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SimCity 2000 Windows 95 .sc2 File Specification

Basic File Layout

The basic file structure is of an EA IFF file:
It starts with a 12B (byte) header which contains:

  • First 4B is the IFF type, for .sc2 files this is FORM.
  • Next 4B is the length of the file (not counting the first 12B)
  • Last 4B is a container for the rest of the file, for .sc2 files this is SCDH.

Other file notes

For anything on a grid in the save (most segments), the grid goes from top corner (default rotation) to bottom, row by row right to left.

This is an unofficial specification, and is therefore incomplete. However, large sections are complete. This specification also only applies to the .sc2 file format, and not how the game interprets the given values.

Complete sections:

Mostly complete sections:

Sections that need more work:


Rest of the file has a 4B chunk id (which is 4 ASCII characters between 0x20 and 0x7F inclusive), a 4B integer size for the chunk and finally the chunk data of the same length, in bytes, as the size of the compressed chunk.

Chunks in the file and their uncompressed lengths:

Chunks only in Scenario Files

  • TEXT: variable length (2 entries)
  • SCEN: 52
  • PICT: variable length (uncompressed)


A variant of Run-Length Encoding. Comes in two variants, a 1 + n byte version and a two byte version.

  1. 1 + n byte version: first byte is in range [0 .. 127] means that there are n bytes of uncompressed data corresponding to the byte’s value after it.
  2. 2 byte version: first byte is in range [129 .. 255] means to repeat the next byte n times (the RLE part), where (byte value) - 127 = n.

Note that this encoding scheme can lead to certain sections being larger than if they were uncompressed if they’re very random or alternating data.
It appears that every byte is compressed, even if it’s a single byte on its own. There are lots of 0x01 followed by single bytes. Runs are compressed as normal.

Chunk Data Format:


Contains 0x1F as its first byte and then 31 bytes after that. The first ASCII range bytes are the name, but the rest could be garbage data.
Notes: Maybe 0x1F (31) is supposed to be the length of the title after it. There appears to be garbage in it though, but the name is terminated with 0x00. If no valid name (starts with 0x00), game uses all-caps filename as city name. This looks a lot like an unsafe memory copy without checking the length of memory copied for the cstring (null terminated) in the original game code.


Miscellaneous city data, 4B/32b integers:

