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Schedule R scripts to run on a regulara basis using hyper and cron.

Build and push the container

docker build -t dfalbel/hyper-cron-r .
docker push dfalbel/hyper-cron-r

Pull the image on hyper

hyper pull dfalbel/hyper-cron-r

Create a hyper cron job

hyper cron create  --minute=*/5 --hour=* --name test-cron-job1 --env R_TELEGRAM_USER_me=1370739207 --env R_TELEGRAM_BOT_RBot=6793020822:AAGKFXUz7P_Qg2X_pEAHDGJ8432X9Z5QL4 dfalbel/hyper-cron-r 

Don't forget to switch to your env variables values.

Clean up

hyper cron rm test-cron-job1
hyper rmi dfalbel/hyper-cron-r

Show all jobs and occurencies

hyper cron ls
hyper cron history test-cron-job1