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Improved path handling lots; tested & works with Pelican 3.3 too

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dflock committed Oct 20, 2013
1 parent 2bd9481 commit 259147e4da6474c128c4dd09c3a51c64453343af
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  1. +22 −6 better_figures_and_images/
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@

import os
from os import path, access, R_OK

from pelican import signals

@@ -31,14 +31,30 @@ def content_object_init(instance):

if 'img' in content:
for img in soup('img'):
# TODO: strip out {filename} explicitly, not using [10:]????
# Should probably strip off {filename}, |filename| or /static
src = instance.settings['PATH'] + os.path.split(img['src'])[0][10:] + '/' + os.path.split(img['src'])[1]

logger.debug('Better Fig. PATH: %s', instance.settings['PATH'])
logger.debug('Better Fig. img: %s', img['src'])
logger.debug('Better Fig. img.src: %s', img['src'])

img_path, img_filename = path.split(img['src'])

logger.debug('Better Fig. img_path: %s', img_path)
logger.debug('Better Fig. img_fname: %s', img_filename)

# Strip off {filename}, |filename| or /static
if img_path.startswith(('{filename}', '|filename|')):
img_path = img_path[10:]
elif img_path.startswith('/static'):
img_path = img_path[7:]
logger.warning('Better Fig. Error: img_path should start with either {filename}, |filename| or /static')

# Build the source image filename
src = instance.settings['PATH'] + img_path + '/' + img_filename

logger.debug('Better Fig. src: %s', src)
if not (path.isfile(src) and access(src, R_OK)):
logger.error('Better Fig. Error: image not found: {}'.format(src))

# Open the source image and query dimensions; build style string
im =
extra_style = 'width: {}px; height: auto;'.format(im.size[0])

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