Offset Name Notes
0000 Unknown (header?) 00 00 01 22 in 114 cities checked.
0004 City Mode 0 for terrain edit mode, 1 for city, 2 for disaster mode.
0008 Rotation Internally called compass. Number between 0 and 3 corresponding to number of counter-clockwise rotations.
000C Year Founded Year city was founded.
0010 City Age days since city was founded in 300 day years, and 25 day months? example: date=2435, founded= 2050, (2435-2050)=385. month=July=07, so 385(300)+7*25=115,650. In save file: 115,663, so probably a few day into July.
0014 Money Stored as signed 32b int
0018 Number of bonds.
001C Game Level This seems related to the difficulty the game was started with.
0020 City Status Reward tier obtained. 0 = None, 1 = Mayor's Mansion, 2 = City Hall, 3 = Statue, 4 = Military, 5 = Llama Dome, 6 = Arcos.
0024 City Value Unknown exactly, stores something to do with total city value.
0028 Land Value Sum of all the values in XVAL.
002C Crime Count This is a sum of all of the values stored in XCRM.
0030 Traffic Count Something to do with traffic, not a sum of all value sin XTRF.
0034 Pollution Unknown
0038 City Fame Unknown
003C Advertising Unknown
0040 Garbage Unknown
0044 Work Force % What percentage of the population is working?
0048 Work Force LE LE = Life Expectancy
004C Work Force EQ EQ = Education Quotient
0050 National Population Population of SimNation
0054 National Value Unknown
0058 National Tax Unknown
005C Null? Possibly Null
0060 Heat Something weather related.
0064 Wind Something weather related.
0068 Humid Something weather related.
006C Weather Called weatherTrend by the game. See Weather Type table.
0070 Disasters See Disaster Type table.
0074 Residential population Unknown exactly.
0078 Rewards availability (0s)11111= all 5, 00001=mayor’s only, 10000=arcos only, etc.
007C .. 0168 Population/Health/Education Graph Data 20 values each, interleaved in that order.
016C .. 01EC Industry Graph Data 33x4B. Each appears to be for the industry window. There are 3 different graphs, each of which appears to show be stored as ratios, tax rate, demand. Ranges on values unknown.
01F0 .. 05EC Building Counts Same index as XBLD, count of that # of building in the city.
05F0 Populated Tile Count Total number of populated tiles.
05F4 ? Unknown, but seems like it'd be the other part of Populated Tile count
05F8 Residential Tile Count
05FC ? Something like it should be the other half of Residential Tile Count.
0600 Commercial Tile Count
0604 ? Something like the other half of commercial tile count.
0608 Industrial Tile Count
060C ? Something like the other half of industrial tile count.
0610 .. 06D7 Bond Data bonds, maximum of 50, signed 32b int. Famous overflow in game.
06D8 .. 0718 Neighbour Data 4x4B of neighbour information. Form is: neighbour index, neighbour population, neighbour value (unknown what exactly this is) and neighbour fame (again unknown). Ordering is: lower left, upper left, unknown, upper right, bottom right.
0710 Unknown Seems to be 0 in an established city (full RCI), +’ve in others. Unknown exactly.
0718 .. 0720 RCI demand Signed 32b int from -1999 to +2000. First R, second C, third I.
0738 .. 0778 Technology Discovery Years Contains the year the technology was discovered. Appears to be 0 if the city was saved after the technology was invented. Details in Technology Discovery Years Table
077C .. 08BF Property taxes Each takes 27*4B. See Tax Rate Table
077C residential tax rate Residential zoned building tax rate, between 0 and 20.
07E8 commercial tax rate Commercial zoned building tax rate, between 0 and 20.
0854 Industrial tax rate Industrial zoned building tax rate, between 0 and 20.
08C0 .. 092C Ordinances budget window information Contents follow the same 27x4B format, but exact contents unknown at this time
0930 .. 0994 Bond budget window information Stores information for the budget window. Details in section Bond Details.
0998 .. .0E38 City services from the budget panel See Budget City Service Details section.
0E3C Year end Unknown
0E40 Water level Water table level.
0E44 terrain - coast Was this city generated with coastal terrain.
0E48 terrain - river Was this city generated with river terrain.
0E4C Military Base Not offered base: 0, offered base but no suitable location/refused base: 1, 2: army base, 3: airbase, 4 navy: base, 5: missile silos
0E50 .. 0EC4 Newspaper List Unknown exactly, 6x5B structure.
0EC8 .. 0EFC Newspaper List Unknown exactly, 9x6B structure.
0FA0 Ordinances flags Bit flags for which of the 20 ordinances are enacted. 00000000:none, 000fffff:20. First ordinances (finance) section are rightmost bits.
0FA4 unemployed Unknown
0FA8 .. 0FE4 Military Count Unsure, but it may be a 16x2B count of military tiles.
0FE8 Subway Count Unknown
0FEC Speed Speed setting: 1=paused, 2=Turtle, 3=Llama, 4=Cheetah, 5=African Swallow
0FF0 Auto Budget Auto budget setting.
0FF4 Auto Goto Auto goto setting.
0FF8 Sound Sound effects setting.
0FFC Music Music setting.
1000 Disasters No disasters setting.
1004 Paper Delivery Is paper delivery enabled.
1008 Extra Newspaper Is the Extra!!! newspaper enabled.
100C Newspaper Choice Which newspaper is chosen to be delivered.
1010 Unknown Observed to be 0x80 in many cities.
1014 Seems to have something to do with zoom and position of map.
1018 View X X coordinates for the center of the view.
101C View Y Y coordinates for the center of the view.
1020 Arco Population Total city population from arcos.
1024 Connection Tiles Appears to be a count of tiles that are connected to neighbours.
1028 Sports Teams Count of active sports teams from stadiums.
102C Normal Population Total city population from normal zones (not arcos).
1030 Industry Bonus Unknown
1034 Pollution Bonus Unknown
1038 Old Arrest Sum of all the police station microsim arrests.
103C Police Bonus Unknown
1040 Disaster Unknown
1044 Unknown Unknown
1048 Disaster Active Seems to be 1 if there’s a disaster happening, 0 otherwise.
104C Go Disaster Unknown
1050 Sewer Bonus Unknown, game doesn't have sewers. Perhaps another name for the water pipes?
1054 .. 10B4 All Zero Bytes Observed in all cities checked.
10B8 Unknown small (~-15000) negative number or small positive (~20) signed 32b int. Does not appear in most cities checked.
10BC - 12BC All Zero Bytes Observed in all cities checked.

