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2001-08-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.1.0
2001-07-27 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (oncore_start): Set pps_enable=1, just
like the atom driver does.
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c (nmea_ppsapi): Set pps_enable=1, just like
the atom driver does.
From: Scott Allendorf <>
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): CONF_CLOCK_PANIC was using the
wrong config flag.
From: <>
2001-07-10 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99m-rc3
2001-07-06 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntp_update: COPYRIGHT needs a touch.
From: Mike Stump <>
2001-07-04 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/config.htm: Major cleanup.
From: Martin Janzen <>
* (rt library check): Don't look for -lrt under
Linux. Under glibc-2.1.2 and -2.2.2 (at least), the POSIX-
compatibility real-time library does strange things with threads
as other processes and we're getting lots of complaints about it.
Reported by: Juha Sarlin <>
2001-06-30 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/driver35.htm: Update email address.
2001-06-25 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (oncore_msg_BaEaHa): Fix wrong offset for
From: Reynir Siik <>
2001-06-12 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99m-rc2
2001-06-10 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_config.c:
* include/ntp_config.h: includefile config keyword support
From: Dean Gibson <>
2001-06-08 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99m-rc1b
* ntpd/refclock_true.c (true_debug): Bump some buffer sizes to
reduce/eliminate chance of buffer overflow. Use snprintf()
instead of sprintf(). Do a better job of opening the debug file.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (ctl_getitem): Count overflow packets as bad
and return a BADFMT.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (save_resolve): call fdopen() with the correct
From: Bela Lubkin <>
2001-06-03 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/ntp.h (RES_ALLFLAGS): Add RES_DEMOBILIZE.
From: Dean Gibson <>
* 4.0.99m-rc1a
2001-06-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_open): Add O_NOCTTY to the open()
flags when opening a serial port.
Reported by: joseph lang <>
2001-05-31 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/notes.htm: Typo fix.
From: John Stone <>
* 4.0.99m-rc1
* html/monopt.htm: Typo fix.
* html/confopt.htm: Cruft removal.
From: John Stone <>
2001-05-30 Harlan Stenn <>
* README.cvs: More updates and cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (loop_config):
Check against STA_NANO instead of (NTP_API > 3) to catch kernels
that were rolled while the spec was evolving.
* README.cvs: Note that we want to check out NTP into a clean
Reported by (Joe Doupnik)
2001-05-27 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k40
* include/ntp_refclock.h: Median Filter (SAMPLE - macro) - change
to use most recent MAXSTAGE entries when the filter overflows (ie
driver poking say once per second with poll > MAXSTAGE) rather
than blocking after MAXSTAGE entries (turf oldest rather than turf
most recent).
From: John Woolner <>
* ntpd/refclock_true.c:
a. Don't cream pp->a_lastcode when we get a <cr><lf> pair
b. Fix up pp->leap handling to work correctly
c. clear CEVNT_BADTIME etc warnings when we get good clock
From: John Woolner <>
* kernel/sys/pcl720.h:
Add support for the XL clock to refclock_true.c
From: Paul A Vixie <>
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): One more attempt at
"improving" the panic message.
2001-05-26 Harlan Stenn <>
* (ac_cv_func_ctty_for_f_setown): BSDI3 needs a ctty
for F_SETOWN, too.
From: Paul A Vixie <>
2001-05-24 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/ntpd.htm: Typo.
From: John Stone <>
2001-05-23 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k39
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): huffpuff cleanup/improvements.
(huffpuff): Cleanup/improvements.
(loop_config): huffpuff initialization cleanup/improvements.
From: Dave Mills, Terje, Mark, and John?
2001-05-22 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/release.htm:
* html/ntpd.htm:
* html/miscopt.htm:
From: Dave Mills: Updates.
2001-05-21 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k38
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_filter): Huff-n-Puff and Popcorn
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Debug cleanup
From: Dave Mills.
* include/ntp_syscall.h (ntp_gettime): Updated patch from Ulrich.
My original attempt was not backwards compatible.
2001-05-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/ntp_syscall.h (ntp_gettime): Fill in the tai member.
From: Ulrich Windl <>
* 4.0.99k37
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_filter): Lose "off", xtemp and ytemp,
and some obsoleted calculations. Set the peer->offset and
peer->delay from the filter stages.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: Comment/document improvements.
(local_clock): correct the offset by one-half the difference
between the sample delay and minimum delay. Lose "mu" from the
debug message.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-05-15 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k36
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: Huff-n-puff cleanup
From: Dave Mills.
2001-05-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k35
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (atom_ppsapi): set pps_enable=1 if
* ntpd/ntp_timer.c: huffpuff support.
(init_timer): huffpuff support.
(timer): huffpuff support.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (init_proto): Initialize pps_enable to 0, not 1.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (CLOCK_HUFFPUFF): Added.
Add huff-n-puff filter variables.
(local_clock): Lose "pps sync enabled" log noise.
(huffpuff): Added.
(loop_config): LOOP_MINPOLL and LOOP_ALLAN were missing the
trailing break; add LOOP_HUFFPUFF.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: tinker huffpuff added.
(getconfig): CONF_CLOCK_HUFFPUFF support.
* include/ntpd.h: huffpuff() declaration.
* include/ntp_config.h (CONF_CLOCK_HUFFPUFF): Added.
* include/ntp.h (HUFFPUFF): Added.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-05-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/driver20.htm: Reality check.
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c: Comment cleanup
From: John Woolner <>
* html/release.htm: Cleanup (at least).
* html/refclock.htm: Cleanup (at least).
* html/kern.htm: Cleanup (at least).
* html/index.htm: Cleanup (at least).
* html/extern.htm: Cleanup (at least).
* html/driver1.htm: Cleanup (at least).
* html/debug.htm: Cleanp (at least).
* html/accopt.htm: KoD documentation update.
From: Dave Mills.
* 4.0.99k34
* ntpd/ntp_util.c (record_loop_stats): values are now passed in.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): pass the values to
* include/ntpd.h: Pass the parameters in to record_loop_stats().
With the discipline loop opened (disable ntp) the local clock
updates were not being sent to loopstats. That now is.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-05-10 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k33
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): Validate the source port. Lose
NTPv1 support.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Sanity check sys_poll
earlier instead of later.
From: Dave Mills.
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (oncore_msg_any): We don't always have
2001-05-09 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_shm.c (shm_poll): Apply JAN_1970 correction after
calling TVTOTS(), just like everybody else does.
From: David Malone <>
* ntpd/refclock_ulink.c: fixed 33x quality flag, added more
debugging stuff, updated 33x time code explanation.
From: s.l.smith (via j.c.lang).
2001-05-08 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k32
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: rstclock now takes a 3rd argument, the
last offset.
(init_loopfilter): Use it.
(local_clock): Use it. Clean up the code.
(loop_config): Use it.
(rstclock): Implement it. Clean up the code.
From Dave Mills.
2001-05-06 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k31
* ntpdc/ntpdc_ops.c (sysstats): That's 'bad packet format'
(instead of '... length'), and 'packets rejected' (instead of
'limitation rejects'.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): PUBKEY fixes. Move KoD stuff to
(process_packet): Move KoD stuff here...
(peer_clear): Unspec the stratum, too.
(clock_filter): Don't update peer->epoch here. Fix the filter
test when checking the epoch.
(fast_xmit): Send back STRATUM_UNSPEC on a KoD packet.
(init_proto): Initialize sys_jitter.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: rstclock() takes 2 parameters now.
(init_loopfilter): Use it...
(local_clock): Ditto, and change the "mu" calculation. Improve
the jitter test in S_SYNC. Use peer->epoch (not current_time) to
update the last_time. Update debug info.
(rstclock): 2nd arg - the epoch to use. Use it.
(loop_config): update call to rstclock.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-05-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* ports/winnt/ntpd/ntpd.dsp: Add cmd_args.c
From: Wink Saville <>
2001-04-29 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpq/ntpq.c (tstflags): 11 now.
From: John Cochran <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): KoD updates. Improve the comments.
Lose the AM_PROCPKT restrictions test.
(peer_xmit): Check/report on no encryption key in packet.
(fast_xmit): Use peer_xmit's new packet length check code.
From Dave Mills.
2001-04-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k30
2001-04-27 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpdc/ntpdc_ops.c: Added "kod", lost "demobilize".
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Added "kod" keyword. Lose "demobilize" keyword.
* html/release.htm: Updated.
* html/accopt.htm: Updated.
From: Dave Mills.
* ntpq/ntpq.c: Reorder and add some TEST flag bits.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Also bail if access denied.
(receive): Lose RES_DEMOBILIZE and (some?) RES_DONTSERVE and
RES_LIMITIED stuff. Update Kiss-Of-Death (KoD) docs.
Call fast_xmit with new 3rd parameter (restrict_mask).
Before checking for an authentic packet, check the restrict_mask
Check restrictions in AM_PROCPKT case.
(peer_clear): Don't lose the stratum if the peer->flags don't
(fast_xmit): Take restrict mask as a new argument, and handle
KoD. Reorder some code.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-04-26 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpdc/ntpdc_ops.c: restrict/unrestrict support for version and
demobilize. Implement demobilze.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): Improve version testing, including
(fast_xmit): Patches to kiss-of-death packet.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): S_SYNC case now also checks
abs(clock_offset) against CLOCK_PGATE*sys_jitter.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: CONF_RES_DEMOBILIZE/demobilize support.
* include/ntp_config.h (CONF_RES_DEMOBILIZE): Added.
* include/ntp.h (RES_DEMOBILIZE): Added.
From Dave Mills.
2001-04-25 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/accopt.htm: Document the "version" parameter
From Dave Mills.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (fast_xmit): Implement DENY mode.
From Dave Mills.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Add the "allan" tinker variable.
From: Juha Sarlin <>
* ntpd/refclock_hopfpci.c (hopfpci_start): Lose the "correct_any"
stuff - it's both obsolete and wrong.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): Keep track of packet versions.
Implement RES_LIMITED.
* include/ntp_config.h (CONF_RES_LIMITED):
* include/ntp.h (RES_LIMITED): Leave the bits in the original
From Dave Mills.
* util/timetrim.c:
* util/
* ntpdc/ntpdc_ops.c:
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c:
* libntp/snprintf.c:
* configure:
* aclocal.m4:
* acconfig.h:
Lint cleanup from: Marc Brett <>
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Add "version" support.
(getconfig): version support.
* include/ntp_config.h (CONF_RES_VERSION): Added.
* include/ntp.h (RES_VERSION): Added.
From: Dave Mills.
* include/ntp_machine.h (ifreq): WinNT cleanup
2001-04-23 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k29
* html/miscopt.htm: Document the "allan" tinker variable.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_filter): Update comments. Lose etemp;
we now use allan_xpt for this.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: Added allan_xpt as a tinker variable.
Reorganize variables and improve comments.
(local_clock): Improve comments, use (new) allan_xpt instead of
CLOCK_ALLAN. Fix test in S_SYNC state. Update debug info.
(rstclock): No longer force allan_xpt to CVLOCK_ALLAN in S_FREQ,
S_SYNC, or default case.
(loop_config): Document dangerous tinker variables, and add
LOOP_ALLAN to the list.
* include/ntp_config.h (CONF_CLOCK_ALLAN): Added.
* include/ntp.h (LOOP_ALLAN): Added.
Allan intercept fixes from Dave Mills.
* scripts/ Use the C locale so the dates come out in a
consistent format.
From: ASANO Naoyuki <>
* build: Run "config.status" before the "make" because it probably
saves time and trouble. Probably...
* flock-build: Try building sequentially.
2001-04-22 Harlan Stenn <>
* (ac_cv_make_tickadj): Fix it right...
* util/ntp-genkeys.c: extern config_netinfo, too.
* util/hist.c:
* ntptrace/ntptrace.c:
* ntpq/ntpq.c:
* ntpdc/ntpdc.c:
* ntpdate/ntptimeset.c:
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c:
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c:
* ntpd/refclock_msfees.c:
* ntpd/refclock_jupiter.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
* ntpd/ntp_io.c:
* libparse/clk_wharton.c:
* libparse/clk_varitext.c:
* libparse/clk_trimtaip.c:
* libparse/clk_schmid.c:
* libparse/clk_rcc8000.c:
* libparse/clk_rawdcf.c:
* libparse/clk_meinberg.c:
* libparse/clk_hopf6021.c:
* libparse/clk_dcf7000.c:
* libparse/clk_computime.c:
Lint. From: Simon Burge <>
2001-04-21 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c (nmea_receive): Fixes.
From: John Woolner <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c: Declare check_netinfo, don't define it.
From: Jack Bryans <>
* (RSASRCS): rsaref2 needs digit.h (I thought I fixed
this already).
* (CFLAGS): Disable -Wconversion, enable
-Wmissing-prototypes, and allow for -Werror.
From: Simon Burge <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (main): Reset the standard mask so the
symlinks are created with the standard mask.
* 4.0.99k28
* ntpd/ntpd.c (ntpdmain): Use mode_t for umask value.
* util/ntp-genkeys.c: Create files with the right umask.
* util/ntp-genkeys.c: config_file should be declared, not defined.
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c (mx4200_pps): debug cleanup.
* ntpd/refclock_hopfser.c: If we're not using it, provide the _bs.
* ntpd/refclock_heath.c (heath_receive): Add missing "break"
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: Lose extra definition of mode_ntpdate.
* librsaref/ (nodist_librsaref_a_SOURCES): Put RSASRCS
on the same line as rsaref.h to improve portability.
* libntp/msyslog.c: Lint cleanup.
* util/ntp-genkeys.c:
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c:
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Netinfo header reorder.
From: Jack Bryans <>
* timespec can be found by looking in goofy places
under SunOS.
2001-04-20 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c: PPSAPI cleanup, default to RMC sentences,
handle milliseconds, multiple sentences, other good stuff.
From: John Woolner <>,,
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): In the AM_NEWBCL case, return in all
cases at the end.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (newpeer): Check cast_flags against MDF_BCLNT,
not against MDF_BCAST.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Lose debug info.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_recv): Bugfix.
From: Dave Mills.
* 4.0.99k27
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Check clock_panic > 0.
Check clock_max > 0.
* html/ntpd.htm: Cleanup.
* html/miscopt.htm: Cleanup.
* html/confopt.htm: Cleanup minpoll documentation.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-04-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/cmd_args.c (getstartup): check_netinfo needs an extern
Reported by: Jack Bryans <>
* (ac_cv_make_timetrim): Added.
Requested by: Jack Bryans <>
* 4.0.99k26
* util/ntp-genkeys.c:
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c:
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c:
* libntp/msyslog.c:
* libntp/audio.c:
Lint cleanup.
From: Simon Burge <>
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): debug message improvements
from Dave Mills.
* libntp/emalloc.c (emalloc): Tell people we are exiting if we log
an out-of-memory condition.
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (main): Don't allow '#' in a generated MD5
key. Reported by: Dave Tyson <>
2001-04-18 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_update): minpoll cleanup.
(clock_select): minpoll cleanup.
(clock_filter): Bugfixes from Mark Martinec <>
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (rstclock): minpoll cleanup. Debug cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): Initialize/bounds check minpoll
using NTP_MINDPOLL insted of sys_minpoll.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-04-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* libntp/msyslog.c:
* ElectricFence/page.c (stringErrorReport): Follow Rainer's lead
and use strerror().
* ntpd/refclock_shm.c (shm_start): Always use strerror.
* libntp/msyslog.c (msyslog): Use strerror if present.
From: Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): Read stratum fudge value into
long variable.
From: Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* libparse/parsesolaris.c (rdchar): Cast ~0 to unsigned long.
* libntp/buftvtots.c (buftvtots): Allow for 8-byte tv_sec, tv_usec
in struct timeval.
From: Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
2001-04-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): move "tinker" so it's generally
2001-04-15 Harlan Stenn <>
* Look for getclock().
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): Squawk if provided minpoll or
maxpoll values are out of range.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (poll_update): Some operations can only be done
if we're compiling with some REFCLOCKs.
From Dave Mills.
