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@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@

.. image:: /static/images/dunc_smiling_192x192.jpg
.. image:: {filename}/images/dunc_smiling_192x192.jpg

An adaptable and enthusiastic developer with broad experience and strong graphical communication skills. Proven web, database and application developer – able to work as a team with users and other developers to create and support practical solutions.

@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
:date: 2013-04-21 15:25:57
:status: hidden

.. figure:: /static/images/pages/403-error.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/pages/403-error.png
:alt: Blueprint style diagram showing California State Highway Sign SW-59 - Migrating Bears

The details of California State Highway Sign SW-59 - Migrating Bears can be `found here <>`_.
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
:date: 2013-04-21 15:25:57
:status: hidden

.. figure:: /static/images/pages/404-error.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/pages/404-error.png
:alt: Blueprint style diagram showing US Highway Sign W8-8 - Rough Road

The details of the US Highways Sign W8-8 - Rough Road can be `found here <>`_.
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
:date: 2013-07-23 13:11:08
:status: hidden

.. figure:: /static/images/pages/410-error.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/pages/410-error.png
:alt: Blueprint style diagram showing US Highway Sign W8-14 - Fallen Rocks

The details of the US Highways Sign W8-14 - Fallen Rocks can be `found here <>`_.
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ <h4><span class="title role">Founder</span>, <span class="fn org summary">Codeis
<p><a href="">Codeistry</a> is a small but thriving web development company producing modern dynamic <abbr title="Content Management System">CMS</abbr> driven websites.</p>
<div class="span8 job_description">
<a href="" title="To visit the Codeistry site, click here."><img src="/static/images/pages/duncan-locks-resume/codeistry_logo_medium-trans.png" alt="Codeistry logo" /></a>
<a href="" title="To visit the Codeistry site, click here."><img src="{filename}/images/pages/duncan-locks-resume/codeistry_logo_medium-trans.png" alt="Codeistry logo" /></a>
<p>I run Codeistry - a small web development company. I craft sophisticated personalized websites, complete with full Content Management Systems, for a wide variety of clients, spread over four continents.</p>
<p>As it's my company, I do most everything myself - marketing, <abbr title="Search Engine Optimization">SEO</abbr>, customer relations, design, coding, support, invoicing - you name it, I do it. I've become very experienced managing the complete business and project life-cycle from beginning to end.</p>
<p><a href="">If you want to checkout my portfolio, or you need any web development, consultancy or advice - Codeistry has it's own website</a>.</p>

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@@ -3,12 +3,12 @@
:date: 2013-06-19 19:48:54
:tags: reddit, bots, web
:meta_description: reddit had 71.4m visitors last month, with over 2.3m people logged in. I say people - but it turns out that not all of the denizens of reddit are human. There are also bots. Lots and lots of bots...
:thumbnail: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-diagram.png
:thumbnail: /images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-diagram.png
:schema: Article

.. contents:: Contents:

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-diagram.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-diagram.png

How much does a a software bot weigh, anyway?

@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ These mechanisms come down on bots particularly hard, to prevent the place being

This is a `really nice /r/InternetAmA thread discussing the retirement of TicTacToeBot <>`_, which did exactly what you'd expect:

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-tictactoebot-example.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-tictactoebot-example.png

The only winning move is not to play.

@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ The second form is apparently more reliable.

The bot will respond by replying to your comment, with a comment of it's own, containing an ` <>`_ link to an animated GIF of that video, for the time period you specified. This is great for people on mobile devices - animated GIFs load *much* quicker than YouTube.

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-jiffybot-example.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-jiffybot-example.png

JiffyBot in action: it can also do multiple GIFs!

@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ You have to setup a bitcointip tip account in advance and put some funds into it

Allows you to tip people for useful or awesome comments, in a very natural and low friction way:

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-bitcointip-example.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-bitcointip-example.png

BitcoinTip in action: Adam Savage gets tipped. Yes `that Adam Savage <>`_.