MISC Tables

Weather Type

Value Type
00 Cold
01 Clear
02 Hot
03 Foggy
04 Chilly
05 Overcast
06 Snow
07 Rain
08 Windy
09 Blizzard
0A Hurricane
0B Tornado

Disaster Type

Value Type
0x0 none
0x1 fire
0x2 flood
0x3 riot
0x4 toxic spill
0x5 buggy air crash
0x6 quake
0x7 tornado
0x8 monster
0x9 meltdown
0xA microwave
0xB volcano
0xC firestorm
0xD mass riots
0xE mass floods
0xF pollution accident
0x10 hurricane
0x11 buggy helicopter crash
0x12 plane crash

Technology Discovery Years

Offset Technology Notes
0738 Gas power
073C Nuclear power
0740 Solar power
0744 Wind power
0748 Microwave power
074C Fusion power
0750 Airport
0754 Highways
0758 Buses
075C Subways
0760 Water treatment
0764 Desalinization
0768 Plymouth arco
076C Forest arco
0770 Darco
0774 Launch Arco
0778 Highways Odd, but observed in a few cities.

Budget Tax Rate Details

Population is total population of occupied tiles being taxed. The number corresponds to a 4B offset for the start of the segment.

  1. Current population. (Maybe)
  2. current tax rate (0 .. 20%)
  3. unknown
  4. January population
  5. tax rate January
  6. February population
  7. tax rate February
  8. March population
  9. tax rate March
  10. April population
  11. tax rate April
  12. May population
  13. tax rate May
  14. June population
  15. tax rate June
  16. July population
  17. tax rate July
  18. August population
  19. tax rate August
  20. September population
  21. tax rate September
  22. October population
  23. tax rate October
  24. November population
  25. tax rate November
  26. December population
  27. tax rate December

Budget City Service Details

Each segment has 27 x 4B entries structured. The number corresponds to a 4B offset for the start of the segment. 0. current number of that building.

  1. current funding rate (0 .. 100%)
  2. unknown
  3. January count of building
  4. funding % for January
  5. February count of building
  6. funding % for February
  7. March count of building
  8. funding % for March
  9. April count of building
  10. funding % for April
  11. May count of building
  12. funding % for May
  13. June count of building
  14. funding % for June
  15. July count of building
  16. funding % for July
  17. August count of building
  18. funding % for August
  19. September count of building
  20. funding % for September
  21. October count of building
  22. funding % for October
  23. November count of building
  24. funding % for November
  25. December count of building
  26. funding % for December

Starting offset for section (relative to start of MISC segment):
Note: Bus stations have no funding setting in the game and therefore aren't stored in the saved city either.

Offset Section Type
0x0998 police funding rate
0x0A04 fire funding rate
0x0A70 health funding rate
0x0ADC education funding rate, Schools
0x0B48 education funding rate, Colleges
0x0BB4 transit funding rate, Roads
0x0C20 transit funding rate, Highways
0x0C8C transit funding rate, Bridges
0x0CF8 transit funding rate, Rail
0x0D64 transit funding rate, Subway
0x0DD0 transit funding rate, Tunnel


Altitude map of the city. Stores the altitude of a tile.

