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πŸ– Open any GitHub repo in CodeSandbox by changing the hostname
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Quickly open any GitHub repo in CodeSandbox

  1. Go to a repo in GitHub
  2. Replace with
  3. There's no step three


Suppose you're on looking at a repo.

Now you want to explore the code of that repo in a CodeSandbox.

Just add box to your url and the repo will open there.


As you're on GitHub at the moment, you can add box to the current URL.


You'll then see this README on CodeSandbox.

This also works when you're on a branch, a tag or on a file's blob.


If you don't want to type, you can click on this link instead:


You can add an "Open in CodeSandbox" badge to your README if you own a repo.

This allows anybody to open your repo on CodeSandbox with one click.


Open in CodeSandbox


[![Open in CodeSandbox](](

Replace with your own URL.

See for badge style customization options.





Supported by CodeSandbox

This project is officially supported and sponsored by CodeSandbox.

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