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Homebrew-formulae to install Python libraries, which are not yet well supported by pip install due to compiler and dependency issues.

Why not pip?

  • Numpy
    • using suite-sparse for fast sparse matrices (amd,umfpack)
    • optionally link against the openBLAS (--with-openblas)
  • SciPy
    • optionally link against the openBLAS (--with-openblas)
  • Matplotlib
    • Support all optional deps, installable by brew (e.g. PyGTK, cairo, ghostscript, tk, freetype and libpng)
  • PIL (brew install pillow)
    • The Python Image Library in the newer distribution named "pillow"
    • Support for zlib/PNG
    • Based on the fast(er) graphicsmagick (imagemagick compatible)
    • Freetype2 support
    • Little-CMS (for color management)
  • PyGame (Game development and provides bindings to SDL)
  • ReText (Markdown Editor)
    • Supports enchant. (You first need to brew install enchant)
    • Some deps have to be installed via pip (it will tell you so)
  • Open an issue if your favorite is missing


  • brew tap Homebrew/python
  • brew install scipy
  • brew test scipy --verbose


Check main Homebrew Troubleshooting page. Open an issue here.


We support Python 2.x and 3.x.

Note: Soon, we will deprecate the --with-python3 switch and add formulae wiht -py3 suffixes to support Python 3.x

How to add a new formulae here

  • Fork this repository on github.
  • Clone to your Mac.
  • Read Homebrew and Python and look at the other formulae here.
  • In your locally cloned homebrew-python repo, create a new branch: git checkout --branch my_new_formula
  • Write/edit your formula (ruby file). Check the Homebrew wiki for details.
  • Test it locally! brew install ./my-new-formula.rb. Does it install? Note, how ./<formula>.rb will target the local file.
  • git push --set-upstream origin my_new_formula to get it into your github as a new branch.
  • If you have to change something, add a commit and git push.
  • On github, select your new branch and then click the "Pull Request" button.


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