2 bytes per tile, stored as a 16 bit integer:
Bits 0 to 7: This may be related to tunnel levels. Needs further investigation.
Bit 8: Tile covered in water.
Bits 9 and 10: unknown exactly, but seems to have something to do with water level due to raising or lowering the ocean in terrain edit mode. Doesn’t appear to affect the simulation.
Bits 11 to 15: 5 bit altitude (32 levels)


Describes how a terrain tile slopes, based on its 4 corners and is represented as 1 byte per tile.

a is top left:

Tile type denoted as: 0=down, 1=up
Given as value: tile type
Dry Land:
00: 0000
01: 1100
02: 0101
03: 0011
04: 1010
05: 1101
06: 0111
07: 1011
08: 1110
09: 0100
0A: 0001
0B: 0010
0C: 1000
0D: 1111
0E .. 0F: unknown. There aren't any other possible sprites in the game files.

10 .. 1D: Same as for dry land, but underwater.
1E .. 1F: unknown

20 .. 2D: Same as for dry land, 1 = up, or dry land, 0 = down or in the water.
2E .. 2F: unknown

Surface Water:
30 .. 3D: Same as for dry land and shoreline, just with surface (0 depth water).
3E: Waterfall tiles (such as under dams and elsewhere).
3F: unknown

More surface water:
40: LR stream
41: TB stream
42: bay, water Bottom
43: bay, water Left
44: bay, water Top
45: bay, water Right
46 .. FF: unknown
Note: none of the above unknown values appeared in multiple cities.


Stores what building occupies a tile. Index: Name (SCURK name if different)

Ground Cover:
00: Clear Ground
01: Rubble (Rubble 1)
02: Rubble (Rubble 2)
03: Rubble (Rubble 3)
04: Rubble (Rubble 4)
05: Radioactive Waste (Radioactivity)
06: Trees (Tree)
07: Trees (Couple O Trees)
08: Trees (More Trees)
09: Trees (Morer Trees)
0A: Trees (Even More Trees)
0B: Trees (Tons O Trees)
0C: Trees (Veritable Jungle)
0D: Small park

Power Lines:
(L = Left, R = Right, T = Top, B = Bottom, H = High: top of slope)
0E: L-R
0F: T-B
10: HT-B
11: L-HR
12: T-HB
13: HL-R
14: BR
15: BL
16: TL
17: TR
18: RTB
19: LBR

1D: L-R
1E: T-B
1f: HT-B
20: L-HR
21: T-HB
22: HL-R
23: BR
24: BL
25: TL
26: TR
27: RTB
28: LBR
29: TLB

Additional slope pieces denoted with H for the half-high end.
2C .. 3A: Coding as for power lines
3B: HT-B
3C: L-HR
3D: T-HB
3E: HL-R

Tunnel Entrances:
3F: T
40 :R
41: B
42: L

43: Power-TB, Road-LR
44: Power-LR, Road-TB
45: Road-LR, Rail-TB
46: Road-TB, Rail-LR
47: Power-TB, Rail-LR
48: Power-LR, Rail-TB

49: LR
4A: TB

Highway Crossovers:
4B: LR, Road-TB
4C: TB, Road-LR
4D: LR, Rail-TB
4E: TB, Rail-LR
4F: LR, Power-TB
50: TB, Power-LR

51: Suspension bridge start B
52: Suspension bridge middle B
53: Suspension bridge center
54: Suspension bridge middle T
55: Suspension bridge end T
56: Raising bridge tower
57: Causeway pylon
58: Raising bridge middle (lowered)
59: Raising bridge middle (raised)
5A: Rail bridge, pylon
5B: Rail bridge
5C: Elevated Power Lines

Highway Entrance (Onramps):
Note: These can be rotated 90 degrees by bit 6 in XBIT.
5D: Highway-T, Road-L
5E: Highway-T, Road-R
5F: Highway-B, Road-L
60: Highway-B, Road-R

Highway bits:
61: HT-B
62: L-HR
63: T-HB
64: HL-R
65: BR
66: BL
67: TL
68: TR
69: LTBR

