepad
     edit-me ; edit lsh source file using DrRacket
     url     ; browse to an url
     google  ; google an url
     cp      ; copy a file or folder
     mkdir   ; create a folder
     touch   ; create an empty file
     find    ; walk the current path
     show    ; pretty-prints a command result
     rm      ; delete a file
     rmdir   ; delete a folder
     echo    ; display something on the screen
     search  ; equivalent to Google's 'I'm feeling lucky'

Oh, and it evaluates Racket forms from the command line. Remember to (display ) forms if you need to output results to the screen. This is still very Alpha, but I use it all the time, so you might as well have it too. I use it in Windows, but it should work out of the box on Linux, BSD and MacOS - and if not, would require minor changes.



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