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Homerow icon

Homerow - Navigate macOS like a Pro

Like Raycast or Spotlight for macOS. Click, navigate, and perform tasks with the keyboard and no mouse.

Visit the website at




Download Homerow and view the changelog here.

Requires macOS 12.3 or later.

User Guide

This is Homerow's workflow:

  1. Activate via shortcut (default is Command-Shift-Space)
  2. Search for the UI element to click on
  3. Labels (aka dynamic shortcuts) will be shown for the UI elements matching the query. The green target is the current focused UI element.
  4. There are two ways to focus the correct UI element:
    • Press Tab or Arrow-Dn until the correct UI element is focused
    • Type the UI element's label text while holding Shift
  5. Press Return to perform a click on the focused UI element

There is an option to use the Label-only workflow, which disables the search feature and allows you to type the label text without holding down Shift.


  1. Spaces and cases are ignored
  2. * and ; will query for all UI elements

Not sure what to type? The Tutor 🤓 comes to the rescue!


The Tutor shows you searchable properties of a UI element.

When Homerow is activated, you can call for the Tutor two ways:

  1. Press ? for Tutor to follow the focused UI element
  2. Hover your cursor over the UI element

Disable Search for ergonomics

When search is disabled in Preferences, labels for all UI elements are always shown, and label-text can be typed without holding Shift. You can click more ergonomically by pressing Space instead of Return.

Made for those who ❤️ Vimium and Vimperator.


Action Binding(s)
Focus next UI element Tab, Arrow Dn, or Control-N
Focus previous UI element Shift-Tab, Arrow Up, or Control-P
Jump focus to UI element Type the label while holding Shift
Left-click Return
Double left-click Press Return twice in quick succession
Right-click Shift-Return
Command-click (performs Open Link in New Tab) Command-Return
Enable the Tutor 🤓 ? or hover your cursor over the UI element
Exit Esc

Pro-tip: Map Caps Lock to Hyper Key

You'll likely activate Homerow quite frequently, so make the controls as comfortable and as quick as possible for the best experience.

Three reasons to use Hyper Key:

  1. Activate Homerow with Caps Lock + F
  2. Focus the next or previous UI Element with Caps Lock + J and Caps Lock + K respectively.
  3. Navigate menus with Caps Lock + H/J/K/L

How to set up Hyper Key:

  1. Hyperkey by Ryan Hanson OR
  2. Configure Karabiner-Elements
  • You can import my Karabiner Hyper Key rules by opening this link in your browser:

Pro-tip: Scrolling with Keyboard Scroller

I made Keyboard Scroller, a free app to scroll with keyboard shortcuts. Check it out!


Encountered a bug? Would like to request a feature? An app does not work well with Homerow?

Please let me know through:

Homerow is developed by an indie developer (me). It can be evaluated for free. Please purchase a license to support development. Thanks!


Like Raycast or Spotlight for macOS. Click, navigate, and perform tasks with the keyboard and no mouse.






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