Reinforced Bridge:
6A: Pylon
6B: No pylon

Subway to Rail:
6C: Subway-T
6D: Subway-R
6E: Subway-B
6F: Subway-L

Residential 1x1:
70: Lower-class homes (Lower Class Homes 1)
71: Lower-class homes (Lower Class Homes 2)
72: Lower-class homes (Lower Class Homes 3)
73: Lower-class homes (Lower Class Homes 4)
74: Middle-class homes (Middle Class Homes 1)
75: Middle-class homes (Middle Class Homes 2)
76: Middle-class homes (Middle Class Homes 3)
77: Middle-class homes (Middle Class Homes 4)
78: Luxury Homes (Upper Class Homes 1)
79: Luxury Homes (Upper Class Homes 2)
7A: Luxury Homes (Upper Class Homes 3)
7B: Luxury Homes (Upper Class Homes 4)

Commercial 1x1:
7C: Gas Station (Gas Station 1)
7D: Bed & Breakfast Inn (Bed and Breakfast Inn)
7E: Convenience store (Convenience Store)
7F: Gas Station (Gas Station 2)
80: Small office building (Small Office Building 1)
81: Office Building (Small Office Building 2)
82: Warehouse (Warehouse)
83: Cassidy’s Toy Store (Cassidy’s Toy Store)

Industrial 1x1:
84: Warehouse (Small WareHouse 1)
85: Chemical Storage (Chemical Storage)
86: Warehouse (Small WareHouse 1)
87: Industrial substation (Industral Substation)

Misc 1x1:
88: Construction (Construction 7)
89: Construction (Construction 8)
8A: Abandoned building (Abandoned Building 1)
8B: Abandoned building (Abandoned Building 2)

Residential 2x2:
8C: Cheap apartments (Small Apartments 1)
8D: Apartments (Small Apartments 2)
8E: Apartments (Small Apartments 3)
8F: Nice Apartments (Medium Apartments 1)
90: Nice Apartments (Medium Apartments 2)
91: Condominium (Medium Condominiums 1)
92: Condominium (Medium Condominiums 2)
93: Condominium (Medium Condominiums 3)

Commercial 2x2:
94: Shopping center (Shopping Center)
95: Grocery store (Grocery Store)
96: Office Building (Medium Office Building 1)
97: Resort hotel
98: Office Building (Medium Office Building 2)
99: Office/Retail (Office/Retail)
9A: Office Building (Medium Office Building 3)
9B: Office Building (Medium Office Building 4)
9C: Office Building (Medium Office Building 5)
9D: Office Building (Medium Office Building 6)

Industrial 2x2:
9E: Warehouse (Medium Warehouse)
9F: Chemical Processing (Chemical Processing 2)
A0: Factory (Small Factory 1)
A1: Factory (Small Factory 2)
A2: Factory (Small Factory 3)
A3: Factory (Small Factory 4)
A4: Factory (Small Factory 5)
A5: Factory (Small Factory 6)

Misc 2x2:
A6: Construction (Construction 3)
A7: Construction (Construction 4)
A8: Construction (Construction 5)
A9: Construction (Construction 6)
AA: Abandoned building (Abandoned Building 7)
AB: Abandoned building (Abandoned Building 7)
AC: Abandoned building (Abandoned Building 7)
AD: Abandoned building (Abandoned Building 7)

Residential 3x3:
AE: Large apartment building (Large Apartments 1)
AF: Large apartment building (Large Apartments 2)
B0: Condominium (Large Condominiums 1)
B1: Condominium (Large Condominiums 2)

Commercial 3x3:
B2: Office park (Office Park)
B3: Office tower (Office Tower 1)
B4: Mini-mall (Mini Mall)
B5: Theater square (Theatre)
B6: Drive-in theater (Drive In)
B7: Office tower (Office Tower 2)
B8: Office tower (Office Tower 3)
B9: Parking lot (Parking Lot)
BA: Historic office building (Historic Office)
BB: Corporate headquarters (Corporate Headquarters)

Industrial 3x3:
BC: Chemical processing (Chemical Processing 1)
BD: Large factory (Large Factory)
BE: Industrial thingamajig (Industrial Thingamajig)
BF: Factory (Medium Factory)
C0: Large warehouse (Large Warehouse 1)
C1: Warehouse (Large Warehouse 2)

Misc 3x3:
C2: Construction (Construction 1)
C3: Construction (Construction 2)
C4: Abandoned building (Abandoned Building 7)
C5: Abandoned building (Abandoned Building 8)

