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Microsoft MS MaRCo Evaluation

Evaluation codes for MS MaRCo (Microsoft MAchine Reading COmprehension Dataset).



Execute from /ms_marco_metrics/ in command line: /ms_marco_metrics$ ./ Example: /ms_marco_metrics$ ./ /home/trnguye/ms_marco_metrics/sample_test_data/sample_references.json /home/trnguye/ms_marco_metrics/sample_test_data/sample_candidates.json

Each line in both reference and candidate json files should be in format: {"query_id": <a_query_id_int>, "answers": [<list_of_answers_string>]} Note: <list_of_answers_string> must contain up to 1 answer in the candidate file. Example (./sample_test_data/sample_references.json file): {"query_id": 14509, "answers": ["It is include anemia, bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, blood clots, and blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma.", "HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and viral hemorrhagic fevers."]} {"query_id": 14043, "answers": ["sp2", "sp2 hybridization"]}

Output from will be in the similar format to bellow: bleu_1: 8.520511E-03 bleu_2: 4.666876E-10 bleu_3: 1.772338E-09 bleu_4: 3.453875E-09 rouge_l: 3.093306E-02



  • MS MaRCo Evaluation script.
  • Unit tests of .
  • This script downloads dependent scripts, and compute evaluation metrics for MS MaRCo data set.


  • dev_as_references.json : unit test input from dev set.
  • dev_first_sentence_as_candidates.json : unit test with first sentence of first passage from dev set.
  • no_answer_test_candidates.json : unit test input for no answer case.
  • no_answer_test_references.json : unit test input for no answer case.
  • same_answer_test_candidates.json : unit test input for same answer case.
  • same_answer_test_references.json : unit test input for same answer case.
  • sample_candidates.json : unit test input for sample data.
  • sample_references.json : unit test input for sample data.



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