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Forum system written in ASP.NET MVC
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ForumSystem UI improvements May 8, 2017


Forum system written in ASP.NET MVC 5. Along with MVC it’s built using Entity Framework Code First and is easy to extend and add your own features.

Live Demo

Check a live demo here



  • Sections are organizational containers which house the individual categories


  • Last Post - list who made the last post in a particular category and when it was made.
  • Number of posts in a particular category.
  • Number of replies (answers and comments) in a particular category.


  • Last activity - list who made the last answer or comment in a particular post and when it was made.
  • Number of views for a particular post.
  • Number of likes for a particular post.
  • Number of reports for a particular post.

Posts, Answers and Comments

  • TinyMCE editor
  • Supports HTML
  • Emoticons
  • Attachment images (.gif, .jpg., etc.)
  • Attachment video
  • Preview option


  • Custom Avatars - specify a URL.
  • Custom Profile - every user gets a profile that they can customize with their personal information.
  • List user's forum activity (posts, answers, comments).
  • List user's notifications.


  • Allows users to like posts, answers and comments.


  • Report system for posts, answers and comments.


  • Real Time Notifications using SignalR.


  • Reports - moderators have quick access to a list of posts, answers or comments which users have reported, and can deal with it efficiently.

  • Move Post - moderators have the ability to move post to a new category.

  • Lock Post - individual posts can be locked so that regular users can no longer reply.

  • Pin Post - moderators can pin a post to the top of the page.

  • Post, Answer and Comment Editing - moderators can edit the contents of a user's post, answer and comment.

  • Delete Post, Answer and Comment - moderators can delete a post, answer and comment.


  • Manage all data - administrators can add, edit, move, delete all data.

  • Administrators have access to Moderation area.

  • Manage users and their roles - administrators can add user in roles and remove user from roles.

Security Verification During Registration

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