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#ifndef EGLconfig_H__
#define EGLconfig_H__
#include <EGL/egl.h>
#include <EGL/eglext.h>
#include <map>
/// @brief this file is a wrapper for the EGL config, used to set the attributes
/// for out EGL window.
/// The default ctor will make a useable config or the user can create their own
/// by default we will have RGBA 8 Bits with Depth 24 and GLES 2.0
class EGLconfig
public :
/// @brief ctor will create a default attrib set
/// @brief dtor (doesn't do anything
/// @brief set the attrib / value pair, unfortunatly they are both ints and
/// not enums so it's quite difficult to check apart from a hard coded range
/// check based on the headers!
/// @param[in] _attrib the attribute pair to set
/// @param[in] _value the value of the attribute
void setAttribute(EGLint _attrib,EGLint _value);
/// @brief sets the R,G,B,A bit size
/// @param[in] _r the red bit depth
/// @param[in] _g the green bit depth
/// @param[in] _b the blue bit depth
/// @param[in] _a the alpha bit depth
void setRGBA(EGLint _r,EGLint _g, EGLint _b, EGLint _a);
/// @brief sets the depth buffer size
/// @param[in] _d the depth
void setDepth(EGLint _d);
/// @brief set the surface type
/// @param[in] the surface type can be | combinations of
void setSurface(EGLint _s);
/// @brief set the config for the current values of this class
/// this must be called for any changes to take place
/// @param[in] _display the active display created for the config
void chooseConfig(EGLDisplay _display);
/// @brief get the config create with choose to the client
inline EGLConfig getConfig() {return m_config;};
private :
std::map<EGLint,EGLint> m_attributes;
EGLConfig m_config;