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Dan Fleming authored

dflems' dotfiles

Mostly based on holman's topically-organized dotfiles. They're using his bootstrapping Rakefile, but I may change that out in the future for something with little or no dependencies. There's some stuff in here that's specific to my setup (my .gitconfig for instance), so watch out.


so, how does this work?

  • Installs some Homebrew dependencies and neat extensions.
  • Symlinks each FILENAME.symlink to ~/.FILENAME.
  • Every *.zsh file gets sourced.
  • Autocompletion loaded from completion.zsh files in topic folders.
  • Aliases git to hub for easier Github integration.
  • Uses ~/.localrc for super secret stuff that you don't want to put on the internets.

install it

git clone ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles

.dotfiles of interest

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