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dfahlander Updated Typescript sample to work on IE.
Typescript async/await is dependent on window.Promise to exist. Including promise-polyfill in the app.html. Could have polyfilled it with Dexie.Promise, but in a real-world application, people may want to know that they are not required to use Dexie.Promise to polyfill window.Promise.
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Sample - Using Dexie.js with Typescript 2.1

NOTE: This sample requires beta versions of Dexie and Typescript. If you prefer stable packages, see typescript-simple

This is a sample on how to use Dexie.js with Typescript 2.1. The following features are shown:

  • How to subclass Dexie and define tables in a type-safe manner.
  • How to create an entity with Dexie.
  • How to use async / await with Dexie.
  • How to create something similar to navigation properties on entities.
  • Compile directly to ES5 with just typescript 2.1 and rollup (no babel).


npm install


npm run build


npm test

Surf to http://localhost:8081/src/app.html

The app

The application stores a simple contact database using a relational database model, where each contact can have 0..n emails, 0..n phone numbers. Email- and Phone entries have their own tables and reference Contact through the contactId index.

The AppDatabase class extends Dexie with the three tables contacts, emails and phones. The tables are mapped to typescript classes and interfaces.

The sample shows how to subclass Dexie in typescript and define the tables.

It also shows how to map a typescript class to a database table and call methods on database objects.