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* [12/10/2008] - 0.1.6
Disabling Workers for now because the method missing causes problems with ./script/generate,
and workers are not that useful in their current state.
* [10/22/2008] - 0.1.4
Prevent rails/init from loading factories.rb, etc. if inside rake db:*
* [10/22/2008] - 0.1.3
FactoryBuilder was using #classify which also calls #singularize... now uses camelize instead.
Removed use of const_get in favor of #constantize
Removed use of method missing in factory_builder
Removed TestFactories module namespace from factories.rb.. back to mixing into Object
* [10/15/2008] - 0.1.1
Fixed problems with ./script/generate migration and method missing
factories.rb now requires a TestFactories module namespace
* [10/14/2008] - 0.1.0
Fixed problem with rails/init.rb
* [08/05/2008] - 0.0.1 (gem release)
Initial release as a gem.
Removed some Rails specific code, but the gem is still dependent on ActiveRecord.