2D game library using FOSS and adheres to KISS principle
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#cog - a KISS 2D game library written in C

##Getting started Use cmake to build the project in a seperate directory. For example on linux:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../src
make examples

This will build a bunch of examples and test binaries in the current directory. For example:


##What is cog? Cog is a 2D game library written to allow games to be prototyped quickly without sacrificing speed or portability. Developed with the KISS philosophy and borrowing concepts from the brilliant actionscript game framework flixel.

##Current status At the moment, cog is in alpha stage. Some omissions include platform support (linux and win32 only at the moment), a decent input handling system and physics.

##Future ideas


  • SDL2
  • OpenGL
  • OpenAL
  • freealut
  • glew
  • freetype
  • libpng
  • zlib

In addition, to build cog you will need:

  • A C compiler (e.g - gcc)
  • cmake

See https://github.com/df3n5/cog_deps for some useful scripts to help build dependencies.

###Generating python bindings The resultant library will be called libcog.so. A python shared library will also be created if you have first generated the bindings by going into the swig directory and executing:

cp ../src/*.h ./
swig -python cog.i

This will generate a cog.py file which you will need alongside the libcogsharedpython.so in the build directory. To run a test of the python binding, you will need to go to the cog/lang/python directory and copy over the cog.py and libcogsharedpython.so into their correct places.

On linux, to run an example from the root of the repo:

cd lang/python
cp ../../build/libcogsharedpython.so ./_cog.so
cp ../../swig/cog.py ./
cp -rf ../../media ./
python test_anim.py


  1. Install MSys + c compiler tool (w/ mingw-get-inst)
  2. Build deps in place using cog_deps repo and associated bash script.
  3. If you intend to use the python wrapper, you will need to install python and swig.

You will need to copy the resultant dlls to wherever you intend to run the program (distribute it from)

##Intro ###Screen Coordinates The screen coordinates go from (-1.0f, -1.0f) in the bottom left of the screen to (1.0f, 1.0f) in the top right of the screen (0.0f, 0.0f) is the centre of the screen.

See tests/

##License MIT. See LICENSE.txt for a copy.

Environment setup (Debian based distro)

sudo apt-get install cmake libsdl2-dev libjansson-dev libopenal-dev libpng12-dev libfreetype6-dev

Environment setup (Fedora based distro)

sudo dnf install cmake SDL2-devel openal-soft-devel jansson-devel libpng12-devel freetype-devel

Runtime setup (Fedora based distro)

sudo dnf install SDL2 openal-soft jansson libpng12 freetype

Cross compiling setup (Fedora)

cd ~/build sudo dnf install \
autoconf automake bash bison bzip2 flex gcc-c++
gdk-pixbuf2-devel gettext git gperf intltool make
sed libffi-devel libtool openssl-devel p7zip patch
perl pkgconfig python ruby scons unzip wget xz cmake git clone https://github.com/mxe/mxe.git cd mxe make gcc sdl2 sdl2_mixer libpng jansson freetype libxml2