* (RSASRCS): Added.
* librsaref/ (nodist_librsaref_a_SOURCES): Use RSASRCS.
* Limit the DECL_HSTRERROR_0 to aix4.3.*. RSN, we
could also limit it to xlc...
* 4.0.99k25
* html/leap.htm: Added.
* html/index.htm: Update.
* html/driver7.htm: Update.
* html/driver6.htm: Update.
* html/driver36.htm: Update.
* html/audio.htm: Update.
* html/y2k.htm: Removed.
From Dave Mills.
2001-04-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* acconfig.h: Lose extra declarations of PACKAGE and VERSION.
* acconfig.h:
* include/l_stdlib.h: DECL_HSTRERROR_0 needed for xlc under AIX 4.3.2.
Reported by: Harald Barth <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (proto_config): cal_enable (PROTO_CAL) is
invalid if no refclocks are present.
From: Frodo Looijaard <>
* README.cvs: On some systems, the -C option fails.
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
* html/driver20.htm:
PPSAPI patches for NMEA driver.
* README.rsa: Describe RSAEuro support, provide alternate rsa.c
* Check for rsaeuro1, RSAOBJS, RSADIR respectively.
* html/build.htm: Hint at rsaeuro1 directory.
* include/global.h (BYTE): Define.
* librsaref/ (nodist_librsaref_a_SOURCES): Removed rsaref2
specific sources.
(librsaref_a_LIBADD): Add appropriate objects.
(librsaref_a_DEPENDENCIES): Work around automake limitation.
(stamp-rsaref): Use RSADIR.
* scripts/README: Document ntp-close.
* scripts/ (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute it.
* (DISTCLEANFILES): Remove .warning.
* librsaref/ (DISTCLEANFILES): Remove copied/touched
librsaref sources, stamp-rsaref.
* ntpdate/ (DISTCLEANFILES): Remove version.c.
* ntpq/ (DISTCLEANFILES): Likewise.
* parseutil/ (DISTCLEANFILES): Remove $(EXTRA_PROGRAMS).
Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: Header cleanup
2001-04-13 Harlan Stenn <>
* Properly align --help output.
Explain ElectricFence.
From: Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Lose debugging statements.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_filter): Rewrite.
From: Dave Mills
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (ctl_getitem): msyslog() possible buffer
overflow exploit.
* 4.0.99k24
* html/pic/radio2.jpg:
* html/release.htm:
* html/refclock.htm:
* html/pps.htm:
* html/ntpd.htm:
* html/miscopt.htm:
* html/driver22.htm:
* html/confopt.htm:
Updated documentation from Dave Mills.
* util/ntp-genkeys.c: sys_minpoll.
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: Comment additions.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: mode_ntpdate and peer_ntpdate added.
(transmit): We want 3, not 2, consecutive polls. hpoll logic
cleanup. mode_ntpdate changes.
(receive): When setting up a newpeer, use our sys_minpoll, not the
(clock_update): sys_minpoll changes. Reorder some case 1 code.
Don't exit in case 2.
(poll_update): hpoll cleanup.
(peer_clear): u_rand. Use u_rand to randomize the initial poll.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (newpeer): Bump peer_ntpdate if we're in
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: Initialize sys_poll and sys_minpoll to
(local_clock): Clean up some debug/info messages.
(rstclock): Use sys_minpoll.
(loop_config): KERNEL_PLL sanity checks. LOOP_MINPOLL support.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_recv): Turn off FLAG_AUTOKEY when we
turn off TEST10.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (ctl_getitem): Buffer overflow check. Clean
up some loop logic.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Added "tinker" and "minpoll". Use
sys_minpoll now, instead of old manifest constant.
(save_resolve): Print keyid using decimal, not hex. From Lars-Owe
Ivarsson <>
* include/ntpd.h: Added peer_ntpdate and sys_minpoll.
* include/ntp_config.h (CONF_CLOCK_MINPOLL): Added.
* include/ntp.h: keyid cleanup. LOOP_* cleanup.
From Dave Mills.
2001-04-03 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_filter): Swell stuff.
From: Mark Martinec <>
* ports/winnt/ntpd/ntpd.dsp:
* ports/winnt/ntpd/hopf_PCI_io.c:
* ports/winnt/include/hopf_PCI_io.h:
* ports/winnt/include/config.h:
* ntpd/refclock_hopfser.c:
* ntpd/refclock_hopfpci.c:
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c:
* ntpd/ntp_control.c:
* ntpd/
* libntp/clocktypes.c:
* include/ntp.h:
* include/hopf6039.h:
* include/
* include/
* html/pic/fg6039.jpg:
* html/refclock.htm:
* html/driver39.htm:
* html/driver38.htm:
* html/copyright.htm:
Updated Oncore dudes.
HOPF drivers and documentation.
From: Bernd Altmeier <> (with some light
hacking from Harlan to clean up indentation and lose the // comments)
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c:
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c: Make it go.
From: Reg Clemens <>
* (openssl): Publish and default to RSAREF; hide
openssl, and only use it if explicitly requested (at least until
we work with it).
2001-04-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/y2k.htm:
* html/tickadj.htm:
* html/release.htm:
* html/refclock.htm:
* html/quick.htm:
* html/pps.htm:
* html/ntptrace.htm:
* html/ntptime.htm:
* html/ntpq.htm:
* html/ntpdc.htm:
* html/ntpdate.htm:
* html/ntpd.htm:
* html/miscopt.htm:
* html/index.htm:
* html/genkeys.htm:
* html/exec.htm:
* html/driver7.htm:
* html/driver22.htm:
* html/copyright.htm:
* html/confopt.htm:
* html/build.htm:
* html/authopt.htm:
* html/assoc.htm:
Updates from Dave Mills.
2001-04-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* (OPENSSL): Just use -lcrypto.
Reported by Dave Mills.
2001-03-31 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k20
* ntpd/refclock_heath.c: Add support for GC-1000 II.
From Dave Mills.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Check peer->unreach.
(peer_clear): peer->outdate is a f(BURST_INTERVAL1), not
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): mode_ntpdate stuff.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: OpenSSL/RSAREF support.
* ntpd/cmd_args.c: Use -q, not -z, for mode_ntpdate.
(getstartup): nofork on mode_ntpdate. Usage update.
* include/ntp_crypto.h: OpenSSL/RSAREF support.
From: Dave Mills.
* (rsaref): Buglet.
2001-03-30 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_update): mode_ntpdate support.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): mode_ntpdate support.
* ntpd/cmd_args.c: Added -z (mode_ntpdate).
* include/ntpd.h: mode_ntpdate added.
* include/ntp_crypto.h: RSAREF/OPENSSL cleanup.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-03-29 Harlan Stenn <>
* aclocal.m4:
* Prepare for OpenSSL support
2001-03-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* README.rsa: Note that RSAEURO will not work.
Reported by:
2001-03-25 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/ntp_if.h:
* include/ntp_machine.h:
* include/ntp_unixtime.h:
* libntp/humandate.c:
* libntp/iosignal.c:
* libntp/mktime.c:
* libntp/prettydate.c:
* libntp/systime.c:
* libntp/tvtoa.c:
* libntp/uglydate.c:
* libntp/utvtoa.c:
* libparse/clk_computime.c:
* libparse/clk_dcf7000.c:
* libparse/clk_hopf6021.c:
* libparse/clk_meinberg.c:
* libparse/clk_rawdcf.c:
* libparse/clk_rcc8000.c:
* libparse/clk_schmid.c:
* libparse/clk_trimtaip.c:
* libparse/clk_trimtsip.c:
* libparse/clk_varitext.c:
* libparse/parse.c:
* libparse/parse_conf.c:
* ntpd/check_y2k.c:
* ntpd/ntp_config.c:
* ntpd/ntp_control.c:
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c:
* ntpd/ntp_io.c:
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c:
* ntpd/ntp_monitor.c:
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
* ntpd/ntp_request.c:
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c:
* ntpd/ntp_timer.c:
* ntpd/ntp_util.c:
* ntpd/ntpd.c:
* ntpd/refclock_acts.c:
* ntpd/refclock_arbiter.c:
* ntpd/refclock_arc.c:
* ntpd/refclock_as2201.c:
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c:
* ntpd/refclock_bancomm.c:
* ntpd/refclock_chronolog.c:
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c:
* ntpd/refclock_datum.c:
* ntpd/refclock_dumbclock.c:
* ntpd/refclock_fg.c:
* ntpd/refclock_gpsvme.c:
* ntpd/refclock_heath.c:
* ntpd/refclock_hpgps.c:
* ntpd/refclock_irig.c:
* ntpd/refclock_jupiter.c:
* ntpd/refclock_leitch.c:
* ntpd/refclock_local.c:
* ntpd/refclock_msfees.c:
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c:
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c:
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c:
* ntpd/refclock_pcf.c:
* ntpd/refclock_pst.c:
* ntpd/refclock_shm.c:
* ntpd/refclock_tpro.c:
* ntpd/refclock_trak.c:
* ntpd/refclock_true.c:
* ntpd/refclock_ulink.c:
* ntpd/refclock_usno.c:
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c:
* ntpd/refclock_wwvb.c:
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c:
* ntpdate/ntptime_config.c:
* ntpdate/ntptimeset.c:
* ntpdc/ntpdc.c:
* ntpdc/ntpdc_ops.c:
* ntpq/ntpq.c:
* ntpq/ntpq_ops.c:
* ntptrace/ntptrace.c:
* parseutil/testdcf.c:
* util/hist.c:
* util/ntp-genkeys.c:
* util/ntptime.c:
* util/precision.c:
* util/tickadj.c:
time.h and sys/time.h cleanup.
2001-03-24 Harlan Stenn <>
* '99k19
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (atom_ppsapi): PPS API RFC alignment patches.
From: Ulrich Windl <>
* util/ntptime.c: MNT options
From: Ulrich Windl <>
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_newpeer): Lose "extra" free().
From: Ulrich Windl <>
* 4.0.99k18 and auto* upgrade
2001-03-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpdc/ntpdc_ops.c (printpeer): No more "valid".
* ntpd/ntp_request.c (peer_info): No more "valid".
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_transmit): valid/hpoll cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): valid/hpoll and peer->ttl cleanup.
peer->valid/oreach cleanup.
(receive): Call newpeer() with the pkt->ppoll, not
NTP_MINDPOLL (in several places).
In AM_NEWPASS, if we have a NULL peer, return.
(poll_update): Added xpoll definition, fixed oldpoll definition.
Algorithmic improvements.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (newpeer): Better minpoll/maxpoll
(resetmanycast): That's a poll_update() on an MDF_ACAST, not a
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: include <fcntl.h>.
(crypto_recv): Leave the crypto_flags alone when wiggling the
peer-> stuff.
(crypto_cert): Make room for daddy. Do a real open() on the cert
file. Read the cert. Initial hack and slash. Better debug info.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: CP_VALID now does "unreach".
(ctl_putpeer): Ditto.
* include/ntp_request.h: info_peer gets a placeholder for "valid".
* include/ntp_crypto.h (CRYPTO_FLAG_CERT): Comment update.
* include/ntp.h: Lose "valid" from struct peer.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-03-05 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): hpoll calc logic cleanup.
(receive): New cert stuff.
(poll_update): Improvements.
(peer_clear): New cert stuff.
(peer_xmit): New cert stuff.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: New cert stuff, documentation cleanup. Lose
extraneous poll_uopdate()s.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: Deal with new cert stuff.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): Handle CONF_CRYPTO_CERT.
* include/ntp_crypto.h (CRYPTO_FLAG_CERT): Added.
Add declaration for struct value certif.
* include/ntp_control.h (CS_CERTIF): Added.
(CP_CERTIF): Added.
* include/ntp_config.h (CONF_CRYPTO_CERT): Added.
* include/ntp.h (TEST10,TEST11): New meaning. Add certif to
struct peer.
(MAX_EXT_LEN): Removed.
exten grew from 672/4 to 5000/4 for PUBKEY.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-03-03 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Documentation cleanup.
(receive): Watch for NULL peer->pubkey.ptr (TEST11).
(poll_update): peer->nextdate, not ->outdate. More cleanup around
the disabled PUBKEY chunk.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (make_keylist): ltemp might be smaller than
sys_automax - check peer->kpoll, too. Other ltemp cleanup.
(crypto_recv): fstamp is a PUBKEY-only variable.
* include/ntp.h (NTP_AUTOMAX): 13, not 12.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-03-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): hpoll cleanup. Call clock_select()
after calling poll_update, not before.
(receive): Call poll_update after crypto_recv if FLAG_SKEY.
(process_packet): Set peer->ppoll Later.
(poll_update): peer->hpoll sanity checking. Set peer->outdate,
not ->nextate, when burst > 0. MDF_ACAST cleanup.
(clock_select): Fix hpoll typo in call to poll_update().
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_xmit): tstamp's value is a function of
* include/ntp.h (clear_to_zero): #define value is a function of
From: Dave Mills.
2001-02-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Documentation/code update.
(poll_update): Sanity check peer->hpoll. Improve debug info.
(peer_clear): Improve debug info. Turn off FLAG_ASSOC in addition
(clock_select): peer->status is CTL_PST_SEL_DISTSYSPEER, and don't
call poll_update(). Make each entry in the peer_list a
CTL_PST_SEL_SELCAND sooner, too. Rework similar logic later on.
Change debug level on some info.
(peer_xmit): Check peer->flags using FLAG_ASSOC, not
CRYPTO_FLAG_AUTO in a couple places. Don't call poll_update() if
sendlen > LEN_PKT_NOMAC.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Improve debug info.
Sanity-check sys_poll sooner.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: New artwork.
(make_keylist): More debug info. Use FLAG_ASSOC, not
(crypto_recv): More debug info. Clean up/improve sanity checks on
CRYPTO_ASSOC and CRYPTO_RESP packets, and in other places.
(crypto_xmit): Clean up/improve sanity checks on CRYPTO_ASSOC and
debug info.
* include/ntp.h (NTP_CANLOCK): Lose it.
(clear_to_zero): is now "assoc".
(FLAG_ASSOC): Added.
From: Dave Mills
2001-02-23 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpdate/ntpdate.h (NTP_MAXAGE): Added.
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_receive): Cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Don't reset peer->ppoll in one case.
Update peer->hpoll based on CTL_PST_SEL_CORRECT, not FLAG_SYSPEER.
Don't update peer->ppoll based on MDF_[BM]CAST.
(peer_clear): ppoll is initialized to maxpoll.
(clock_select): call poll_update(peer->hpoll) earlier.
(peer_xmit): Call poll_update later.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (peer_config): Rework initial values of [hkp]poll.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (CLOCK_PHI): Added. Deal with other
(allow_*) stuff. Treat Windows/NT the same as others regarding
panic steps. Deal with tinker stuff.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Tinker stuff.
* ntpd/cmd_args.c (getCmdOpts): -g now wiggles "allow_panic"
(renamed from "correct_any"). -x now wiggles "allow_step"
(renamed from "allow_step_backward").
* include/ntpd.h: Add tinker variables. Rename/rework variables
associated with "permission to step" and "permission to make a
panic correction"
* include/ntp_config.h (CONFIG_TINKER): Added.
(CONF_CLOCK_MAX): Tinker keyword
(CONF_CLOCK_PANIC): Tinker keyword
(CONF_CLOCK_PHI): Tinker keyword
(CONF_CLOCK_MINSTEP): Tinker keyword
* include/ntp.h (NTP_MINCLOCK): Tinker and other cleanup.
From: Dave Mills
2001-02-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Don't peer_clear() and reset
minpoll unconditionally; make sure the peer is configured.
(poll_update): When updating peer->ppoll, check on BCAST and
(peer_clear): PUBKEY cleanup. Zero out the peer structure
earlier. Initialization cleanup/fixes.
(peer_xmit): CRYPTO_FLAG_AUTO is in peer->flags now.
(key_expire): Debug output.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (unpeer): PUBKEY cleanup.
(newpeer): peer variable setup cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (make_keylist): Keep CRYPTO_FLAG_AUTO in
peer->flags, not crypto_flags.
