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Meteor wrapper for NPM akismet-api

define a settings.yml file for you to run with Meteor to set settings.

  "Akismet": {
    "key": "required",
    "blog": "required"

meteor --settings settings.json

Then hook into the api as you see fit.

Exposed verifyKey, checkSpam, submitSpam, submitHam as the following wrapped methods:

akismetVerifyKey, akismetCheckSpam, akismetSubmitSpam, akismetSubmitHam

Just hook into those as you would in your comments code, e.g:

// use comment object values somewhere
var checkSpam = {
  user_ip : comment.user_ip,
  user_agent : comment.user_agent,
  referrer : comment.referrer,
  comment_type : 'comment',
  comment_author :,
  comment_content : comment.body

var isSpam ='akismetCheckSpam', checkSpam); // true for spam

if(isSpam) {
  comment.isSpam = true;
  return Comments.insert(comment);
} else {
  Posts.update(comment.postId, {
    $inc: { commentsCount: 1 }
  return Comments.insert(comment);