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require 'fileutils'
config.after_initialize do
if $*.grep(/db:*/).empty? # prevent the plugin from loading if we are simply running rake db:migrate, etc.
# if script_console_running = defined?(::IRB) && ::IRB.conf[:LOAD_MODULES] && ::IRB.conf[:LOAD_MODULES].include?('console_with_helpers')
# # mixin to Object if we are running in ./script/console
obj = Object
# else # otherwise just mix into Test::Unit to play it safe
# obj = Test::Unit::TestCase
# end
# mixin plugin
obj.send :include, FactoriesAndWorkers::Factory
# obj.send :include, FactoriesAndWorkers::Worker
# load factory and worker definition files if they exist
%w(spec/factories.rb spec/factory_workers.rb test/factories.rb test/factory_workers.rb).each do |file|
path = File.join(Dir.pwd, file)
require path if File.exists?(path)
# mixin factory and worker definitions
obj.send :include, ::TestFactories if defined?(TestFactories)
obj.send :include, ::FactoryWorkers if defined?(FactoryWorkers)