Power Plants:
C6: Hydro Power (Hydroelectric Power Plant 1)
C7: Hydro Power (Hydroelectric Power Plant 2)
C8: Wind Power (Wind Power Plant)
C9: Gas Power (Gas Power Plant)
CA: Oil Power (Oil Power Plant)
CB: Nuclear Power (Nuclear Power Plant)
CC: Solar Power (Solar Power Plant)
CD: Microwave Power (Microwave PowerPlant)
CE: Fusion Power (Fusion Power Plant)
CF: Coal Power (Coal Power Plant)

D0: City Hall
D1: Hospital
D2: Police Station (Police Dept)
D3: Fire Station (Fire Dept)
D4: Museum
D5: SimPark System (Big Park)
D6: School
D7: Stadium
D8: Prison
D9: College
DA: Zoo
DB: Statue

Infrastructure (not power plants):
DC: Water Pump
DE: Runway intersection
DD: runway (straight)
DF: Pier (Game appears to rotate the pier based on the direction the crane is facing.)
E0: Crane
E1: Control Tower (Civilian Control Tower)
E2: Control Tower (Military Control Tower)
E3: Warehouse
E4: Building (Building 1)
E5: Building (Building 2)
E6: Tarmac
E7: F-15b
E8: Hanger (Hangar 1)
E9: SimSubway (Subway Station)
EA: Radar (Tarmac)
EB: Water Tower
EC: Bus Station
ED: SimRail System (Rail Station)
EE: Parking lot (Civilian Parking Lot)
EF: Parking lot (Military Parking Lot)
F0: Loading bay (Loading Bay)
F1: Top Secret
F2: Cargo yard (Cargo Yard)
F3: Mayor’s House
F4: Water Treatment
F5: Library System (Library)
F6: Hangar (Hangar 2)
F7: Church
F8: Marina
F9: Missile silo (Missile Silo)
FA: Desalinization (Desalinization Plant)

FB: Plymouth Arco (Plymouth Arcology)
FC: Forest Arco (Forest Arcology)
FD: Darco (Darco Arcology)
FE: Launch Arco (Launch Arcology)

FF: Llama Dome (Braun Llama Dome)


1 byte per tile, encodes zone information and also if the tile is the corner of a building.

First 4 bits: encode corners of a building.
1000: TR
0100: TL
0010: BR
0001: BL

Second 4 bits: encode the following zone information.
0: none (0000)
1: Light Residential (0001)
2: Dense Residential (0010)
3: Light Commercial (0011)
4: Dense Commercial (0100)
5: Light Industrial (0101)\ 6: Dense Industrial (0110)
7: Military (0111)
8: Airport (1000)
9: Seaport (1001)
10 .. 15: Appear to be unused.

No city appears to have anything with a hex byte ending in A .. F, so probably unused or saved for future expansion.
Small park is 1111 0000, no zone but all four corners in one (1x1).


Store the underground part of a tile.
00: None
01 .. 0F: Subway, indexes as power lines in XBLD.
10 .. 1E: Pipes, indexes as per power lines in XBLD.
1F: Crossover, Pipe-TB, Subway-LR
20: Crossover, Pipe-LR, Subway-TB
21: unknown, none in 1114 cities.
22: Missile silo
23: Sub/rail or Subway Station Underground portion.
24 .. FF: unknown, none in 1114 cities.


1B per tile. Stores the text overlay for that tile. Note that this overlay is used to store not just signs, but also whether or not a microsim is applied to that tile and neighbour connections.

00: No sign
01..32: pointer to XLAB user defined sign.
33..3C: 10 microsim labels
33: unknown, not in 1114 cities I checked.
34: SimBus System
35: SimRail System
36: SimSubway
37: Wind Power
38: Hydro Power
39: SimPark System
3A: Museum
3B: Library System
3C: Marina
3D .. C8: 140 other microsim labels

For: police, fire, hospitals, schools, stadiums, zoos, prisons, colleges, power plants, water treatment, desalination, mayor’s house, city hall, llama dome, statue, arcos. (Anything that when you click on it, you can change it’s name that isn’t included above.)

