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A community recommendation on how to make front-end development better. How-to, best-practices, and more.
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CURRENTLY BEING REWORKED - repo is mostly deprecated/old. DONOTUSE.


Front-End Development lacks consistency. Betterfrontend is a community-driven project to bring best-practices and consistency to Front-End Development.

Secondarily, Betterfrontend will be a repository of tutorials to reduce the learning curve of becoming a front-end developer.

The guides are viewable at

You can also follow @betterfrontend on Twitter.

The entire web-development community is encouraged to contribute to these guides. It's easy to contribute.


You can contribute in many ways. Just having a voice is a contribution so shout about betterfrontend on Twitter, or create an issue about things that annoy you with front-end-development.

If you're feeling particularly involved, you can fork the project.

The site and docs are built using middleman to make developing a static site easy.

Simply check out your forked repository and then run bundle install and you can run the site locally by typing middleman in the root directory.

Now you can edit the site & docs!

When you're ready to contribute back, simply create a pull-request back to the main repository and we'll review it.

How It's Deployed

The @betterfrontend site is deployed on GitHub pages.

The recommended folder structure is as follows:


The main-repo/ folder is where you're currently reading this and has all the source/doc files for the site. When the site is ready to be built we middleman build which outputs to betterfrontend-pages/ which is an orphaned branch that is deployed to GitHub.

You probably don't need to know this as a contributor but knowledge is power!

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