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List of DFIR service providers

This is a list of Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) companies in Finland. These companies can help you in case of a security incident. Purpose of this list is to give organizations a list of active DFIR companies.

Contributions welcome

  1. Fork this repo and then clone the forked repo.

  2. Create new branch and set upstream to to this repo, example:

git checkout -b add_accenture
git remote add upstream
  1. Add new DFIR provider, example:
hugo new content/providers/
  1. Add company name and website to the created MD file, example:
title: (leave it as it was)
date: (leave it as it was)
draft: (leave it as it was)
company: "Accenture"
website: ""
  1. Do commit, example:
git add content/providers/
git commit -S -m "Added Accenture"
git push -u origin add_accenture
  1. Create PR on the GitHub page of this repo by clicking Compare & pull request.


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