C9 .. F0: Things treated like signs. Index to XTHG, probably.

Notes: Various police/fire/military emergency deploys here, sailboats/nessie, helicopters, maxis man, ships, planes, trains (each train car counts as one). 40 total positions, 33 fire/police/military total. If you have a lots of trains and other stuff on the map, this will limit the number of emergency deploys, for example.
The tornado, monster, crashing airplane as well. Explosions might also appear in here, but may not be saved in the city file.

F1 .. F9: unknown, not in multiple cities checked.
FA: Neighbour connection
FB: toxic cloud
FC: flood
FD: rioters
FE: rioters
FF: fire


Labels pointed to by the pointers from XTXT.

6400/25=256, so 256 x 25B labels stored as ASCII text. Labels aren't just signs, but also things like the names for microsims that can have names given to them.

Label Structure

Label structure uses similar offsets as in XTXT.

Offset Label Use
0x00 Mayor's Name
0x01 .. 0x32 50 User Defined Signs
0x33 Unknown
0x34 Bus
0x35 Rail
0x36 Subway
0x37 Wind Power
0x38 Hydro Power
0x39 Parks
0x3A Museum
0x3B Library
0x3C Marina
0x3D Stadium
0x3E .. 0xCA 140 Microsim labels
0xCB .. 0xFA 47 Unknown labels
0xFB Sports team: Football
0xFC Sports team: Baseball
0xFD Sports team: Soccer
0xFE Sports team: Cricket
0xFF Sports team: Rugby


150 x 8B microsims
Probably the first 10 are for the built in microsims, and the next 140 for the rest.

8B contents:
00: Index to building type
01..07: data (varies by building).

Example: "EC 00 00 18 00 60 0C B3"
Bus Line, stats 24 (0x0018), 96 (0x0060), 3251 (0x0cb3)
For a mayor’s mansion: F3 28 08 4A 00 5E 00 00
F3 = mansion, 28 = 4th stat, 08 4A = 2nd stat, 00=(maybe third stat), 5e = first stat, 00 00 could be padding or employees.
Llama Dome example: FF 8B 07 C1 01 07 00 80
8B=first stat, 07C1=2nd, 0107=3rd, 00=?, 80=4th, but 5th in game (# of weddings) is 139 (0x8B)


Note: This section is mostly incomplete and is presently more structured as notes.

00 .. 01: Changes when going from terrain to city mode.

0x0000->0x0402 bit flags? 000000000000->0000010000000010

Doesn’t actually seem to affect the simulation if it’s blanked. However, planes/helicopters seemed to disappear when blanked. Maybe this is a flight path for planes or something?

Last byte was 0x00 in 1114 cities looked at.

Made up of 40x12B chunks.

First chunk appears to be a header

39x other chunks after (39 pointers in XTXT)

Basic structure for a chunk seems to be:

Offset Usage
00 int representing the id of the tile
01 unknown data, rotation?
02 unknown data, rotation? (for id=9, this seems to turn the boat into nessie)
03 tile x coordinate
04 tile y coordinate
05 unknown
06 unknown
07 unknown
08 unknown
09 unknown
0A unknown
0B unknown

Observed tile ids:
0x1: Airplane
0x2: Helicopter
0x3: Ship
0x4: Unknown
0x5: monster
0x6: Unknown
0x7: Police Deploy
0x8: Fire Deploy
0x9: Sailboat
0xA: Train (seems to be front of the train)
0xB: Train (seems to be for the other two train cars.)
0xC: Unknown
0xD: Unknown
0xE: Military Deploy
0xF: tornado


1B per tile, storing 8 single bit flags.

Bit Position Flag Meaning
0 Powerable (Does this tile recieve power).
1 Powered (Is this tile receiving power).
2 Piped (Can this tile receive water).
3 Watered (Is this tile receiving water).
4 XVAL mask.
5 Water (is this tile covered in water).
6 Rotate the tile by 90 degrees.
7 Salt Water (Will water on this tile be fresh or salt water).

