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A social event planner app

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Weekend General

The Weekend General is a social planning web application. It will allow you to enter events, see who will attend what, and find out what your friends will be attending. The following features are planned:

  • Stores information on people, venues, and events.

  • User tracking, so that you receive emails when another user says they're attending an event.

  • Send emails to all users attending an event.

  • Set up monthly or weekly events.

  • List and calendar views for events, with event filtering.

  • Tags and links.

  • Default city for all address fields.

Making a Weekend General for your group of friends.

Users will not be grouped in any way, so if you want to set up your own event manager for your group of friends you should clone this app and create your own deployment. My current deployment will be hosted at:

If you'd like to set up your deployment, contact me at:

I'll help you set up a deployment as best I can and replace this section with deployment instructions.


Direct all comments, suggestions, insults, feature requests, etc to


MIT License. Copyright 2010 Adam C. Baker

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