(crypto_xmit): Ditto.
(crypto_recv): Fix up RV_TSP logic (several places).
* include/ntp.h (clear_to_zero): Moved...
From: Dave Mills.
2001-02-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (peer_xmit): Crypto-related fixes
From Dave Mills.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_recv): Allocate space for the trailing
NUL on the keystr.
2001-01-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k17
* ntpd/refclock_local.c (STRATUM): 3 -> 5
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: sys_maxd -> sys_selerr, sys_epsil ->
sys_syserr. various cleanups and improvements.
From: Dave Mills.
2001-01-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k16
* Regenerated - became empty somehow.
Reported by
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_select): Fix sdisp calculation.
From Dave Mills.
* util/ntp-genkeys.c:
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c:
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c:
* ntpd/ntpd.c:
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c:
* ntpd/ntp_io.c:
* ntpd/cmd_args.c:
* libntp/audio.c:
* include/l_stdlib.h:
* html/copyright.htm:
Lint fixes (Thanks bunches!)
2001-01-18 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k15
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_select): Track error[] items sooner.
Typo grabbing the dtemp value and in the sdisp calculation.
From Dave Mills.
2001-01-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k14
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: Change description of sys_rootdelay and
(process_packet): Fix p_del test (bad distance).
(process_packet): Fix bad synch distance test.
(process_packet): Fix call to clock_filter (p_disp)
(clock_update): Fix sys_rootdelay calculation.
(clock_filter): Initialize jit to f(sys_precision)
(clock_filter): Update jit using distance[i] instead of
SQUARE(). peer->jitter uses dtemp instead of SQUARE().
(clock_filter): Updated CLOCK_SGATE checks. When printing debug
info, show jitter along with popcorn spike.
(clock_select): New sdisp calc.
(root_distance): New return value calc.
(peer_xmit): xpkt.rootdispersion value change.
* include/ntp.h (CLOCK_SGATE): Popcorn spike gate (Whoa, Molly!)
From Dave Mills.
2001-01-13 Harlan Stenn <>
* config.sub (Repository): Updated.
* config.guess (Repository): Updated.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Just use sys_jitter in the
calculation for rootdispersion.
From Dave Mills.
2001-01-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Fix documentation. Set
peer->outdate and call poll_update in a new place. Sanity checks
in the MODE_BROADCAST case.
(clock_select): Track the old peer. Use the old peer in
subsequent checks, where appropriate. Clean up unpeer() logic.
From Dave Mills.
2001-01-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c: Start using HAVE_AUDIO.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_select): If about to discard an
ephemeral association, do it only if not the system peer.
From Dave Mills.
* html/pic/wingdorothy.gif:
* html/pic/bustardfly.gif:
* html/pic/boom3a.gif:
* html/pic/tonea.gif:
* html/pic/stack1a.jpg:
* html/pic/pogoa.gif:
* html/pic/pogo8.gif:
* html/pic/pogo6.gif:
* html/pic/pogo5.gif:
* html/pic/pogo4.gif:
* html/pic/pogo3.gif:
* html/pic/pogo1.gif:
* html/pic/oz2.gif:
* html/pic/flatheads.gif:
* html/pic/boom4.gif:
* html/pic/boom3.gif:
* html/pic/appletree.gif:
* html/pic/alice51.gif:
* html/pic/alice44.gif:
* html/pic/alice35.gif:
* html/pic/alice31.gif:
* html/pic/alice15b.gif:
* html/pic/alice13.gif:
* html/pic/alice11.gif:
* html/release.htm:
* html/rdebug.htm:
* html/prefer.htm:
* html/porting.htm:
* html/ntptrace.htm:
* html/ntpq.htm:
* html/ntpdate.htm:
* html/monopt.htm:
* html/kernpps.htm:
* html/index.htm:
* html/hints.htm:
* html/gadget.htm:
* html/driver7.htm:
* html/copyright.htm:
* html/config.htm:
* html/build.htm:
* html/authopt.htm:
* html/assoc.htm:
* html/accopt.htm:
Cleanup from Dave Mills.
2000-12-30 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k13
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c (wwv_start): Call audio_init with DEVICE_AUDIO.
* ntpd/refclock_irig.c (irig_start): Call audio_init with DEVICE_AUDIO.
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c: Documentation cleanup.
(fd_audio): Added.
(chu_start): Separate audio from serial device.
(chu_receive): Rewrite - get data from serial or audio device as
(chu_audio_receive): Renamed (from chu_receive) to allow both
audio and serial capability.
(chu_serial_receive): Ditto.
(chu_decode): Do the Right Thing based on audio/serial data.
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_open): Check for failure using <0
instead of ==-1.
* libntp/audio.c: Header cleanup, and remove
HAVE_STRUCT_AUDIO_INFO_* related fields.
(audio_init): Func arg is device to attempt to open.
* include/audio.h (audio_init): Now takes a char * argument.
From Dave Mills.
* (ntp_refclock): HAVE_AUDIO added. Remove
HAVE_STRUCT_AUDIO_INFO_* stuff; Dave rewrote the audio stuff.
2000-12-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k12
2000-12-27 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/release.htm:
* html/patches.htm:
* html/measure.htm:
* html/confopt.htm:
* html/clockopt.htm:
* html/biblio.htm:
* html/authopt.htm:
* html/assoc.htm:
Updates from Dave Mills.
* include/ntp_crypto.h: Make sure crypto_flags is visible.
From Dave Mills.
2000-12-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (process_packet): pleap/pstratum.
(peer_xmit): Use CRYPTO_FLAG_AUTO.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (make_keylist): Use CRYPTO_FLAG_AUTO. Only
sign host name and timestamps if the clock is synched.
* include/ntp_crypto.h (CRYPTO_FLAG_AUTO): Added.
From: Dave Mills
2000-12-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Call clock_select in a few new
places. BURST/IBURST cleanup. Don't turn off FLAG_BURST at the
(receive): Set peer->unreach = 0 before we call process_packet().
(process_packet): ditto, before calling poll_update(). Lose some
debugging, MODE_BCLIENT/CLIENT cleanup.
(poll_update): Bump nextupdate on FLAG_REFCLOCK, not _REFCLOCK or
(peer_clear): Don't set IBURST on MDF_BCLNT.
From: Dave Mills.
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c (alarming): Appease ansi2knr.
2000-12-10 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (ctl_putpeer): CP_TTL and CP_TTLMAX
MDF_ACAST and MDF_MCAST cleanup.
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c (wwv_start): ttlmax/ttl cleanup.
* ntpd/refclock_usno.c (usno_timeout): ttlmax/ttl cleanup.
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c (CLK_REALTYPE): ttlmax/ttl cleanup.
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c (chu_start): ttlmax/ttl cleanup.
* ntpd/refclock_acts.c (acts_timeout): ttlmax/ttl cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_newpeer): Don't do the
any_interface -> loopback_interface trick.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Broadcast/manycast cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c: Cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_io.c: Cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_recv): AUTOKEY based on BCLNT, not MCAST2.
* include/ntpd.h: Declare findbcastinter().
* include/ntp.h: struct peer's ttlmax is now max ttl/refclock
mode. ttl is now ttl for manycast mode.
(FLAG_MCAST): Reworked several FLAG_ bits.
From Dave Mills.
2000-12-05 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpq/ntpq.c: CP_TTLMAX support.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): MDF_ACAST ttl fixes.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (resetmanycast): Reset ttl if MDF_ACAST.
(peer_config): Save max ttl in ttlmax.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: ttlmax support.
* include/ntp_control.h (CP_TTLMAX): Added.
* include/ntp.h: Added ttlmax to struct peer.
Dave Mills.
2000-12-03 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): That any_interface is now an
Various other doc and code cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (findmanycastpeer): Fixes
From Dave Mills
2000-12-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_request.c (do_conf): call peer_config with
any_interface, not 0.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Manycast cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (findmanycastpeer): manycast cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_io.c (sendpkt): Only check ttl if we have a ttl
(findinterface): Cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: cleanup
* include/ntpd.h: Added resetmanycast.
* include/ntp_control.h (CP_TTL): disp -> ttl
* ntpq/ntpq.c: disp -> ttl
From Dave Mills
2000-11-26 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k11
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit):
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c:
* ntpd/ntp_io.c:
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (ctl_putpeer):
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig):
* include/ntpd.h: mcast/ucast interface cleanup.
From: Dave Mills
* include/ntp_request.h: Put data[] as MAXFILENAME+16. This will
fix the conf_peer requests again, but re-break compatibility with
old versions of the daemon. Sigh.
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (cleanlinks): Don't do it if nosymlinks.
2000-11-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c (rawdcf_init_1): make Linux happier with
some modem control stuff.
From: Wolfram Pienkoss <> (via Frank Kardel)
* ntpd/refclock_pcf.c (pcf_poll): isdst fix
From: Andreas Voegele <>
2000-10-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k10
* ntpd/refclock_wwvb.c (wwvb_start): Cosmetic reorder.
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (RANGEGATE): Cleanup. Add ASTAGE.
Add ppsparams to struct ppsunit.
(atom_start): Init peer->burst to ASTAGE.
(atom_shutdown): Multi-handle
(atom_pps): Multi-handle
(atom_pps): RANGEGATE cleanup
(atom_poll): Poll count cleanup. Error check cleanup. Burst cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_transmit): Lose the pre-burst
check poll_update().
(refclock_sample): Fix the jitter calc.
(refclock_receive): Pass the jitter to the clock_filter().
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_update): If we lose sync, reset the poll
(poll_update): Poll wiggles. Make sure peer->nextdate is timely.
(clock_select): If we lose sync, reset the poll to NTP_MINDPOLL.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Show the asocid in debug
output. popcorn debug message changes. Clamp the poll interval
if the system peer has changed. PPS wiggle changes.
From Dave Mills.
2000-10-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_pcf.c (pcf_start):
* html/driver35.htm:
The radio clock transmits 69 bits with a period of 2.5
milliseconds per bit. Thus the driver now sets the default
calibration offset to 0.1725 (69 * 2.5 = 172.5).
Its now possible to disable the check of the radio clock's
synchronisation status bit. Several users requested this option.
From: Andreas Voegele <>
* html/refclock.htm:
* html/rdebug.htm:
* html/prefer.htm:
* html/pps.htm:
* html/ntpdc.htm:
* html/miscopt.htm:
* html/ldisc.htm:
* html/kern.htm:
* html/index.htm:
* html/exec.htm:
* html/driver22.htm:
* html/clockopt.htm:
Updates from Dave Mills
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c (request): Sanity check the size of the response
2000-10-15 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpq/ntpq_ops.c (dopeers): Dave didn't like the patch to show
the units on the times...
* ntpdc/ntpdc_ops.c (doset): SYS_FLAG_PPS cleanup
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c (wwv_newchan): Update the peer refid if
we're talking to a stratum 0 source
* ntpd/refclock_trak.c: Needs PPS
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Disable for now
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c: Needs PPSAPI, not PPS
Header cleanup. PPS interface cleanup.
Process sentences with a switch
Cleanup and sanity checks
* ntpd/refclock_datum.c: header cleanup, light body cleanup
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c: CLOCK_TRAK needs PPS
MX4200 needs PPSAPI, not PPS
Disable ONCORE for now
* ntpd/refclock_bancomm.c: Surgery
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: Cleanup
(atom_control): added
(atom_ppsapi): added
* ntpd/ntp_request.c (setclr_flags): SYS_FLAG_PPS cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c: stropts.h back in in TTYCLK and
Get ntp_syscall if KERNEL_PLL
Define cal_enable
(refclock_receive): Cleanup
(refclock_control): sanity check procptr
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (init_proto): pps_enable
(proto_config): Turn on/off PPS discipline
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: pps_enable
(local_clock): record_loop_stats() if !ntp_enable
(local_clock): Turn off PPS if it's not enabled
Other cleanup/fixes
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: pps and calibrate keywords. Initialize
pps_assert to 0, not 1 (swap assert/clear?)
* include/ntpd.h: We have pll_status if KERNEL_PLL
Added pps_enable and cal_enable
* include/ntp_request.h (SYS_FLAG_PPS): Renamed from
* include/ntp.h (PROTO_PPS): Added
(PROTO_CAL): Added
From: Dave Mills
2000-09-23 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/ntp_refclock.h (stropts.h, sys/clkdefs.h): Harmful and
useless file include's turned off.
* libntp/iosignal.c (netinet/in.h, sys/sockio.h): Duplicate file
include's turned off.
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (ntp_tty.h): File included.
(refclock_open, refclock_ioctl): Use `TTY' from ntp_tty.h.
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: Grab a few headers regardless; if we don't
CLOCK_ATOM we provide a stub pps_sample() routine so the WHARTON
can be compiled/used.
* ntpq/ntpq_ops.c (dopeers, doopeers): Print the units for
each column header.
Tue Sep 12 16:25:51 2000 Philippe De Muyter <>
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (atom_start): Lose "temp", because we now
(atom_pps): pps_info_t is our friend. Update comments to reflect
reality. DTRT with pps_info. Do some overflow checks.
From: Dave Mills.
2000-09-21 Harlan Stenn <>
* Much improved Solaris patch-level check for the
FLL bug test.
2000-09-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/ (noinst_HEADERS): Added ntp_tty.h
Reported by Dave Mills
2000-09-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntptrace/ntptrace.c:
* ntpdate/ntptimeset.c (receive):
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c (receive):
STRATUM cleanup
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (atom_poll): Autostratum. Lose the leap.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: sys_prefer
(process_packet): stratum cleanup
(clock_select): Autostratum the ATOM
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: pps_update/pps_stratum wiggle.
* include/ntpd.h: Lose pps_update, gain sys_prefer
* include/ntp.h: STRATUM variable cleanup
From Dave Mills
2000-09-13 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (oncore_get_timestamp): Print debug
messages being aware of HAVE_STRUCT_TIMESPEC.
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: Have pps_params tag along in the ppsunit
structure, where it really belongs.
From: Dave Mills.
2000-09-12 Harlan Stenn <>
* (ac_cv_var_atom_ok): Cleanup ATOM/PPSAPI stuff...
* scripts/ntp-close: Find "close" ntp servers.
From: Neal McBurnett <>
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c:
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Re-enabled oncore driver for HAVE_PPSAPI
case only.
2000-09-12 Philippe De Muyter <>
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c (we400a_pollinfo): Useless variable removed.
[WHARTON slot]: Set NO_POLL, NO_INIT and NO_DATA; fix `fixed format'
and `offset' fields.
* include/ntp_tty.h: New file
* libntp/icom.c: Use it.
* ntp_update (UPDATE_OPTIONS): Use -d, too. Fix Pass 1 comment.
2000-09-12 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: shmem_fname added. oncore_init_shmem()
(oncore_start): Comment cleanup
(oncore_read_config): Move call to oncore_shmem_init()
(oncore_init_shmem): Prototype change
(oncore_init_shmem): Don't exit on errors
(oncore_msg_any): timespec/timeval cleanup
(oncore_msg_Cj_id): shmem_fname changes
(oncore_msg_BaEaHa): saw_At bugfix
(oncore_get_timestamp): Added current_mode/current_params. Commented.
Added time_pps_getcap() calls.
From: Reg Clemens <>
* ntpd/ntp_io.c (input_handler): Better recvfrom() error message
From: Dean Gibson <>
* ntpdc/ntpdc.c (passwd): Get them working again.
From: Benjamin Greenwald <>
2000-09-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c: Comment cleanup. PPS/PPSAPI cleanup
(refclock_open): PPS/PPSAPI cleanup
From: Dave Mills
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c:
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c:
* ATOM requires struct timespec, not PPSAPI. Clean
up dependencies accordingly.
2000-09-09 Harlan Stenn <>
* (ac_cv_var_atom_ok): Improve ATOM configure message
PARSE requires ATOM.
* ntpd/ntpd.c (set_process_priority): Clean up debug messages.
2000-09-07 Harlan Stenn <>
* ac_cv_atom_ok, depends on HAVE_PPSAPI.
