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Cork on Blender (addon)

Blender boolean system is getting better every version. However there are serious issues with highly complex meshes.

Thanks to the effort of a dental surgeon, a 3d designer and a software developer, this addon allows the integration of Blender and Cork - a powerful standalone boolean calculations software.

This addon was created in 2015 to help planning and executing osteotomy surgery procedures. Since then it was used in a series of projects involving orthognathic surgery simulations, and human and veterinarian prosthesis modelling.

Cases of Success

Those are a few projects were Cork on Blender was tested before its public release:



  • In Blender go to FileUser PreferencesAddonsInstall from file

  • Select the cork addon .zip, followed by Install from File.

  • Cork on Blender shows up on top of the addon screen. Enable the addon.

  • Expand the addon tab, and at the Cork Executable pick your installation of the cork stand-alone, and click on Accept.

  • Finally, save your user preferences, and look at the new panel in the viewport.