Fit mortality hazard models, with special attention to humans at old ages.
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Fit mortality hazard models, with special attention to humans at old ages.


  • 20160526 - this depends on the version of RcppFaddeeva that is on github and not the CRAN version. (The github version exports the Rcpp headers properly.) So it's necessary to


    in order to build this version

(NB: The issue opened by Tim Riffe on github has a solution)

To add a hazard function

Example steps used to create the Beard hazard object:

  • create mortalityhazard-beard.R

    • include code to create new mortalityHazard object
  • calculate

    1. hazard to probability function
    2. gradients
  • Using Sage, I produced C++ code to calculate (1) and (2) above. I put the results in mortalityhazard-beard.cpp. The function names are:

    • mortalityhazard_beard_cpp - calculates the mortality hazard, given params
    • mortalityhazard_to_prob_beard_cpp - given params and ages, calculates cond prob of death
    • mortalityhazard_beard_binomial_grad_cpp - calculates the gradient of the binomial likelihood
    • beard_partial_alpha_partI - calculates first part of gradient wrt alpha
    • beard_partial_alpha_partII - calculates second part of gradient wrt alpha
    • similar functions to calculate gradient wrt other params