I notice the PARSE clocks require ATOM. Could be interesting...
2000-09-06 Harlan Stenn <>
* (distdir): Seems to be a bug in an automake library
2000-09-05 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (loop_config): V3 API needs MOD_BITS when
initializing ntv.modes. Initialize ntv.{maxerror,esterror,status}
earlier. Clean up KERNEL_PLL code.
2000-09-04 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpq/ntpq.c: report offset as "offset", not "phase". Lose
* ntpd/refclock_local.c (local_poll): variance -> jitter
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c (chu_major): Lose variance.
* ntpd/ntp_util.c (hourly_stats): sys_error -> sys_jitter
(record_loop_stats): ditto
* ntpd/ntp_request.c (peer_info): variance -> jitter
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_sample): variance -> jitter
(refclock_receive): variance -> jitter
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (process_packet): variance -> jitter
(clock_filter): variance -> jitter
(clock_select): variance -> jitter
(root_distance): variance -> jitter
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (newpeer): variance -> jitter
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: Cleanup pll_nano selection bogon.
Centralize the kernel API data.
(local_clock): Lose sys_error.
(loop_config): Code cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: Call offset "offset" and not "phase". Lose
CS_COMPLIANCE. Deal with variance/jitter rename.
* include/ntp_refclock.h: Rename variance to jitter in struct
* include/ntp_control.h (CS_COMPLIANCE): Lose it.
* include/ntp.h: Rename variance to jitter in struct peer.
From: Dave Mills
2000-09-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: Use the new ppsunit. Cleanup and improve
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_sample): Don't accumulate
From Dave Mills
2000-08-31 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/driver22.htm: Update the docs.
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (atom_start): Open the device if it hasn't
been opened already.
(pps_sample): Make it more visible.
From Dave Mills.
* 4.0.99k8
Revert to the older automake.
* The PPSAPI headers use "inline", so require a STDC
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (atom_shutdown): Typo
From Dave Mills
* Convert to autoconf-2.49
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: Header cleanup Comment cleanup. Lose the
TTYCLK stuff. Convert to PPSAPI.
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_newpeer): Move refclock_unpeer().
From: Dave Mills
2000-08-29 Harlan Stenn <>
* configure: Fix the autoconf problem...
2000-08-20 Harlan Stenn <>
* 99k7
* util/ntptime.c (main): Report TAI stuff
* ntpq/ntpq.c: CS_COMPLIANCE/CS_JITTER cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): sys_error/sys_jitter cleanup.
kernel PPL cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: Check NTP_API if we're doing KERNEL_PLL so we
can get the TAI stuff.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: CS_COMPLIANCE now reports "error" instead of
"jitter". CS_JITTER now reports jitter.
* include/ntpd.h: Added sys_jitter
* include/ntp_control.h (CS_JITTER): Added
From: Dave Mills
* ntpd/cmd_args.c (getCmdOpts): Crack -N at pre-scan, as we do the
priority wiggle before the final scan.
From: Tom Smith <>
We might do better to move the priority wiggle to after the final
scan. Especially if we want to permit command-line options to
have decent control over the priority. When we rewrite the config
file stuff we might go to a multi-scan to solve some of these
2000-08-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* '99k6, and manually fix configure.
* include/ntp_request.h (NTP_MAXHOSTNAME): 144 -> 32
2000-08-18 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (main): Don't call fclose if stream is NULL.
2000-08-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/driver35.htm:
* ntpd/refclock_pcf.c: Updates and improvements
From: Andreas Voegele <>
* (ac_cv_struct_ntptimeval): Lose the TAI check - we
don't need it since we can check NTP_API. Re-hack the generated
configure script.
* configure: Manual hack to the ntptimeval.time.tv_nsec stuff
because we're running an old autoconf.
2000-08-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntptime.c: Use: HAVE_STRUCT_NTPTIMEVAL_TIME_TV_NSEC, it's
the standard name.
* Look for struct ntptimeval.tai in sys/timex.h
Cleanup struct tptimeval member tests.
* util/ntp-genkeys.c: New command-line arguments
2000-08-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (main): More small steps...
2000-08-13 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_rsa): Now that we're using
NTP_KEYSDIR, make sure there is a '/ between the dir and the file.
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (main): More small steps...
2000-08-12 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (main): Another small step...
* 99k5
* include/ntp_request.h: Make data[] member of req_pkt 32 again.
Bump the version number...
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Change 0. to 0 in a couple
of places.
From Dave Mills
2000-08-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (main): Minimal progress...
2000-08-06 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/check_y2k.c: Make debug definition match ntpd.h's declaration
* ntpd/ (check-local): Use test in favor of [
2000-08-05 Harlan Stenn <>
2000-08-04 Harlan Stenn <>
* ElectricFence/ (check-local): use test instead of [
* libntp/strdup.c (strdup): Added.
* libntp/ (EXTRA_libntp_a_SOURCES): Added strdup.c
* util/ (ntp_genkeys_DEPENDENCIES): Use $U on .o files
(ntp_genkeys_LDADD): ditto.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: Use NTP_KEYSDIR
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (snifflink): Ignore ENOENT, too.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (peer_xmit): Crypto cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: Cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: Join the club
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Call crypto_config() instead; we got rid of
* include/ntp_crypto.h (CRYPTO_FLAG_ENAB): New crypto flags, rework
* include/ntp_control.h (CS_FLAGS): Wiggle in.
* include/ntp.h: Added crypto peer status to struct peer
From Dave Mills
2000-08-03 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c: Initialize path_keysdir to NTP_KEYSDIR.
* (NTP_KEYSDIR): Added
* acinclude.m4: Added AC_DEFINE_DIR macro
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (main): Sanity checks on the file paths.
2000-08-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (crypto_config): Only #ifdef PUBKEY
(PATH_MAX): Try harder...
2000-08-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (main): Use snifflink()
(snifflink): Implement...
* Check for readlink()
2000-07-31 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (main): Use strdup on the tokens returned
from ntp_config...
(crypto_config): Fix a typo...
(crypto_config): Even more...
(usage): Flesh it out.
* include/ntp_config.h:
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Move a whack of #defines to ntp_config.h so
ntp-genkeys.c can see them, too.
* util/ntp-genkeys.c: Add stubs to work with ../ntpd/ntp_config.o,
start hooking things up.
(main): debugging
(crypto_config): better implementation
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig):
* ntpd/ntpd.c: Initialize "debug" here, not in ntp_config.c
* util/ (ntp_genkeys_LDADD): Added ../ntpd/ntp_config.o
* util/ (ntp_genkeys_DEPENDENCIES): Added.
2000-07-30 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99k4
* util/ntp-genkeys.c: Start hacking for new functionality.
* include/ (noinst_HEADERS): Added ntp_cmdargs.h and
ntp_config.h .
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Grab ntp_cmdargs.h. Make some new globals
(ugh), move ntpd-specific variables and code to cmd_args.c .
* ntpd/cmd_args.c: Move command argument processing functions from
ntp_config.c to this file.
* ntpd/ (ntpd_SOURCES): Added cmd_args.c
* include/ntpd.h: Move getstartup() to ntp_cmdargs.h
* include/ntp_cmdargs.h: New file
Begin the hacking fest to make it easier for ntp-genkeys to use
ntpd's config processing code. I really hope this is the lesser
of the evils...
2000-07-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntp-genkeys.c (usage): Added.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: Cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Add some parens.
(peer_xmit): Add ntohl when grabbing sndauto.seq for broadcast.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (findpeer): Cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Typo
From Dave Mills
* include/ntp_config.h: Created
* util/ntp-genkeys.c: Always build, but realize we may not have
RSAREF. Compile parts appropriately.
* util/ (bin_PROGRAMS): Always make ntp-genkeys
(ntp-genkeys_LDADD): Use $LIBRSAREF instead of the "real path"
* util/ntp-genkeys.c:
* util/
Renamed ntp_genkeys to ntp-genkeys.
2000-07-27 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c (ntpdatemain): Cleanup error message.
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c (ntpdatemain): Add missing authtrust() call
From: Jason Heiss <>
* ntpd/refclock_ulink.c (ulink_receive):
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c:
* libntp/authparity.c:
Lint/noise cleanup
From: Marc Brett <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: Specifically track manycastserver and
From: Dave Mills
2000-07-26 Sven Dietrich <>
* ntpd/ntpd.c: remove WINNT priority adjustment to the ports/winnt area
where it does not clutter up the main distribution.
2000-07-24 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): dstadr_sin needs higher visibility
From: Dave Mills
* flock-build: Added baldwin
* ntpd/ntp_request.c:
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c:
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c:
* ntpd/ntp_io.c:
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c:
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (make_keylist):
* ntpd/ntp_control.c:
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (CONF_MOD_IBURST, save_resolve):
* include/ntpd.h (findpeerbyassoc, newpeer, peer_config, *_interface):
* include/ntp_request.h (CONF_FLAG_IBURST):
* include/ntp_crypto.h (crypto_xmit, make_keylist):
* include/ntp.h (FLAG_IBURST):
* html/release.htm:
* html/confopt.htm:
* html/assoc.htm:
Add iburst option, fix broadcast/multicast and some types.
From: Dave Mills
2000-07-20 Harlan Stenn <>
* scripts/ (bin_SCRIPTS): Install ntp-wait
* 4.0.99k
2000-07-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (peer_xmit): PUBKEY cleanup
2000-07-18 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99j5
* html/ntpd.htm (HREF): Document other missing command-line options
* html/ntpd.htm (HREF): Document
* html/confopt.htm (href): Undocument
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): -N high for high-priority.
Lose the ntp.conf way of setting priority.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: PUBKEY/AUTOKEY cleanup
From Dave Mills
2000-07-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/confopt.htm (href): Document it.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): CONFIG_PRIORITY support
* ntpd/ntpd.c (set_process_priority): Use it.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: Crypto key stuff
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: pubkey -> pubkey.ptr
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (ctl_putpeer): fstamp -> pubkey.fstamp
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c:
* include/ntpd.h:
* include/ntp_types.h:
* include/ntp_request.h:
* include/ntp_crypto.h:
* include/ntp_control.h:
* include/ntp.h: Type cleanup
From: Dave Mills
2000-07-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* ElectricFence/ (check-local): Don't run the tests if
we didn't build the programs...
(check-local): Same, but watch the return codes...
* ElectricFence/page.c: #include config.h if it's there.
Properly handle the sys_errlist declaration.
* html/ntpq.htm:
* html/index.htm:
* html/debug.htm:
* html/authopt.htm:
Reality check.
From Dave Mills
2000-07-13 Harlan Stenn <>
* (SUBDIRS): Added ElectricFence
* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Added ElectricFence support
* ElectricFence: Imporpted.
2000-07-12 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ntp_genkeys.c (main): Cleanup
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c (wwv_qrz): sqrt -> SQRT
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c (chu_rf): sqrt -> SQRT
* ntpd/ntpd.c (set_process_priority): Disable high-priority for now.
PUBKEY cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_timer.c: sys_revoketime cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): PUBKEY cleanup. Comment and code
(process_packet): Comment and code (PUBKEY) cleanup.
(peer_xmit): Comment and code cleanup.
(fast_xmit): Comment and code cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (expire_all): revoketime cleanup. PUBKEY cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: Comment reorg. DH parameters are now
file-static instead of local to subroutines.
(make_keylist): peer->pcookie.key cleanup/fix
(crypto_recv): Subroutine documentation cleanup, other cleanup
(crypto_xmit): Cleanup/document.
(crypto_setup): Cleanup/document.
(crypto_agree): Cleanup/document.
(crypto_rsa): now static
(crypto_dh): now static. Comment cleanup. Code cleanup.
(crypto_tai): now static. Code and comment cleanup.
(crypto_config): Deal with CRYPTO_CONF_LEAP.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (CS_DHPARAMS): Rename corresponding token to
"params". Remove CS_TAI from def_sys_var[].
bugfix. CS_TAI cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (CONF_CRYPTO_LEAP): Added
(getconfig): Added CONF_CRYPTO_LEAP support.
* include/ntp_syslog.h: Lose GIZMO stuff.
* include/ntp_crypto.h (CRYPTO_CONF_LEAP): Added
* include/ntp.h: struct autokey, cookie,value, and pkt changes for
signature field. Update the inline docs on pkt's exten field.
From: Dave Mills
2000-07-08 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_util.c (stats_config): If we read a bogus old_drift,
use 0 instead of failing.
2000-07-03 Harlan Stenn <>
* README.cvs: Cleanup.
* ntpd/refclock_datum.c (datum_pts_poll): index -> unit_index
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c (findhostaddr): const cleanup
* libntp/recvbuff.c:
* libntp/msyslog.c:
* libntp/emalloc.c:
* libntp/authreadkeys.c:
Fix header order.
From: Simon Burge <>
* ntpd/ntp_util.c (stats_config): Use HAVE_FINITE and HAVE_ISFINITE
* (ac_cv_struct_ntptimeval_timespec): isfinite()
checks for HP-UX11.
From: Albert Chin-A-Young <>
2000-07-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* flock-build (LIST): Lose malarky, update some machine/OS descriptions
* 4.0.99j4
* ntpq/ntpq.c: Lose PUBKEY stuff - older ntpq's will complain when
they see the info in a packet.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (peer_xmit): TAI changes.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: Fix host/network byteorder stuff. Follow
global->struct changes. TAI changes. Bugfixes.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: Follow field reorder/rename.
* include/ntp_crypto.h: Move crypto stuff from separate globals
into structs.
* include/ntp_control.h (CS_HOST): Reorder/rename some fields
From: Dave Mills
2000-06-30 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (unpeer): Moved keystr cleanup inside ifdef PUBKEY
* 4.0.99j3
* html/release.htm:
* html/ntpq.htm:
* html/authopt.htm:
Updates from Dave Mills
* ntpd/ntp_request.c (dns_a): Don't call crypto_public for now...
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): Follow the TEST wiggles
(peer_xmit): TAI support
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: TAI support
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: CS_VERSION and CS_TAI support
* include/ntp_crypto.h (CRYPTO_FLAG_TAI): Added.
* include/ntp_control.h (CS_VERSION): Added.
* include/ntp.h (TEST4,TEST5,TEST8,TEST9): Wiggle.
From: Dave Mills
* ntpd/ (ntpd_SOURCES): Lose refclock_ulink331.c
because the new refclock_ulink.c handles it.
2000-06-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): Sanity check the right variable
From: Dave Mills.
2000-06-25 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99j2
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c:
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c:
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c:
* include/ntp_crypto.h:
* include/ntp.h:
AUTOKEY/PUBKEY/DH/crypto changes
From: Dave Mills
2000-06-23 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/driver34.htm:
* ntpd/refclock_ulink.c:
* ntpd/refclock_ulink331.c: (removed)
Updated for 320/330 series refclocks
From: joseph lang <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Patches/improvements
* html/driver30.htm: New release
From: Reg Clemens <>
2000-06-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99j1
* ntpdc/ntpdc.c (getcmds):
Readline support.
From: Aaron Sherman <>
* ntpd/refclock_ulink331.c: Added.
Sent in by Doug Grosso <>
* ntpd/ (ntpd_SOURCES): Added refclock_ulink331.c
* libntp/snprintf.c: Added stdio.h
From: Marc Brett <>
* include/ntp.h: struct autokey's siglen is u_int32. So is the
siglen in struct cookie. So is siglen and value length in struct
value. Add fstamp to struct peer. Resize the exten AUTOKEY field
in struct pkt.
* include/ntp_crypto.h: crypto_enable -> crypto_flags and a
variety of other cleanups.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: crypto_enable -> crypto_flags, and some
key/fudge cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c: Much cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: Many changes that Harlan is too tired to
properly document.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c: crypto_enable -> crypto_flags
(peer_config): Hold off on crypto_public() until some resolver
issue is fixed.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): Disable the reverse DNS lookup for now.
(process_packet): Don't record_raw_stats() for now.
crypto_enable was renamed to crypto_flags.
