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if defined?(RAILS_ENV) && __FILE__ =~ %r{vendor/plugins} # are we running as a rails plugin?
# Modify the variable below to specify in which environments this plugin should be loaded.
load_plugin_in = {
'test' => true,
'development' => true, # NOTE: often comes in handy in the console
'production' => false,
if load_plugin_in[ RAILS_ENV ]
require "factories-and-workers"
require File.dirname(__FILE__)+"/rails/init.rb"
else # bootstrap the gem
require "factories-and-workers"
require File.dirname(__FILE__)+"/rails/init.rb" if defined?(RAILS_ENV)
# NOTE: if using as a gem with Rails and you want similar behaviour as above, do something like this in environment.rb :
# config.after_initialize do
# config.gem 'dfl-factories-and-workers', :lib => 'factories-and-workers', :source => '' unless RAILS_ENV=='production'
# end