A way for consumers to find all the fees charged by a prepaid card without having to buy it.
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The CFPB has proposed new disclosure requirements that consumers would receive before deciding to open a prepaid account. These new disclosure requirements are part of our larger prepaid accounts proposal to extend many federal consumer protections to prepaid products.

Currently, each prepaid card company's retail package discloses different information in different ways. This can be confusing if you're trying to compare costs between prepaid accounts. Since early 2014, we have been designing, testing, and iterating on a design solution that we believe will help solve this problem.

Templates for digital and print disclosures

The disclosures take two forms: (1) a short form that highlights key information about the account's fees and (2) a long form that would list all of the account's fees.

Single-plan disclosure
Short form Long form
Native .eps (569kb) Native .eps (569kb)
HTML (5kb) (Preview)
Multi-plan disclosure
Short form Long form
Native .eps (569kb) Native .eps (569kb)
HTML (5kb) (Preview)

Grab a .PDF preview of all the forms here

Open up an Issue and tell us what you think

Take a look, tell us if you think this model form does a better job of disclsoing fee information compared to other designs you've seen on prepaid card packaging or on the web. We're especially looking for feedback from design and development communities.

  1. Do you think the long form is future-friendly?
  2. Are you running into any bugs or is the form hard to navigate and read on your device?
  3. Does the short form make it clear how much the account would cost you to use? Is there anything you find confusing?
  4. What would you like to see added or changed? Is there some way to make the information clearer?