(peer_xmit): In MODE_ACTIVE or MODE_PASSIVE, only call
crypto_xmit() if the peer->cmmd is not CRYPTO_AUTO. Reset
peer->cmmd to 0 when we're thru.
Don't reset peer->cmmd to 0 until the end of MODE_CLIENT.
* ntpd/ntpd.c: Lose the call to crypto_init(). Instead, call
crypto_setup() later on if we have crypto_flags.
* util/ntp_genkeys.c: Lose GENLEN; use PRIMELEN/2 .
From Dave Mills.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_rsa):
Do some debug logging if readlink() fails with something other
than EINVAL (file isn't a symlink).
2000-06-04 James R. Van Zandt <>
* html/miscopt.htm (trap): punctuation
* html/ntpd.htm (-g): typo
* html/miscopt.htm (logconfig): List the "clock" event class.
"allprefix" should be two words.
2000-05-31 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_timer.c: Protect <unistd.h>
2000-05-30 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ Document what we expect from -lm
2000-05-29 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99j
2000-05-22 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/ntptime.htm: More fixes
From: Kazu TAKAMUNE <>
2000-05-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* build (KEYSUF):
* flock-build:
* Lose the "md5" options from the --with-crypto
check; Dave hates it.
* ntpd/ntp_util.c (stats_config):
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (loop_config):
* libntp/systime.c (adj_systime):
* include/ntp_proto.h (NTP_MAXFREQ):
* ntpd/ntpd.c (ntpdmain):
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive):
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c (addentry):
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig):
Lint cleanup
From: Marc Brett <>
* include/ntp_stdlib.h:
* libntp/systime.c (adj_systime):
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (loop_config):
* ntpd/ntp_util.c (stats_config):
* ports/winnt/ntpd/nt_clockstuff.c (adj_systime):
* include/ntp_proto.h: Define MAX_FREQ
2000-05-15 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/ntp_stdlib.h:
* libntp/systime.c (adj_systime):
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (loop_config):
* ntpd/ntp_util.c (stats_config):
* ports/winnt/ntpd/nt_clockstuff.c (adj_systime):
sys_maxfreq -> MAXFREQ
Per Dave Mills.
2000-05-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* acinclude.m4: Typo...
2000-05-13 Harlan Stenn <>
* libntp/gpstolfp.c (GPSORIGIN): Try new ULONG_CONST macro
* ntpdate/ntptimeset.c:
* ntpdate/ntpdate.h:
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (oncore_msg_En):
* ntpd/ntp_util.c (stats_config):
* ntpd/ntp_request.c:
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c (findhostaddr):
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig):
* libntp/systime.c (adj_systime):
* libntp/lib_strbuf.c:
* libntp/authparity.c:
* libntp/audio.c:
Header/lint cleanup
From/reported by: Simon Burge <>
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c (findhostaddr): Compiler noise cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c: Compiler noise cleanup
* html/ntptime.htm: Document reality check
From: Kazu TAKAMUNE <>
2000-05-12 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c (ntp_intres): Quiet some debug messages
Reported by: Brian Bergstrand <>
2000-05-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* scripts/ (ConfStr): Use -r if we're using RSAREF,
otherwise use -a if we're using autokey, otherwise use no extra
2000-05-11 Sven Dietrich <>
* ports/winnt/include/config.h: New defines to support AUTOKEY
* ports/winnt/include/unistd.h: Added another dummy placeholder.h
* ports/winnt/ntpd/ntpd.dsp: Added ntp_crypt.c to makefile
* ports/winnt/ntpd/ntpd.c: service_main needs a local hostname[]
* html/hints/winnt.htm: Add remark about 4.0.99i not compiling.
These changes got WINNT running again. No idea if the keys stuff
works however.
2000-05-10 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99i9
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: tstamp and autokey cleanup
From: Dave Mills
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_update): Only call expire_all() if
From many folks, including Reg Clemens <>
2000-05-07 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99i8
* flock-build: Use new --with-crypto choices
* build (KEYSUF): Deal with new --with-crypto
* --with-crypto={md5,autokey,rsaref};
lose --enable-autokey
2000-05-06 Harlan Stenn <>
* build (KEYSUF): Catch --disable-autokey first.
2000-05-05 Harlan Stenn <>
* flock-build: If we don't use autokey, don't use rsaref either.
* 4.0.99i7
* build (KEYSUF):
* flock-build:
It's --disable-autokey now
* MD5 is not optional (but AUTOKEY is)
* include/ntp_stdlib.h:
* libntp/a_md5encrypt.c:
* libntp/authkeys.c:
* libntp/authreadkeys.c:
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (init_proto):
* libntp/authusekey.c:
MD5 is required.
2000-05-04 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99i6
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): Fix up the UNREACH code.
(receive): Lose some debug code.
(clock_update): expire_all() if LEAP_NOTINSYNC
crypto_xmit() a CRYPTO_AUTO if !FLAG_AUTOKEY instead of recauto.tstamp
crypto_xmit() a CRYPTO_PRIV (not CRYPTO_AUTO) based on pcookie.tstamp
crypto_xmit() a CRYPTO_AUTO (not CRYPTO_PRIV) based on FLAG_MCAST2
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_recv): Clean up debug output.
From: Dave Mills
* flock-build: Also make obe withouyt md5 (no AUTOKEY)
* build (BDIR): Handle -noautokey build directory suffix
* Prepare for AUTOKEY in
* scripts/ (ConfStr): Indicate in the version string if
we're not using AUTOKEY.
2000-05-03 Harlan Stenn <>
* scripts/ Fun things with backspaces
* 4.0.99i5
* ntptrace/ntptrace.c: Protect sys/ioctl.h; grab config.h
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (transmit): AUTOKEY and tstamp fixes.
(clock_update): Check oleap against LEAP_NOTINSYNC
(peer_clear): Free pubkey when we're done
Check peer's keynumber against the seq in MODE_BROADCAST.
Reorder tstamp changes.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_recv): Check the packet if we get a
CRYPTO_RESP and reorder the update of tstamp.
(crypto_recv): Don't expire the peer until we're thru with it.
* include/ntp.h: AUTOKEY and pkeyid changes
From Dave Mills
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c: Protect sys/ioctl.h
2000-05-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99i4
* include/ntp.h:
* include/ntp_crypto.h:
* include/ntpd.h:
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c:
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c:
* ntpd/ntpd.c:
* util/ntp_genkeys.c:
Dave Mills closed some potential vulnerabilities in the key protocol.
2000-04-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99i3
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: Just check tstamp, forget about sndauto.seq
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_recv): Lose inappropriate ntohl()
conversion on tstamp.
AUTOKEY if tstamp>0, not !=
Stash tstamp before we check pcookie.key (several places)
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (ctl_putpeer): In CP_INITSEQ, check
recauto.key, not keylist.
From: Dave Mills
2000-04-27 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99i2
* ntpq/ntpq.c: PUBKEY stuff
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (clock_select): nreach, and better survivor pick.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (newpeer): Better nextdate choice.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (ctl_putsys): Buglet in CS_HOSTNAM code.
From Dave Mills.
2000-04-24 Harlan Stenn <>
* build (IAM): Show hostname if we trip a buildkey check.
2000-04-23 Harlan Stenn <>
* build: deal with optional 1st argument (SIG), which must match
the contents of .buildkey
* flock-build: Generalize, implement SIG and .buildkey, and drive
list from LIST, which the user can override.
2000-04-21 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99i1
Dave updated some docs, implemented the kpoll variable, and
wiggled a host/network byte order thing in the crypto key code.
2000-04-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwvb.c (wwvb_receive): Grab any character (instead
of just a space) before the DSTchar.
From: Dave Mills
2000-04-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99i
Dave made some documentation updates.
2000-04-08 Harlan Stenn <>
* flock-build: Add malarky. By default, --enable-parse-clocks.
Start 2 builds, one with and the other without rsaref.
* 4.0.99h6
Dave improved the crypto stuff some more.
2000-04-05 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_acts.c (acts_receive): Do a better job with year
conversions and leap-year checks. The PTB stuff caught this.
Reported by:
2000-04-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (atom_pps): Bugfix
From: Philippe Charnier <>
2000-03-30 Harlan Stenn <>
* libparse/clk_wharton.c (cvt_wharton_400a): Do not return
CVT_NONE when receiving the early warning bit set.
From: Philippe De Muyter <>
* 4.0.99h5
Dave made more changes to the auth key stuff.
2000-03-29 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99h4
Dave made a bunch of changes/fixes to the auth key stuff.
2000-03-22 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c: Typos.
2000-03-21 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99h3
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c: Use LOG_INFO instead of LOG_DEBUG.
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c: Ditto.
2000-03-20 Harlan Stenn <>
* util/ (ntp_genkeys_LDADD): Might need snprintf (-lntp)
* librsaref/ (stamp-rsaref): nodist_HEADERS are not
supoprted yet. Hack around it.
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c (findhostaddr): hstrerror isn't always available.
* Look for hstrerror.
* util/ntp_genkeys.c (main): Use snprintf, not sprintf.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c: Use gethostname, not uname
* util/ntp_genkeys.c: Ditto
From: Dave Mills
2000-03-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (receive): Rename ntp_res_send() to
ntp_res_name() and adjust the number of arguments.
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c (ntp_res_name): Ditto
* include/ntpd.h: Ditto
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c: Add de_done to the dns_entry structure.
2000-03-18 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99h2
* libparse/ (info_trimble.c): Use $(srcdir)/foo.sed
instead of foo.sed .
* librsaref/ (stamp-rsaref): Copy each file to the build
directory, not to the source directory. This sucks; it wastes
space (but it's more portable).
* (ac_busted_vpath_in_make): Add FreeBSD. I bet all
systems that use pmake will need this.
(ac_busted_vpath_in_make): Remove FreeBSD - I found a workaround.
* General cleanup
* 4.0.99h1
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c: Lose unneeded header.
2000-03-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* libntp/snprintf.c: #include <config.h>
* libntp/ (EXTRA_libntp_a_SOURCES): Use it correctly...
2000-03-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* libntp/ (EXTRA_DIST): Added snprintf.c
* Look for (and provide if it's missing) snprintf()
* ntpd/ntp_request.c (dns_a): Call crypto_public with the resolved
name and the peer pointer.
(dns_a): crypto_public() is only available if PUBKEY is #defined.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_public): sprintf is Evil. Use snprintf.
(crypto_setup): Ditto
(crypto_read): Ditto
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c (ntp_res_send): Lose some debugging noise.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): Lose testing code.
* ntpd/ntp_request.c (dns_a): Fix buglet in hostname length check.
2000-03-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_request.c (dns_a): Start cracking the returned information.
2000-03-15 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_resolver.c (ntp_res): Authenticate the keyid.
* ntpd/ntp_crypto.c (crypto_line): Fix definition
(crypto_read): Ditto.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): Move req_keyid generation here.
* librsaref/ (BUILT_SOURCES): Cleanup more nodist_ stuff.
2000-03-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* build (RSASUF): If we have rsaref2/ and are building
--without-rsaref, note it as a build-directory suffix.
* 4.0.99h
Crypto merge
* librsaref/ (nodist_librsaref_a_SOURCES): Added nodist_
2000-02-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* Lose the changequote calls and fix the quoting.
Reported by: Akim Demaille <>
* ntpd/ntp_request.c: Log various error conditions.
2000-02-27 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99g
* ntpd/ntpd.c: Only log EINTR if debug > 2.
2000-02-25 Harlan Stenn <>
* scripts/ (ConfStr): Use `-r' when configured with crypto.
* ntpd/refclock_wwvb.c (wwvb_receive): Undo the previous chagne.
2000-02-24 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwvb.c (wwvb_receive): LENWWVB0 can return 6 or 7
From: Michael Sinatra <>
with a cleanup from Ulrich.
* scripts/ (ConfStr): Make RSAREF appear as part of the
2000-02-21 Sven Dietrich <>
* ports/winnt/include/config.h: Enable MD5 and RANDOM by default
* ports/winnt/libntp/SetSystemTime.c: Fix warning and const declaration
From: Carl Byington <>
2000-02-21 Harlan Stenn <>
* (SUBDIRS): Make librsaref right after includes so we
can copy any needed header files over.
* libntp/ (INCLUDES): Also look in librsaref for des.h
* ntpd/ (INCLUDES): Ditto
* util/ (INCLUDES): Ditto
* librsaref/ (librsaref_a_SOURCES): Use the des.h from
the rsaref2 distribution.
* include/ (noinst_HEADERS): No, we don't want des.h
2000-02-20 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/ (noinst_HEADERS): Add des.h
2000-02-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (do_resolve_internal): Try Real Hard to
generate a full random key.
From: Carl Byington <>
* include/ntp.h: Now we know we have either mrand48() or random().
* If we have mrand48, use it. Otherwise, use (and
provide if necessary) random().
* libntp/ (EXTRA_DIST): random.c
* libntp/random.c: Added.
2000-02-18 Harlan Stenn <>
* librsaref/ (stamp-rsaref): Typo
* (ac_cv_func_ctty_for_f_setown): Yes for OpenBSD
(ac_cv_var_ntp_syscalls): Fix quoting of description
From: Jonathan Rozes <>
* librsaref/ Fix stamp-rsaref dependency order.
* 4.0.99f
2000-02-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c: Remove the DOP-weighted position
averaging code and revert to a simple mean average. The weighted
average consistently produced a *worse* result. Go figure.
* html/mx4200data.htm: Cleanup, reflect current reality.
* html/driver9.htm: Cleanup, reflect current reality.
* html/copyright.htm: Cleanup, and credit where credit is due.
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Cleanup/fixes
* html/driver30.htm: Cleanup
* html/Oncore-SHMEM.htm: Cleanup
From: Reg Clemens <>
2000-02-16 Sven Dietrich <>
* winnt/scripts/mkver.bat: Frederick Czajka []
winnt/ntpq/ntpq.dsp: modified mkver.bat to eliminate the
winnt/ntpd/ntpd.dsp: need to have Perl installed and the
winnt/ntpdc/ntpdc.dsp: PERL environment variable to be set.
winnt/ntptrace/ntptrace.dsp: Thanks, Frederick!
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c: Correctly interpret the quality indicator.
2000-02-15 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c: Correctly interpret the quality indicator.
Deal with the time supplied in centiseconds. GPGCA/GPGGA cleanup.
From: Andrew Hood <>
* libparse/ (K_CFLAGS): Use instead. Add NEED_NTP_BOPS.
2000-02-10 Harlan Stenn <>
* scripts/ Intensify, including some suggestions from
* 4.0.99e
* scripts/ Lose cruft, sleep after each try.
* scripts/ntp-restart: It's ntpd now. Also, call ntp-wait.
* (AC_CONFIG_*): New scripts that use PATH_PERL
* scripts/ (noinst_SCRIPTS): Added ntp-wait
(noinst_SCRIPTS): Added all of the scripts that now use PATH_PERL
* Get the path to perl
(AC_CONFIG_*): Added scripts/ntp-wait
* ntptrace/ntptrace.c (DoTrace): If the server's srcadr is
then we haven't synced yet. Note and punt.
Reported by: Bdale Garbee <>,
2000-02-09 Harlan Stenn <>
* ports/winnt/include/config.h: Typo (CLOCK_PALISADE comment)
From: Carl Byington <>
* Disable kernel_fll_bug for Generic_105181-17 under
From: Juergen Georgi <>
2000-02-07 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99d
* html/Oncore-SHMEM.htm: New document
* html/driver30.htm: Cleanup and improvements
From: Reg Clemens <>
2000-01-30 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Patches/improvements
From: Reg Clemens <>
2000-01-29 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99c
2000-01-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* Autoconf update...
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c (ntpdatemain): Typo
From: Jack Bryans <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add flock-build. Probably UDel specific...
2000-01-23 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/check_y2k.c (main): Reformat for ansi2knr
* (AC_OUTPUT): Revert to obsolete form until automake
catches up.
2000-01-22 Harlan Stenn <>
* Use AC_CHECK_TYPES((s_char)) instead of
(ac_cv_var_kernel_fll_bug): Generic_106541-08 is apparently OK, too.