@@ -257,12 +257,12 @@ A Redditor for:

Making a submission `to this subreddit <>`_ will cause CHART_BOT to automatically generate and post a chart of your reddit posting history. You can also request charts of other reddit users by putting their username prefixed with an @ in the title of your submission. The charts look like this - `here's mine <>`_:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/duncan-locks-chart-bot-chart-june-2013.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/duncan-locks-chart-bot-chart-june-2013.png
:alt: Screenshot of CHART_BOTS output for duncanlock, as of June 2013.

CHART_BOT also produces some graphs of activity which are quite interesting. Here are the 'Posts Over Time' ones for me (on the left) and chartbot (on the right). You can clearly see the characteristic posting pattern of humans (irregular) vs. bots (regular):

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-duncanlock-chartbot-postings-over-time-graph.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-duncanlock-chartbot-postings-over-time-graph.png
:alt: Two scatter plots of reddit postings, over time. Left one for human user duncanlock, right one for chart_bot.

Fairly typical human reddit user (left) vs bot (right).
@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ Active Subreddits:

Raddit-bot is a helpful bot that posts information when you post a link to a piece of media that's been on ` <>`_. It's posts look like this, sharing a wealth of links and information about things that people have linked to:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-radditbot-example.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-radditbot-example.png

Discovered this bot while browsing `/r/listentothis <>`_ - which in turn led me to discover ` <>`_; I'm currently trying to resist getting distracted by itself.

@@ -359,7 +359,7 @@ Active Subreddits:

This seems to be quite popular, with lots of very highly upvoted comments - like this one:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-haikubot-example.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-haikubot-example.png

@@ -416,11 +416,11 @@ MetricConversionBot will convert the following units to their metric equivalents

and it leaves comments that look like this:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-metricconversionbot-example.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-metricconversionbot-example.png

This bot is a (`more popular <>`_) successor to the deceased `SI_BOT <>`_. Interestingly, MetricConversionBot has attracted it's own parody bots, `MetricConversionNot <>`_ - which randomly makes similar looking, but factually inaccurate parody comments (somewhat similar to the older, inactive parody bot `Lord_Longbottom <>`_) and `UselessConversionBot <>`_:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-uselessconversionbot-example.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-uselessconversionbot-example.png

Website Mirror bot
@@ -461,7 +461,7 @@ Active Subreddits:

Takes a (generally very tall) `screenshot <>`_ of the page that was linked to, puts it on and posts a link in a comment:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-websitemirrorbot-example.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-websitemirrorbot-example.png

@@ -494,7 +494,7 @@ Active Subreddits:

It posts the first few rows in the actual AmA thread, with a link to the full table that it posts to `/r/tabled <>`_. This provides a great way to quickly read a condensed summary of a complete AmA thread, `like this one <>`_. They look something like this:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-tabledresserbot-example.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-tabledresserbot-example.png

@@ -571,7 +571,7 @@ If the bot doesn't see a certain number of links or all the links the bot sees w

This provides a useful summary of a wide ranging discussion, in a similar way to tabledresser_ does for AmA threads. The comments it leaves look like this:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-videolinkbot-example.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-videolinkbot-example.png
:alt: Screenshot of a comment made by VideoLinkBot, showing the table of aggregated video links, with links to the Source Comment & Video Link, showing the score of each original comment.

