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A PowerShell module that lists all the ISE shortcut keys
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PowerShell module for getting all ISE shortcut keys

Gets all the shortcut keys in ISE (Integrated Scripting Environment)

Shay Levy, PowerShell MVP, posted some script here that extracts all the shortcuts from the PowerShell script editor and displays both their name and the shortcut it is connected to.

Download the module

This module uses Shay's implementation and does two things.

  • Adds a menu option connected to Ctrl+Shift+K that displays all the keys with Out-GridView Pic

  • Second, it provides a function Get-ISEKeys that can return all the keys. Or you can search by name or shortcut.

    • This lets you search for shorcut keys by name
    • Find out if the key combination you want to use is already in use

Search by name

PS C:\> Get-ISEKeys scroll 

Name                                            Value    
----                                            -----    
EditorScrollDownAndMoveCaretIfNecessaryShortcut Ctrl+Down
EditorScrollUpAndMoveCaretIfNecessaryShortcut   Ctrl+Up  

Search by shortcut

PS C:\> Get-ISEKeys -KeyName backs

Name                                Value              
----                                -----              
EditorUndoShortcut2                 Alt+Backspace      
EditorRedoShortcut2                 Alt+Shift+Backspace
EditorDeleteWordToLeftShortcut      Ctrl+Backspace     
EditorDeleteCharacterToLeftShortcut Shift+Backspace    
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