* scripts/ (EXTRA_DIST): Need to explicitly distribute and now, apparently.
* Search for the various audio_info members so the
printing in audio_show is less of a circus. This required an
autoconf upgrade. Major sigh.
* libntp/audio.c (audio_show): Clean up (more) properly.
2000-01-21 Sven Dietrich <>
* Add pointer to html/hints/winnt.htm to INSTALL file
* Fix NT makefiles to accomodate at least one weird
version of Visual C that can't handle the LFs without
the DOS CR also.
2000-01-20 Sven Dietrich <>
* Update Copyright in Palisade driver to 2000
* Fix Palisade MIN & MAX POLL to optimal values
2000-01-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/driver7.htm: Patches from Dave Mills
* html/driver36.htm: Patches from Dave Mills
* html/copyright.htm: Added Kamal Mostafa
2000-01-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99b
2000-01-18 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c: NCHAN is used with generic ICOM.
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: Use new audio stuff
* ntpd/refclock_irig.c: Use new audio stuff
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c: Use new audio stuff
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: Clean up
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Clean up error message
* include/icom.h: Number of arguments changed
* libntp/ (libntp_a_SOURCES): Added audio.c
* libntp/audio.c: New file
* include/ (noinst_HEADERS): audio.h added
* include/audio.h: New file
From: Dave Mills <>
* scripts/freq_adj: Added. FreeBSD frequency adjustment script.
* Do a better job on my oncore_ok check for SCO.
2000-01-15 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99a
* scripts/ntpsweep: New version
* html/copyright.htm: Added Hans Lambermont
From: Hans Lambermont <>
2000-01-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (oncore_start): Only dance with the
pps_device if it's there.
* ONCORE is OK if ac_cv_hdr_def_tiocdcdtimestamp=yes
* build: Just overwrite the log file each time; sometimes NFS goes
a little goofy.
* ntpd/refclock_fg.c: Syntax/punctuation cleanup
2000-01-13 Harlan Stenn <>
* scripts/ntpsweep: New version
From: Hans Lambermont <>
* ntpd/refclock_fg.c: New version
* html/driver37.htm: New version
From: Dmitry Smirnov <>
2000-01-12 Harlan Stenn <>
* README.des: Cleanup
2000-01-12 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.99
* html/driver36.htm: Cleanup
* html/monopt.htm: Ditto
From: Dave Mills <>
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c (ntp_intres): Put "NTP_INTRES running" at a
higher debug level
2000-01-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: More improvements
From: Dave Mills <>
2000-01-10 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: Bugfixes/improvements
From: Dave Mills <>
* Get the quoting right on the sys_errlist check.
From documentation by: Akim Demaille <>
2000-01-08 Harlan Stenn <>
* <netinet/ip.h> cannot be detected...
* ntpd/ntp_io.h: ...but every OS has it
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Lint removal
* ntpq/ntpq_ops.c: Lint removal
* ntpq/refclock_chu.c: chu_major() is not an audio routine (?), lint
* libntp/icom.c: AIX doesn't have <sys/termios.h>
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c: NetBSD needs sys/ioctl.h
(chu_debug): NetBSD-specific debug output.
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
2000-01-06 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98m
I skipped `l' - it looks like a `1'.
* html/driver7.htm: Doc update
* html/driver36.htm: Ditto
* html/audio.htm: Ditto
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: Dvae snuck another fix/change in on me.
* 4.0.98k
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c (chu_start): Call icom_init with the speed
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c (wwv_start): Ditto, plus other improvements.
* libntp/icom.c (icom_init): Add speed parameter
* include/icom.h: Update declaration
From: Dave Mills <>
* include/ (noinst_HEADERS): Added icom.h
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
2000-01-05 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98j
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c (timecode): Make definition == declaration
(wwv_newchan): Ditto
(wwv_corr4): Dave fixed the declaration.
* flock-build: Add rackety to the flock - it runs SunOS 4.1.3/cc
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: Undo that declaration cleanup for now...
* ntpd/ntp_io.c (open_socket): TOS support
2000-01-04 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: Declaration cleanup
* ntpd/refclock_fg.c (fg_receive): Not all sprintf's are created
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: Dave Cleaned and Improved things.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Dave fixed something.
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: Rename max to p_max or s_max as appropriate
to avoid native SunOS compiler collision.
(wwv_epoch): Make declaration == definition
(wwv_rsec): Ditto
(wwv_newchan): Ditto
(wwv_qsy): Ditto
(timecode): Ditto
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (oncore_init_shmem): Use a cast to widen
mmap's NIL offset.
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c (chu_rf): Make declaration == definition.
Rename min/max to es_min/es_max to avoid native SunOS compiler
(chu_uart): Make declaration == definition.
* libntp/icom.c (sndpkt): Make declaration and definition equivalent.
(doublefreq): Ditto.
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (MAP_FAILED): Some systems do not #define
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c:
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c:
* libntp/icom.c:
* libntp/
* include/icom.h:
* html/driver7.htm:
* html/driver36.htm:
Support for ICOM. The WWV/H driver, by the way, is getting truly
awesome. The CHU autotune function works okay as it is. I'd like
to find somebody else to test the audio drivers just to make sure
I haven't done something stupid. There is a new define ICOM
intended for the driver autotune function; however, I crafted the
thing in much the same way as the refclock_atom.c thing - it tries
to open /dev/icom and, if that fails, goes quietly to sleep.
From: Dave Mills <>
2000-01-03 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (oncore_read_config): Patches and cleanup
From: Poul-Henning Kamp <>
more isascii() stuff from HMS.
* ntpd/refclock_fg.c (fg_receive): Cast.
From: Tom Smith <>
* ntpd/map_vme.c (map_vme): tx.access_result indicates failure on
< 0, not <= 0. A fix that apparently did not get brought over
from the ntp3 base.
From: Michael Barone <>
* Move the ONCORE_SHMEM_STATUS check and definition
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (oncore_init_shmem): Some systems do not
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Drive ONCORE_SHMEM_STATUS based on
HAVE_SYS_MMAN_H . If this needs finer checks, do it in .
(oncore_read_config): Add the isascii() checks; older versions of
Unix don't guarantee correct behavior of is*() without it.
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Add proof-of-concept support for
delivering receiver data stream to other processes through
a memory-mapped file.
From: Poul-Henning Kamp <>
2000-01-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* (ac_refclock_chu): Provide the CHU driver by
default, and by default prefer the AUDIO version. We used to
limit this to SunOS or Solaris; now we drive by the availability
of the audioio header file.
Select the IRIG and WWV audio drivers the same way.
* flock-build: build ignores the -l flag; lose it.
(BUILD_ARGS): added.
* build: Remove unused -l stuff (LOG variable).
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c: HAVE_PPSAPI header cleanup
From: Reg Clemens <>
2000-01-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* (CLOCK_WWV): Require <sys/audioio.h> or <sun/audioio.h>
1999-12-29 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98i
* ntpd/refclock_gpsvme.c: Fixes
From: Michael Barone <>
Patch severely hacked by HMS to "make it conform". I hope I
didn't break anything.
* scripts/ntpsweep: Nifty utility
* ntpd/refclock_fg.c:
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c:
* ntpd/ntp_control.c:
* ntpd/
* libntp/clocktypes.c:
* include/ntp.h:
* html/refclock.htm:
* html/driver37.htm:
* acconfig.h:
Forum Graphic GPS clock support
From: Dmitry Smirnov <>
* Default to compile the IRIG, CHU and WWV/H
drivers and compile the CHU driver for audio, not modem.
Requested by Dave Mills.
* html/audio.htm:
* html/driver36.htm:
* html/qth.htm:
Dave wrote these to go along with the changes I checked in yesterday.
1999-12-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c:
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c:
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c:
* html/refclock.htm:
* html/pps.htm:
* html/index.htm:
* html/driver7.htm:
* html/driver6.htm:
* html/copyright.htm:
I indulged an old agenda to polish up some programs originally
written for a DSP evaluation board. The result is a really hot
audio driver for the NIST WWV/WWVH time/frequency station plus a
makeover for the CHU audio driver. Currently, they and their IRIG
audio driver buddy use the SunOS/Solaris audio interface, which is
clean and simple. I hook the line in jack to a shortwave radio and
these drivers (driver 7 for CHU and driver 36 for WWV) and the
drivers do the rest. The WWV/H driver is really hot - I am
currently watching the ionosphere move from the doppler that shows
up on the tick modulation tracked by the program. During midday
when the F2 layer settles down, the program closes in on a few
tens of microseconds of spare jitter and wander. This watch on
whichever 15/20 MHz signal sounds the best. At night on 5/10 MHz
and even 2.5 HMz where the multipath, interference and noise are
much worse, the driver bangs around somewhat more.
The CHU driver makeover discovered a few broken bones after all
these years, but its majority decoder is back in business. For
various reasons to icky to reveal here, its 103-modem demodulator
is not quite as good as the chip, but it comes close and hey,
2025/2125 FSK is just not a good idea for HF radio. This driver is
not nearly as sophisitcated as the WWV/H driver, but here a few
hundred miles south of Ottawa, it does a passably good job.
I tell you this in the hopes of getting somebody interested in
porting the audio interface to other machines, in particular
Linux, FreeBSD and anything else with a sound card. When the
ionosphere stays cool, the WWV/H driver is as good as anything
else around here and with much less jitter than a serial port. The
only downside is all the audio drivers chew up a modest fraction
of cycles for the DSP routines - a few percent on the newer
silicon, up to half the cycles on an old Sparc IPC. Whattheheck,
these old machines aren't doing anything else around here except
serving time, and even when sucking cycles for DSP they still mind
the PPS microseconds.
The audio driver documentation had a makeover, too.
From: Dave Mills <>
1999-12-20 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98h
1999-12-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* libntp/syssignal.c: Small cleanup to Marc's patch.
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: Header cleanup
* html/driver30.htm: Cleanup and improvements.
From: Reg Clemens <>
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
* ntpd/refclock_jupiter.c:
* ntpd/refclock_msfees.c:
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c:
Portability (Solaris) patches
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c:
Self-survey improvements, cleanup for, PPS re-activation
* libntp/syssignal.c:
Fix for "interrupted system call" (EINTR) failure of the PPS
ioctl(TIOCGPPSEV) call in Solaris. Not sure why it was
interrupted, but this works around the failure. Not sure if
the (now silent) interrupt affects the timing accuracy.
* scripts/ntp-status: Added.
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c: Deal with multiple addresses.
From: Jeffrey C Honig <>
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c: Replaced macro SHM with CLOCK_SHM.
* ntpd/refclock_shm.c (shm_poll): Take clock time in UTC.
pp->day starts at 1, t->tm_yday starts at 0.
From: Jakob Stoklund Olesen <>
1999-12-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* NEWS: Updated ONCORE instructions
From: Kamal A Mostafa <>
1999-12-13 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98g
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Cleanup and fixes
From: Reg Clemens <> and Kamal A Mostafa <>
1999-12-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: Cleanup/checkin of the current state of affairs.
From: Dave Mills <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: #elif conversion. I can only hope I did
it right.
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Various patches
From: Reg Clemens <> and Kamal A Mostafa <>
1999-12-09 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (default_get_precision): Use the right arg type
to pass "sizeof freq" to sysctlbyname().
From: Ollivier Robert <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: Cleanup and fixes.
From: Dave Mills <>
1999-12-08 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c: Cleanup and fixes
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c: WWV declaration cleanup.
From: Dave Mills <>
1999-12-07 Harlan Stenn <>
* libparse/clk_rawdcf.c (cvt_rawdcf): Buglet.
From: Frank Kardel <kardel <AT>>
1999-12-06 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ (ntpd_SOURCES): Added refclock_wwv.c
* ntpd/refclock_wwvb.c:
* ntpd/refclock_wwv.c:
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c:
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c:
* libntp/clocktypes.c:
* include/ntp.h: Dave cleaned some things up
Dave cleaned some things up (WWVB -> SPECTRACOM, CHU -> CHU_AUDIO,
* Deal with it.
1999-12-05 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_open): More PPS cleanup
From: Dave Mills <>
* ntpq/ntpq.c:
* ntpq/ntpq_ops.c:
Make `ntpq -pn' independent of DNS, ad advertised.
From: Kamal A Mostafa <>
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c (mx4200_start): make missing 3rd
parameter a 0.
1999-12-04 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_open): "flags" processing cleanup
(refclock_open): PPS device initialization cleanup
* include/ntp_refclock.h (LDISC_CHU):
(LDISC_PPS): Clean up comments
From: Dave Mills <>
1999-12-03 Sven Dietrich <>
* libntp/mexit.c: Moved WINNT port specific file to ports/winnt/libntp
* ports/winnt/libntp/libntp.dsp: Fix WinNT makefile for new source loc.
1999-12-03 Harlan Stenn <>
* libntp/ (libntp_a_SOURCES): Lose mexit.c - Sven will
move it to the winnt port area.
1999-12-03 Sven Dietrich <>
* libntp/systime.c: Removed adjtime hack for WINNT
* ports/winnt/ntpd/nt_clockstuff.c: Winnt double precision adjtime
* ports/winnt/inlcude/clockstuff.h: Remove no longer needed externs
1999-12-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* libparse/ Manually hacked to remove the
libparse_kernel.a.[co] cruft
* libparse/ (k*.o): Generate these form the Makefile,
not from separate .c files
* html/tickadj.htm:
* html/notes.htm:
* html/hints/solaris.html:
Point to the new dosynctodr report.
* html/hints/solaris.xtra.S99ntpd:
Update. Should be rewritten to take advantage of the new -g
switch and perhaps a loop to wait until ntpd hits a reasonable
* html/hints/solaris-dosynctodr.html: New information
From: "John W. Sopko Jr." <>
1999-12-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* libntp/authkeys.c (auth_moremem): Clear memory allocated for sk.
From: Hugo Mildenberger <>
1999-12-01 Sven Dietrich <>
* libntp/recvbuff.c: Unused functions cleanup
* ntpd/ntpd.c: ProcessorAffinity, IO cleanup
* ports/winnt/instsrv/instsrv.c: Service name changed to NTP
NT port shouldn;t hop between CPUs. Set affinity to first processor.
Service name was NetworkTimeProtocol. Too long. Now NTP.
1999-12-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* scripts/ Improved option parsing. Fixed one
minor Perl compatibility error.
* scripts/ Official revision for NTPv4: Parse new
statistic file formats correctly, provide error checking for bad
input files, and guard against negative arguments to sqrt()
because of numeric effects. Use one pattern to select valid
statistic files. Add selectable output directory
(``--output-directory'') and improved option parsing. Directory
with statistic files (now settable also with
``--input-directory'') defaults to ``/var/log/ntp''.
From: Ulrich Windl <>
* html/driver8.htm:
* libparse/clk_computime.c:
* libparse/clk_dcf7000.c:
* libparse/clk_hopf6021.c:
* libparse/clk_meinberg.c:
* libparse/clk_rawdcf.c:
* libparse/clk_rcc8000.c:
* libparse/clk_schmid.c:
* libparse/clk_trimtaip.c:
* libparse/clk_trimtsip.c:
* libparse/data_mbg.c:
* libparse/kclk_computime.c:
* libparse/kclk_dcf7000.c:
* libparse/kclk_hopf6021.c:
* libparse/kclk_meinberg.c:
* libparse/kclk_rawdcf.c:
* libparse/kclk_rcc8000.c:
* libparse/kclk_schmid.c:
* libparse/kclk_trimtaip.c:
* libparse/kclk_trimtsip.c:
* libparse/kparse.c:
* libparse/kparse_conf.c:
* libparse/parse.c:
* libparse/parse_conf.c:
* libparse/parsesolaris.c:
* libparse/parsestreams.c:
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c:
Mods and updates
From: Frank Kardel <kardel <AT>>
* acconfig.h: PCF refclock
* html/driver35.htm:
* html/refclock.htm:
* include/ntp.h:
* libntp/clocktypes.c:
* ntpd/
* ntpd/ntp_control.c:
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c:
* ntpd/refclock_pcf.c:
From: Andreas Voegele <>
* acconfig.h: DECL_STIME_1
* (iCFLAGS): Use -std1 for alpha*-dec-osf* if we are
using "cc".