Bit #4 Notes: This bit is set for a mask for xval. 64x64 and needs scaling. Doesn’t appear in all cities. Ignoring it does not seem to cause issues as value 0x00 in xval is already transparent. Maybe only old/DOS created cities.
Rotation Notes: For example, LR pier becomes TB peir with this set, LR runway becomes TB with this set, LR onramps become TB onramps with this set, bridge pieces as well.

64x64 Minimaps

Total # is 4096 = 64x64.

Show in city appears to split into 2x2 blocks, for a total of 4096 blocks.
Going with 16 colours from white to black makes bitmaps that are very similar to the in game minimap.


Traffic data. This is why the game shows traffic in 2x2 blocks, even for roads that are only 1x1 tiles in size.




Land Value, simulation shows these values using human friendly 1 indexed.



32x32 Minimaps

Total # is 1024 = 32x32. Show in city appears to split into 4x4 blocks, for a total of 1024 blocks.
Minimap window seems to bin these in 16 even blocks.


Police coverage


Fire coverage.


Population density.


Rate of Growth graph information.

7F: no change (7F seems to be the default for a new city what hasn’t been run yet).|

82: + change (Green)| <7D: - change (Red)

Note: Numbers chosen after experimentation, numbers in the very middle could affect the simulation, no 00 or FF noted.


Historical graph data for the graph window.
16 different tracked stats, shows 1, 10 and 100 years. Appears to update every month, every 1/2 year and every 5 years.

Each section contains 52*4B integers containing historical data for the graph.
12 for 1 year, 20 for 10 years, 20 for 100 years. (1/month, 1/6months, 1/5years)

From beginning:

Offset Graph
0000 .. 00CF City Size
00D0 .. 019F Residents
01A0 .. 026F Commerce
0270 .. 033F Industry
0340 .. 040F Traffic.
0410 .. 04DF Pollution.
04E0 .. 05AF Value
05B0 .. 067F Crime
0680 .. 074F Power %
0750 .. 081F Water %
0820 .. 08EF Health
08F0 .. 09BF Education
09C0 .. 0A8F Unemployment
0A90 .. 0B5F GNF (GNP?), in 1000s.
0B60 .. 0C2F Nat’n Pop., in 1000s
0C30 .. 0CFF Fed Rate

Additional Fields for Scenario Files


Textual description of the scenario. Max lengths are unknown.

Observed to have two entries. One for the description on the scenario screen, and one for the in game, extended description.
First 4 bytes are the type, 0x80 00 00 00 for the scenario screen description, 0x81 00 00 00 for the extended description


Scenario win conditions.

First 4 bytes always appear to be 0x80 00 00 00.

Order still needs to be confirmed on some of these (marked with *).

Disaster Type: 2 bytes
Type of disaster, as defined in the MISC section.

Disaster X Location: 1 byte

Disaster Y Location: 1 byte

Time Limit (Months): 2 bytes

City Size Goal: 4 bytes
Seems to be comparing against the normal city population without arcos from MISC.

Residential Goal: 4 bytes

Commercial Goal: 4 bytes

Industrial Goal: 4 bytes

Cash Goal Funds without: 4 bytes
Seems to be total cash on hand, not counting debts from bonds.

*Land Value Goal: 4 bytes

*Pollution Limit: 4 bytes

*Crime Limit: 4 bytes

*Traffic Limit: 4 bytes

*Build Item One: 1 byte

*Build Item Two: 1 byte

*Item One Tiles: 2 bytes

*Item Two Tiles: 2 bytes

Sometimes there’s an extra 4 bytes of 0s at the end.


Image data for the scenario. All of the observed scenarios appear to be 65x65 pictures, with a 1px border on them, making the effective size actually 63x63.

Data Format

Offset Length Use
0x00 4B Header, seems to always be 0x80 0x00 0x00 0x00
0x04 2B X size of image in pixels.
0x06 2B Y size of image in pixels.
0x08 varies Rows of image data.

Each row of image data is the Y dimension single pixel bytes, with and additional 0xFF denoting the end of a row. Additionally, the first and last row being all 0x01 and the first and last pixel of all other rows being 0x01. Colours chosen from an internal palette, likely PAL_MSTR.BMP as used for all other ingame graphics.

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