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// by dff180
#ifndef MYGLWINDOW_H__
#define MYGLWINDOW_H__
#include <string>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include "EGLWindow.h"
class MyGLWindow : public EGLWindow
public :
//MyGLWindow(EGLconfig *_config=0);
MyGLWindow(EGLconfig *_config, std::string fragmentShader, std::string textureName="");
virtual void paintGL();
protected :
virtual void initializeGL();
int init_resources();
float getDeltaTimeS();
std::string _fragmentShader;
std::string _textureName;
timeval _startTime;
GLuint _texture0;
GLuint _vbo_quad;
GLuint _program;
GLint _attribute_coord2d;
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