@@ -596,7 +596,7 @@ A Redditor for:

This bot tends to turn up in subreddits like `/r/AdviceAnimals/ <>`_ and post comments that look like this:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-meme-transcriber-bot-example.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-meme-transcriber-bot-example.png

@@ -623,11 +623,11 @@ A Redditor for:

This bot allows you to get a quick overview of the video, just by viewing an image - much quicker than watching the video, especially on mobile devices. This is what it's comments look like:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-ytscreenshotbot-example.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-ytscreenshotbot-example.png

and this is what the montage looks like:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/M2XOpjb.jpg
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/M2XOpjb.jpg

@@ -673,7 +673,7 @@ Active Subreddits:

This bots most user visible function is to detect when people have got the markdown syntax for links the wrong way round (a very common mistake), and if they don't correct it themselves within a few minutes, leave a reply with the corrected links:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-jordanthebrobot-example.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-jordanthebrobot-example.png

It also detects 'spam/affiliate marketing' links and leaves a reply warning people:

@@ -706,7 +706,7 @@ A Redditor for:
Source Code:

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-serendipity-example.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/a-marvellous-incomplete-compendium-of-reddit-automatons-bots/reddit-bots-serendipity-example.png

Slice of life, reddit style.

@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ By default Pelican does a great job with figures and images, thanks to built-in

.. code-block:: rst

.. figure:: /static/images/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-200x200.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-200x200.png
:align: right

This is the caption of the figure.
@@ -90,14 +90,14 @@ Which, given this CSS:
...will look something like this:

.. image:: /static/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/screenshot-13-04-29_16-42-00-pm.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/screenshot-13-04-29_16-42-00-pm.png
:class: bare

This is great, but it's not *quite* what I wanted. I wanted the caption under the image and then the figure to shrink to fit the size of the image it contains. It turns out that this is impossible in HTML & CSS unless you give the browser an explicit ``width`` attribute for the ``img`` and the containing ``div``.

If you actually do that, and add a ``style="width: 200px; height: auto;"`` attribute to both the ``div`` and the ``img``, you get this - which *is* what I wanted:

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-200x200.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-200x200.png
:align: right

This is the caption of the figure.
@@ -252,7 +252,7 @@ Examples

Here are a few working examples, showing the results of using the plugin. The original rst source for these are available in the plugins ``/test`` folder:

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-800x300.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-800x300.png

This image is wider than the column it's in - try resizing the browser window.

@@ -261,7 +261,7 @@ Here are a few working examples, showing the results of using the plugin. The or
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod
tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-200x200.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-200x200.png
:alt: A dummy placeholder image, 200x200 pixels square.

This image is only 200px wide - smaller that the column it's in.
@@ -274,7 +274,7 @@ quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo
consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse
cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur.

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-250x300.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-250x300.png
:alt: map to buried treasure 2
:align: right

@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@ consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse
cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non
proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

.. image:: /static/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-200x200.png
.. image:: {filename}/images/posts/better-figures-images-plugin-for-pelican/dummy-200x200.png

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod
tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam,
@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ The backupninka config files are *extremely* well commented, explaining what eve

Now we'll setup each of the backup jobs we want to run, by adding a simple text config file to the ``/etc/backups.d`` folder for each job. These are executed in alphanumeric order, so I suggest you create them like this:

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/comprehensive-linux-backups-with-etckeeper-backupninja/backupninja-etc-backupsd-files.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/comprehensive-linux-backups-with-etckeeper-backupninja/backupninja-etc-backupsd-files.png

Not sure why Thunar thinks that's a Matlab file.

@@ -254,11 +254,11 @@ Testing with ninjahelper

Backupninja comes with a great little tool called ``ninjahelper`` to test your backup configurations:

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/comprehensive-linux-backups-with-etckeeper-backupninja/backupninja-ninjahelper-screenshot.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/comprehensive-linux-backups-with-etckeeper-backupninja/backupninja-ninjahelper-screenshot.png

When it starts it gives you a list of each of your jobs. Choose the one you want to test, then you'll see this:

.. figure:: /static/images/posts/comprehensive-linux-backups-with-etckeeper-backupninja/backupninja-ninjahelper-screenshot-job.png
.. figure:: {filename}/images/posts/comprehensive-linux-backups-with-etckeeper-backupninja/backupninja-ninjahelper-screenshot-job.png

Do a test run, then a real run of each job. This will also test permissions etc... and tell you if anything needs changing.

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