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Remove anti-privacy, anti-security, and general nuisance "features" from Windows 10.

This repository is a community effort. I'm mostly just collecting/organizing info, and writing some scripts to make them easier to use.

Do not run any of these scripts without understanding what they're doing. This repo isn't meant for the inexperienced user.

Before running some of these scripts, you probably need 'real' admin access on your machine. You can try it the polite way, or you can temporarily do it the less popup-obnoxious way:

Warning: Disabling UAC using this method will break all Metro Store apps until enabled again, and the computer restarted. Don't leave your machine vulnerable, revert the UAC setting as soon as you're done digging deep in Windows' innards.

User Account Control (UAC) - Elevate Privilege Level

  1. Type secpol.msc in the Start Menu and press Enter.
  2. Double click on Local Policies then double click on Security Options.
  3. Scroll to the bottom to this entry -
    User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin approval mode.
    Double click that line.
  4. Set it to disabled then press OK.
  5. Reboot.

You might also take a look at these other fine ressources:

Thanks to Cuckmaster Flash for the repo name :^)
Other credits can be found in the individual files.

Yay, this repo is famous: