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by dff180

Simple console tool to test OpenGL ES 2.0 fragment shaders on the Raspberry Pi.

Fragment shader and optional texture are specified on command-line.

Sample video:



Note: The following instructions are for Raspbian Wheezy Raspberry Pi installs (2013-05-25-wheezy-raspbian). They assume that you already have set up a working development environment where you can compile the hello_pi examples.

  1. Get sources with git clone
  2. Install dependencies with sudo apt-get install libsoil-dev
  3. cd pishadertoy
  4. make


  • Make sure to use latest firmware and 192/64 memory split

    • sudo rpi-update 192
  • Start from Raspberry Pi console or via SSH client

  • Exit program with CTRL-C


  • Using default fragment shader


  • Using fragment shader which doesn't need texture

    ./pishadertoy shaders/flower.f.glsl

  • Using fragment shader with texture

    ./pishadertoy shaders/relieftunnel.f.glsl textures/texl2.jpg