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See README.hackers for notes on coding styles.
The master copy of this information can be found at:
If you are going to patch both ntp-stable and ntp-dev
please do it this way:
> cd ntp-stable
> (make and test your changes to ntp-stable first)
> (commit your changes to ntp-stable)
> cd ../ntp-dev
> bk pull ../ntp-stable (get your changes from ntp-stable)
> (resolve any problems and test your changes)
> (commit your changes to ntp-dev)
With the current release of bitkeeper it is *much* easier to move changes
from ntp-stable to ntp-dev than it is to move changes from ntp-dev to
If you make your changes in the above order and then submit them,
it will be trivial to apply your patches.
Otherwise, it will be much more difficult to apply your patches.
You are pretty much done now if your repos are on
If these patches are for a bugzilla issue, mark the issue as Resolved/READY
with a comment of "Please pick up the patches in pogo:/wherever"
Please read (and follow) the previous section if you want to submit
patches for both ntp-stable and ntp-dev.
If you cannot easily get your patches to pogo, you may submit patches
via the 'bk send' command:
> cd REPO
> bk citool (or bk ci ... ; bk commit ... )
> bk pull # make sure your repo is up-to-date
> bk send -d -ubk:// - > file-containing-the-patch
> bk receive -vv -a < file-containing-the-patch
# Sanity check.
# Open a bugzilla item at <>
# After the bug is opened, visit the bug and attach file-containing-the-patch