Reported by: Tom Smith <>
1999-11-30 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/l_stdlib.h: DECL_SYSTIME_1 --- a long *
* Use it for DEC OSF[45]
Reported by: Tom Smith <>
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c: Add missing declarations
* ntptrace/ntptrace.c: Ditto
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: Ditto
* ntpd/refclock_palisade.c: Ditto
From: Jonathan Stone <>
1999-11-18 Sven Dietrich <>
* Win NT port updates
* ntpd.dsp: makefile only builds supported refclocks
* config.h: cleanup, undefine unsupported clock_atom
* win32_io, clock_NMEA: foundation for future refclock support
* recvbuff, transmitbuff, IOcompletionport: streamline packet handler
* html/hints/winnt.htm: Added up-to-date html docs for WINNT
1999-11-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/copyright.htm: Credit Jack for his work.
* html/pic/*: Save a *ton* of space on the pictures.
From: Jack Sasportas <>
1999-11-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* : changequote for osf[45] test.
Reported by: Tom Smith <>
* ntp_update: Ignore stuff in any A.* directory.
1999-11-15 Harlan Stenn <>
* Clean up header checks for sys/syssgi.h and
sys/select.h . Originally, we did not check for sys/select.h
under some versions of SCO (see xntp3-5). Somewhere in ntp4 we
dropped the SCO check and added the check for sys/syssgi.h,
exclusive of checking for sys/select.h. Marc Brett can't think of
a reason why we should not be checking for sys/select.h, so let's
look for it now.
1999-11-13 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c: Add the ability for ntpdate to query a
multicast address. We use the response to the multicast address
to learn new servers which we then add to the peer list and query.
In changing this I made the list of peers a linked list.
To be complete I should detect a broadcast address and make it
behave the same way. But that requires a scan of the interface
list which is more complicated that I want to deal with...
Fix a bug, allowing ntpdate to compile if SLEWALWAYS and STEP_SLEW
are both defined.
From: Jeffrey C Honig <>
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c: sys/sio.h and SCO5_CLOCK cleanup
From: Kamal A Mostafa <>
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: Let -g do a "correct any" for the first
time adjustment.
From: Dave Mills <>
* sys/sio.h needs to be checked independently.
Reported by: Kamal A Mostafa <>
1999-11-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98f
* DECL_PLOCK_0 and DECL_STIME_0 are for dec-osf5*, too
* ntpd/ntpd.c: DEC OSF cleanup (editorial comments by HMS)
From: Tom Smith <>
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c: MAXUNIT bugfix
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
* ntpd/ntpd.c:
* ntpd/refclock_arc.c:
* ntpd/refclock_as2201.c:
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c:
* ntpdc/ntpdc.c:
* ntpq/ntpq.c:
Code cleanup.
* include/ntp_stdlib.h:
* libntp/systime.c:
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c:
Replaced the 'sco5_oldclock' variable with 'systime_10ms_ticks'.
Cleared libntp/systime.c and include/ntp_stdlib.h of references
to SCO5_CLOCK and RELIANTUNIX_CLOCK (moved to ntpd/ntp_proto.c).
From: Kamal A Mostafa <>
* alpha-dec-osf4* -> alpha*-dec-osf4*|alpha*-dec-osf5*
From: Tom Smith <>
* Look for <sys/sio.h>. If TIOCDCDTIMESTAMP is
there, we have TTYCLK.
* acconfig.h: Lose old AIOCTIMESTAMP stuff
Reported by: Kamal A Mostafa <>
1999-11-10 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntpd.c (set_process_priority): Clean up nice() and setpriority()
1999-11-09 Harlan Stenn <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Added README.cvs
Reported by: Kamal A Mostafa <>
1999-11-08 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98e
1999-11-07 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntpd.c: lose select() EINTR debug warning
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c: AIOCTIMESTAMP -> TIOCDCDTIMESTAMP. Watch
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: fdpps is only there for PPS or PPSAPI.
AIOCTIMESTAMP is gone now.
From: Kamal A Mostafa <>
* (HAVE_MLOCKALL): Deal with dec-osf5 realities
* ntpd/refclock_ulink.c (ulink_poll): Fix cast.
* libntp/machines.c (ntp_set_tod): Use a long* for the argument to
Reported by: Tom Smith <>
* ntpd/ntpd.c (set_process_priority): Use whatever we have until
something works.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: Keep clock_frequency changes in a temp
variable so we can record it to loopstats (near as HMS can tell).
From: Dave Mills <>
1999-11-06 Harlan Stenn <>
* (ac_cv_var_tickadj): RELIANTUNIX_CLOCK
* libntp/systime.c (adj_systime): Reliant patches
From: Andrej Borsenkow <>
1999-11-05 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c (parse_start): ASYNC_PPS_CD_NEG cleanup
* (ac_cv_make_ntptime): OK on Linux
From: <>
* NetBSD has PPSAPI now
F_SETOWN is needed for NetBSD
From: Jonathan Stone <>
1999-11-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98d
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c: Cleanup/fixes
From: John Hay <>
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c: Lose #include "ntp_select.h"
* ntpd/ntpd.c: Lose #include "ntp_select.h"
* ntpd/ntp_io.c: Lose #include "ntp_select.h"
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c: Lose #include "ntp_select.h"
* libntp/iosignal.c: Lose #include "ntp_select.h"
* include/ntpd.h: #include "ntp_select.h" for declaration of activefds
Reported by: Christian Krackowizer <>
1999-11-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98c
* libntp/syssignal.c: Don't warn about SA_RESTART
* libntp/recvbuff.c: Fix free buffer count
From: Jeffrey C Honig <>
* html/pps.htm:
* html/howto.htm:
* html/confopt.htm:
* html/clockopt.htm:
* html/uthopt.htm:
From: Dave Mills <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwvb.c: burst fixes
* ntpd/refclock_ulink.c: burst fixes
* ntpd/refclock_tpro.c: burst and NSTAGE fixes
* ntpd/refclock_pst.c: burst fixes
* ntpd/refclock_irig.c: SAMPLE -> SAMPLES
* ntpd/refclock_heath.c: burst fixes
* ntpd/refclock_dumbclock.c: burst fixes
* ntpd/refclock_chronolog.c: burst fixes
* ntpd/refclock_bancomm.c: burst fixes
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: burst fixes
* ntpd/refclock_as2201.c: burst fixes
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c: PPSAPI, code, and comment cleanup/fixes
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: Broadcast/restrict cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: Cleanup and fixes
* libntp/gpstolfp.c: Lose the UL qualifiers - old compilers hate them
From: Dave Mills <>
1999-10-31 Harlan Stenn <>
* TIOCSPPS cleanup
1999-10-20 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98b
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: AIOCTIMESTAMP patch
* ntpd/ntpd.c: SCO clock patch
* ntpd/ntp_request.c: noselect patch
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c: AIOCTIMESTAMP patch
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c: noselect patch
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c: noselect patch
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: noselect patch
* include/ntp_request.h: noselect patch
* include/ntp.h: noselect patch
From: Kamal A Mostafa <>
Stuff for Kamal
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (atom_pps): make "result" initialization
uglier, but more bulletproof.
* (sys/timepps.h): Fixed.
From: John Hay <>
1999-10-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: Rename instance.state to instance.o_state
* refclock_oncore.c:
* refclock_mx4200.c:
* refclock_chu.c:
* refclock_atom.c:
* ntp_refclock.c:
* ntp_peer.c:
* ntp_loopfilter.c:
* include/ntp_refclock.h:
Various cleanup and fixes
From: Dave Mills <>
1999-10-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (CONFIG_FILE): NT changes
From: Sven Dietrich <>
1999-10-16 Harlan Stenn <>
* sys/timepps.h verification changes
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (atom_poll): PPS cleanup
From: Dave Mills <>
(atom_pps): Portability patch
From: John Hay <>
* libntp/msyslog.c:
* libntp/gpstolfp.c:
Lint cleanup
From: Jonathan Stone <>
* parseutil/dcfd.c: abs() -> l_abs(), time.h (AIX 4.3.2 patches)
From: Dana Kaempen <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c:
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
PPS cleanup
* util/ntptime.c:
* ntpdate/ntptimeset.c:
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c:
* ntpd/refclock_trak.c:
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c:
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c:
* ntpd/refclock_msfees.c:
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c:
* ntpd/ntp_control.c:
* ntpd/ntp_config.c:
* configure:
PPS, Solaris 7, cleanup patches
* ports/winnt/ntptrace/ntptrace.dsp:
* ports/winnt/ntpq/ntpq.dsp:
* ports/winnt/ntpdc/ntpdc.dsp:
* ports/winnt/ntpdate/ntpdate.dsp:
* ports/winnt/ntpd/refclock_trimbledc.c:
* ports/winnt/ntpd/ntpd.dsp:
* ports/winnt/ntpd/ntp_iocompletionport.c:
* ports/winnt/ntpd/nt_clockstuff.c:
* ports/winnt/libntp/util_clockstuff.c:
* ports/winnt/libntp/libntp.dsp:
* ports/winnt/libntp/SetSystemTime.c:
* ports/winnt/instsrv/instsrv.c:
* ports/winnt/include/sys/ioctl.h:
* ports/winnt/include/termios.h:
* ports/winnt/include/config.h:
* ports/winnt/include/clockstuff.h:
* ports/winnt/ntp.dsw:
* ntpd/refclock_shm.c:
* ntpd/refclock_palisade.c:
* ntpd/ntpd.c:
* ntpd/ntp_timer.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
* libntp/systime.c:
* libntp/machines.c:
NT patches
From: Sven Dietrich <>
1999-10-15 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_wwvb.c:
* ntpd/refclock_usno.c:
* ntpd/refclock_ulink.c:
* ntpd/refclock_tpro.c:
* ntpd/refclock_pst.c:
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c:
* ntpd/refclock_palisade.c:
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c:
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c:
* ntpd/refclock_msfees.c:
* ntpd/refclock_jupiter.c:
* ntpd/refclock_irig.c:
* ntpd/refclock_heath.c:
* ntpd/refclock_chu.c:
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c:
* ntpd/refclock_as2201.c:
* ntpd/refclock_arc.c:
* ntpd/refclock_arbiter.c:
* ntpd/refclock_acts.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
* include/ntp_refclock.h:
Bunches of fixes.
From: Dave Mills <>
1999-10-10 Harlan Stenn <>
* html/driver16.htm: New version
* ntpd/refclock_bancomm.c: New version
From: "Cliff, Gary" <>
"Ramasivan, Ganesh" <>
* ntpd/refclock_ulink.c (ulink_receive): Cleanup
(ulink_poll): Cleanup
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c (atom_pps): SunOS timespec/timeval cleanup
* INSTALL: Point NT folks at ports/winnt
Reported by: Stephen Gildea <>
* include/ntp_stdlib.h: Noise abatement
* include/ntpd.h: Noise abatement
Reported by: "W. David Higgins" <>
* DECL_STDIO_0 with gcc under solaris.
* include/l_stdlib.h: DECL_TOUPPER_0
* Fix a bunch of implicit declarations for SunOS
* html/release.htm: cleanup - we still provide MD5.
Reported by: Winslowe Lacesso <>
1999-10-09 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c:
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
PPS API code updated to the current spec
From: Dave Mills
* (ac_cv_make_tickadj): Don't make tickadj starting
with solaris2.5
Requested by: Dave Mills
1999-10-04 Harlan Stenn <>
* We might need -lsocket for the -lnsl check.
1999-09-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_ulink.c: Typos in C++ comment
Reported by: Thomas.Tornblom@Sun.SE
* 4.0.98a
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (getconfig): Fix typo.
From: "David E. Myers" <>
From: David Godfrey <>
From: Geoffrey Sisson <>
1999-09-17 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.98
NetInfo support:
* config.guess
* config.sub
Add Mac OS (versions 10 and up).
* acconfig.h
Check for NetInfo API; add HAVE_NETINFO macro and friends.
* include/ntp.h
* ntpd/ntp_config.c
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c
Add support for reading configuration from NetInfo.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c
Get rid of unnecessary eol variable in tokenizer.
* html/notes.htm
* html/ntpd.htm
* html/ntpdate.htm
Document NetInfo functionality.
* util/tickadj.c
Use HAVE_KVM_OPEN conditional around kvm.h include.
From: Wilfredo Sanchez <>
1999-09-15 Harlan Stenn <>
* acconfig.h:
* html/driver34.htm:
* html/refclock.htm:
* include/ntp.h:
* libntp/clocktypes.c:
* ntpd/
* ntpd/ntp_control.c:
* ntpd/refclock_conf.c:
* ntpd/refclock_ulink.c:
Ultralink driver
From: Dave Strout <>
1999-09-14 Harlan Stenn <>
* ReliantUNIX patches
From: Andrej Borsenkow <>
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: PPS cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_ioctl): PPS cleanup
From: Dave Mills <>
* ntptrace/ntptrace.c (ReceiveBuf): addserver() can return NIL.
Reported by: "Alan J. Wylie" <>
* libntp/ieee754io.c:
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
Lint cleanup.
1999-09-12 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_ioctl): Declaration cleanup.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (init_proto): msyslog kern_enable at LOG_DEBUG.
* ntpd/refclock_atom.c: Add missing declaration.
1999-09-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* (ac_cv_make_ntptime): Just look for struct
ntptimeval, not timespec or nsec (Solaris 2.7 should get ntptime
and it uses msec).
(ac_cv_var_oncore_ok): Reorder so it's a "normal" clock
* Solaris Kernel FLL bug fixed in 106541-07
1999-09-02 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.97f
* ntptrace/ntptrace.c:
* ntpdate/ntptimeset.c:
* ntpdate/ntptime_config.c:
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c:
* util/ntptime.c:
* parseutil/dcfd.c:
* libparse/parsestreams.c:
* libparse/parse_conf.c:
* libparse/parse.c:
* libparse/clk_varitext.c:
* libparse/clk_trimtsip.c:
* libparse/clk_trimtaip.c:
* libparse/clk_schmid.c:
* libparse/clk_rcc8000.c:
* libparse/clk_rawdcf.c:
* libparse/clk_meinberg.c:
* libparse/clk_hopf6021.c:
* libparse/clk_dcf7000.c:
* libparse/clk_computime.c:
* libntp/msyslog.c:
* libntp/iosignal.c:
* libntp/syssignal.c:
* adjtimed/adjtimed.c:
* ntpd/refclock_shm.c:
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c:
* ntpd/refclock_palisade.c:
* ntpd/refclock_mx4200.c:
* ntpd/refclock_jupiter.c:
* ntpd/refclock_datum.c:
* ntpd/ntpd.c:
* ntpd/ntp_util.c:
* ntpd/ntp_timer.c:
* ntpd/ntp_request.c:
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c:
* ntpd/ntp_monitor.c:
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c:
* ntpd/ntp_io.c:
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c:
* ntpd/ntp_filegen.c:
* include/l_stdlib.h:
<errno.h> and errno declaration cleanup.
* ntpd/map_vme.c: cleanup some spacing.
1999-09-01 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.97e
* (ac_cv_struct_sigaction_has_sa_sigaction):
* acconfig.h: Ditto
* parseutil/dcfd.c (main): Use it.
From: HOSAKA Eiichi <>
1999-08-29 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.97d
* include/ntp_stdlib.h: Clean up previous NeXT patch.
From: Jack Bryans <>
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c: Permit RTS to power a DCF77.
From: Carsten Paeth <>
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c (oncore_start): This makes the Oncore run
on systems without hardpps().
From: Poul-Henning Kamp <>
1999-08-28 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.97c
* (ac_cv_make_ntptime): Typo.
