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ChoiceScript is a language for developing multiple-choice games.
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doc Point documentation at the website, so I can single-source it
editor Fail with an error message if we *purchase without checking
tests set multidimensional array
web optionally highlight gender pronouns in HTML randomtest output
.gitignore generate xml in xmloutput directory
LICENSE.txt Initial code drop
archive.bat Initial code drop
autotest.bat refactor quicktest to support alternate dirs
autotest.js basic tests for choicescript_screenshots
autotestdebug.bat Remove stray references to dojo
build.xml Add option to avoid used options
compile.html fix busted compiler.html
compile.js don’t require rootDir when running in node
generator.js Generated scenes are JSON, not valid JS
generatorNode.js Use fs.existsSync; path.existsSync is deprecated
headless.js autotest *print_discount
js.jar Convert dojo tests to qunit; delete dojo
mygamegenerator.js normalize capitalization in mygame.js
quicktest.bat refactor quicktest to support alternate dirs
quicktest.html basic tests for choicescript_screenshots
quicktestdebug.bat Remove stray references to dojo
randomtest.bat Remove stray references to dojo
randomtest.html oops, check showChoices by default
randomtest.js Add option to avoid used options
seedrandom.js Now runs with iterations; buggy
startupgenerator.js quotes not required in json keys run unit tests quickly
xmltranslator.js let scenes know their name (so they can know if they’re startup.txt)
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