From: Ulrich Windl <>
1999-08-26 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.97b
* libntp/iosignal.c:
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c:
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c:
* ntpdate/ntptime_config.c:
* ntpdate/ntptimeset.c:
AIX, Irix, and SunOS lint cleanup
1999-08-24 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.97a
* (AC_OUTPUT): added scripts/Makefile
* (SUBDIRS): Added scripts
* scripts/ Added
1999-08-23 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_nmea.c: Patches for:
Trimble OEM Ace-II receiver. Low cost PCB with single
voltage input, external active antenna and two serial
ports with either NMEA and ITAPs output. Programmable
to be tuned for 'time' accuracy in fixed station config.
From: Nick Hibma <>
1999-08-21 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Added listen_to_virtual_ips support (-L flag)
* ntpd/ntp_io.c: Ditto
1999-08-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c (request): Lint cleanup
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (ctl_putclock): Ditto
* libntp/recvbuff.c (getrecvbufs): Ditto
(get_free_recv_buffer): Ditto
* libntp/systime.c (adj_systime): Ditto
1999-08-18 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.97
* libntp/systime.c:
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c:
* ntpd/ntpd.c:
* ports/winnt/libntp/nt_clockstuff.c:
From: Sven Dietrich <>
* README.cvs: Updated.
* include/ntp_machine.h:
* libntp/mexit.c:
* ntpd/ntp_config.c:
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c:
* ntpd/ntp_restrict.c:
* ntpd/refclock_arc.c:
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c:
Irix, SunOS, AIX, lint patches
* util/ansi2knr.c: New release (fix for bug reported by Marc Brett)
From: "L. Peter Deutsch" <>
* include/ntp_stdlib.h: NeXT portability patch
From: Jack Bryans <>
* dot.emacs: (cleanup)
* ntpdate/
* ntpdate/ntpdate.h:
* ntpdate/ntptime_config.c:
* ntpdate/ntptimeset.c:
ntptimeset patches.
From: Jeffrey Hutzelman <>
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c (local_input): ts.l_ui -> ts.fp.l_ui
1999-08-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.96p1
* ntpd/ntpd.c (sys/resource.h): Include this file only #if
(set_process_priority): Use TIOCNOTTY only if it is #define'd.
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c (STREAM): STREAM does not imply HAVE_TERMIOS.
(termios.h, termio.h, fcntl.h): Do not include those files here;
they are already included by ntp_refclock.h or ntp_io.h.
* ntpd/refclock_leitch.c (sgtty.h, termios.h, termio.h): Do not
include those files here; they are already included by ntp_refclock.h.
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c (sys/resource.h) : Include that file only #if
From: Philippe De Muyter <>
* ntptrace/ntptrace.c (input_handler): Make it a "normal" function
Reported by:
* pc-cygwin32 -> pc-cygwin* because of a change in
From: Stephen Gildea <>
1999-08-09 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.96
* parseutil/dcfd.c (main): Replace SA_ONSTACK and SV_ONSTACK with
HAVE_SIGACTION and HAVE_SIGVEC, respectively. HP-UX provides both
of the former but only one of the latter...
1999-08-08 Harlan Stenn <>
* Better tests for -lnsl and -lsocket
From: Albert Chin-A-Young <>
Works for me - handle openlog() and -lgen the same way.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Add in the y2k notes
* parseutil/dcfd.c: Renamed drift_comp to accum_drift
* Added MAKE_CHECK_Y2K support; check_y2k needs libparse.
* ntpd/ (check_PROGRAMS): Use MAKE_CHECK_Y2K
* ntpd/ (check-local): Added.
* parseutil/ (check-local): Added.
* include/ntp.h: Y2KFixes
* libparse/parse.c: Ditto
* ntpd/ (check_PROGRAMS): Ditto
* ntpd/refclock_acts.c: Ditto
* ntpd/refclock_arc.c (arc_receive): Ditto
* ntpd/refclock_heath.c: Ditto
* ntpd/refclock_hpgps.c: Ditto
* parseutil/ (check-local): Ditto
* parseutil/dcfd.c (check_y2k): Ditto
* NOTES.y2kfixes: Ditto
* readme.y2kfixes: Ditto
* results.y2kfixes: Ditto
* ntpd/check_y2k.c: Ditto
1999-08-07 Harlan Stenn <>
* Look for sys/ppstime.h.
1999-07-31 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/ntp_io.c (create_sockets): Typo.
From: Doug Wells <>
1999-07-29 Harlan Stenn <>
* (ac_cv_struct_ntptimeval): Explicitly look for
struct ntptimeval.
(ac_cv_var_kernel_pll): Require struct ntptimeval.
Linux. Grrr.
Reported by: Ronald Kuetemeier <>
1999-07-27 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.95
* ports/winnt: New release
From: Sven Dietrich <>
1999-07-26 Harlan Stenn <>
* libntp/machines.c (ntp_set_tod): Bugfix
From: Andrej Borsenkow <>
1999-07-25 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.94b
* acconfig.h:
* libparse/
* libparse/parse_conf.c:
* libparse/clk_varitext.c:
* libparse/kclk_varitext.c:
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c: VARITEXT parse clock
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c: bugfix
From: Tony McConnell <>
1999-07-24 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/ntp_syscall.h (ntp_gettime): Make it static
Reported by: "Charles C. Fu" <>
1999-07-23 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/ntpd.h:
* libntp/machines.c:
* libntp/systime.c:
* ntpd/ntp_config.c:
* ntpd/ntp_filegen.c:
* ntpd/ntp_io.c:
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c:
* ntpd/ntp_timer.c:
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c: Windows NT port cleanup
From: Sven Dietrich <>
1999-07-22 Harlan Stenn <>
* libntp/authkeys.c:
* libntp/ieee754io.c:
* libntp/iosignal.c:
* libntp/machines.c:
* libntp/mexit.c:
* libntp/recvbuff.c:
* ntpd/ntp_filegen.c:
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c:
* ntpd/ntp_request.c:
* ntpd/ntp_timer.c:
* ntpd/ntpd.c: Compile/lint cleanup
From: Allen Smith <>
1999-07-21 Harlan Stenn <>
* 4.0.94a
* (ac_cv_make_ntptime): Add tv_nsec check.
* include/ (noinst_HEADERS): Forgot ntp_syscall.h
* 4.0.94
* (SUBDIRS): librsaref
(dist-hook): Lose CVS subdirs in the distribution tarball
* include/ (noinst_HEADERS): Added iosignal.h, recvbuff.h
* (dist-hook): Don't call dos2unix anymore
1999-07-20 Harlan Stenn <>
* acconfig.h:
* util/ntptime.c: FreeBSD nano patches
From: Per Hedeland <> and
Allen Smith <>
* include/ntp.h:
ntptrace/ntptrace.c: Cleanup
* libntp/recvbuff.c:
include/recvbuff.h: Added
From: Sven_Dietrich@Trimble.COM
* (ac_cv_var_struct_ntptime_val_timespec): Typo.
From: John Hay <>
1999-07-19 Harlan Stenn <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): Lose ntpmak; "build" does a better job.
* ntpq/ (version.o): Use mkver
* ntptrace/ (version.o): Ditto
* ntpdate/ (version.o): Ditto
* ntpd/ (version.o): Ditto
* ntpdc/ (version.o): Ditto
* (AC_OUTPUT): scripts/mkver
* scripts/ Created. Note RSAREF in the version string
1999-07-18 Harlan Stenn <>
* README.des: Updated.
* ntpq/ (LDADD): Add LIBRSAREF
* ntpdc/ (LDADD): Add LIBRSAREF
* ntpdate/ (LDADD): Add LIBRSAREF
* ntpd/ (LDADD): Add LIBRSAREF
* (AC_OUTPUT): Added librsaref/Makefile
Added tests for making/using librsaref.a
Lose old DES stuff; AC_DEFINE(DES) if we find the rsaref stuff.
1999-07-11 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_trak.c (trak_receive): disambiguate expression.
At least now it is unambiguous. It may even still be correct.
Reported by: Tom Smith <>
* ntp_update (UPDATE_OPTIONS): Typo.
1999-07-07 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntp_update: Check out copyright.htm before COPYRIGHT
* ntpd/ntp_config.c: Support for PPS assert/clear/hardpps
* ntpd/ntp_refclock.c (refclock_ioctl): Ditto
(refclock_gtlin): Ditto
* html/clockopt.htm: Document.
From: John Hay <>
* html/monopt.htm: We have four types of files now
* ntpd/refclock_oncore.c: If debug is on, tell when
we are waiting for a valid almanac
From: Poul-Henning Kamp <>
* include/ntp_machine.h (HAVE_TERMIOS): STREAMS does not imply
* include/parse.h (timercmp): Macro defined if needed.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c (SIGCHLD): Macro defined as SIGCLD if needed.
(sys/wait.h): File included only if HAVE_SYS_WAIT_H.
* (sys/wait.h): File added to AC_CHECK_HEADERS list.
From: Philippe De Muyter <>
1999-06-23 Harlan Stenn <>
* ntpd/refclock_irig.c (irig_debug): NetBSD patches
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
* util/ntptime.c (main): ntx.freq bugfix (-f option)
From: Frederick Bruckman <>
1999-06-22 Harlan Stenn <>
* Fix typo with DECL_H_ERRNO test
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: Lose syscall decl, it's handled in
l_stdlib.h now.
* ntpd/ntp_request.c: Ditto
* util/ntptime.c: Ditto
Mon May 31 18:49:49 1999 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (proto_config): Don't set sys_bclient on
PROTO_MULTICAST_ADD, only caller can decide; remove wrong set on
Mon May 31 18:49:49 1999 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c (stream_receive): Cast size_t to int to
match format.
(local_receive): Likewise.
(trimbletaip_event): Likewise.
(stream_receive): Cast struct timeval members to long to match
(local_receive): Likewise.
* ntpd/ntp_util.c (stats_config): Cast size_t to int to match
* libparse/clk_rawdcf.c (cvt_rawdcf): Cast ptr difference to int
to match format.
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c (gps16x_poll): Likewise.
* ntpd/ntp_filegen.c (filegen_open): Use long format, cast arg to
* ntpd/refclock_parse.c (list_err): Use long format to match arg.
(parse_statistics): Likewise.
(gps16x_message): Likewise.
(cvt_ts): Use long format, cast args to match.
(parse_start): Add missing arg.
(gps16x_message): Swap args to match format.
* ntpd/ntpd.c (ntpdmain): Cast uid to long, adapt format.
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c (readconf): Use long format to match arg.
* ntpd/ntp_io.c (getrecvbufs): Likewise.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (default_get_precision): Likewise.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (local_clock): Cast clock_panic to int to
match format.
* ntpd/ntp_io.c (io_multicast_add): Print s_addr member, not
struct in_addr, to match format.
* include/ntp_stdlib.h: Declare msyslog() as printf-like for gcc
format checking.
Fri May 28 16:39:35 1999 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* ntpdc/ntpdc_ops.c (iostats): Align timereset line.
* ntpq/ntpq_ops.c (doopeers): Properly align header.
* ntpdc/ntpdc_ops.c (debug): Removed declaration, already in
* ntpq/ntpq_ops.c: Likewise.
* ntpdate/ntpdate.c (debug): Declare volatile to match
* ntpdc/ntpdc.c, ntpq/ntpq.c, ntptrace/ntptrace.c, util/tickadj.c,
util/ntptime.c: Likewise.
* include/parse.h (debug): Don't declare to avoid clash with
* include/ (noinst_HEADERS): Add new ntp_syscall.h.
* Also check for -lrt for POSIX.1c functions.
Wed May 26 21:03:30 1999 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* Removed -Wwrite-strings from CFLAGS.
* ntpdc/ntpdc.c (help): Remove superfluous cast.
* ntpq/ntpq.c (help): Likewise.
Tue May 25 18:00:49 1999 Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* ntpq/ntpq_ops.c (struct varlist): name cannot be const char *
since it may be malloc'ed.
* ntpdc/ntpdc.c (sendrequest): Declare pass as const char *, don't
lose const in cast.
* ntpq/ntpq.c (sendrequest): Likewise.
* ntpd/ntp_control.c (ctl_getitem): Remove superfluous cast.
* include/ntpd.h (struct ctl_var): text cannot be const char *
since it's malloc'ed.
1999-06-22 Harlan Stenn <>
* include/l_stdlib.h: Don't include <netinet/in.h>, add forward
declaration of struct in_addr instead.
From: Rainer Orth <ro@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
* include/l_stdlib.h: Fixed syscall() declaration.
* Updated test to match.
* Check if we need to declare errno and h_errno.
Check for <resolv.h> which may provide a h_errno declaration and
<arpa/nameserv.h> which the latter needs.
* acconfig.h: Provide the necessary templates.
* include/ntp_syscall.h: New file, hides various implementations
of ntp_adjtime() and ntp_gettime() syscalls.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c: Use it.
* ntpd/ntp_request.c: Likewise.
* ntpd/refclock_local.c: Likewise.
* util/ntptime.c: Likewise.
* include/l_stdlib.h: Include <netinet/in.h>, declare inet_ntoa if
Moved syscall() declaration here.
* kernel/sys/parsestreams.h: Include <sys/termios.h> for it's
definition of struct ppsclockev.
Include <sys/ppsclock.h> unconditionally for definition of
* kernel/sys/ppsclock.h: Protect struct ppsclockev from
* include/ntp_refclock.h: Protect it from multiple inclusion.
* include/ntp_fp.h: Likewise.
* include/ntp.h: Likewise.
* include/ntpd.h: Include ntp_refclock.h for MAXDIAL declaration.
* libntp/authkeys.c: Include ntpd.h for current_time declaration.
* include/ntpd.h (getauthkeys, auth_agekeys, rereadkeys): Moved
prototypes to ntp_stdlib.h
* include/ntp_stdlib.h: Declare variables exported by libntp.
* include/ntpd.h: Likewise for ntpd.
* libntp/authkeys.c (key_hash, authnokey, authfreekeys,
cache_flags): Made static.
* libntp/systime.c (tvu_maxslew, tsf_maxslew, sys_clock_offset,
sys_residual): Likewise.
* ntpd/ntp_intres.c (confentries): Likewise.
* ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c (clock_offset, clock_panic): Likewise.
(pll_nano): Likewise. Removed duplicate definition.
* ntpd/ntp_peer.c (peer_free, current_association_ID,
assocpeer_calls, init_peer_starttime): Likewise.
* ntpd/ntp_proto.c (sys_offset, sys_authdly): Likewise.
* ntpd/ntp_request.c (numrequests, numresppkts, errorcounter):
* ntpd/ntp_restrict.c (res_calls, res_found, res_not_found,
res_timereset, res_limited_refcnt): Likewise.
* ntpd/ntpd.c (was_alarmed, worker_thread): Likewise.
* ntpq/ntpq_ops.c: Moved declaration of external variable from
ntpq.c to file scope.
* adjtimed/adjtimed.c: Moved declarations of external variables to
ntpd.h and ntp_stdlib.h.
* clockstuff/propdelay.c: Likewise.
* libntp/a_md5encrypt.c, libntp/authencrypt.c, libntp/authkeys.c,
libntp/mfp_mul.c, libntp/msyslog.c, libntp/systime.c: Likewise.
* ntpd/ntp_config.c, ntpd/ntp_control.c, ntpd/ntp_filegen.c,
ntpd/ntp_intres.c, ntpd/ntp_io.c, ntpd/ntp_loopfilter.c,
ntpd/ntp_monitor.c, ntpd/ntp_peer.c, ntpd/ntp_proto.c,
ntpd/ntp_refclock.c, ntpd/ntp_request.c, ntpd/ntp_restrict.c,
ntpd/ntp_timer.c, ntpd/ntp_util.c, ntpd/ntpd.c,
ntpd/refclock_acts.c, ntpd/refclock_arbiter.c, ntpd/refclock_arc.c,
ntpd/refclock_as2201.c, ntpd/refclock_atom.c,
ntpd/refclock_bancomm.c, ntpd/refclock_chronolog.c,
ntpd/refclock_chu.c, ntpd/refclock_datum.c,
ntpd/refclock_dumbclock.c, ntpd/refclock_gpsvme.c,