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Started work on having energ networks being powered or not powered.

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dfloer committed Nov 8, 2018
1 parent 793836a commit bd4100f9c41709658b8dbf833b536b6846c103ec
@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
from collections import namedtuple
from math import sqrt
import os
from heapq import heappush, heappop
Hexagon = namedtuple("Hex", ["q", "r", "s"])
Point = namedtuple("Point", ["x", "y"])
@@ -475,6 +476,42 @@ def __init__(self):
""" = {Hexagon(0, 0, 0): {"type": "start"}}
def find_connected(self, cell_source, cell_destination):
print(cell_source, cell_destination)
Checks to see if the source cell is connected to a destination cell.
Uses A*. Dijkstra’s may be better with multiple sources.
cell_source (Hexagon): hex cell that we are starting from.
cell_destination (Hexagon): hex cell that we want to find a path to.
Either a list containing the hexes that need to be traversed for the path, or None if they aren't connected.
q = []
heappush(q, [cell_source, 0])
print("qs", q)
visited = {}
total_cost = {}
visited[cell_source] = None
total_cost[cell_source] = 0
while len(q) != 0:
print("q", q)
print("v", visited)
print("tc", total_cost)
current, _ = heappop(q)
if current == cell_destination:
return visited
neighbours = [hex_math.hex_neighbor(current, x) for x in range(6) if hex_math.hex_neighbor(current, x) in]
for next_cell in neighbours:
new_cost = total_cost[current] + 1
if next_cell not in total_cost or new_cost < total_cost[next_cell]:
total_cost[next_cell] = new_cost
p = new_cost + hex_math.hex_distance(cell_destination, next_cell)
heappush(q, [next_cell, p])
visited[next_cell] = current
return None
def __len__(self):
return len(
@@ -501,15 +538,18 @@ def draw_network(self):
neighbours += [{"type": None}]
position = hex_math.hex_to_pixel(layout, k, False)
anchor = sprite_width / 2, sprite_height / 2
sprite = Sprite(sprite_images["energy network center on"], position=position, anchor=anchor)
powered = "off"
if h["powered"]:
powered = "on"
sprite = Sprite(sprite_images[f"energy network center {powered}"], position=position, anchor=anchor)
self.network_batch.add(sprite, z=-k.r - 10, name=f"{k.q}_{k.r}_{k.s}_6")
except Exception:
for idx, n in enumerate(neighbours):
if n["type"] in (h["type"], "start"):
sprite_name = f"energy network {self._neighbour_to_edge_sprite[idx]} on"
sprite_name = f"energy network {self._neighbour_to_edge_sprite[idx]} {powered}"
except Exception:
sprite = Sprite(sprite_images[sprite_name], position=position, anchor=anchor)
@@ -528,7 +568,12 @@ def plop_network(self, cell, network_type="energy"):
network_type (str): id of the building to add.
if cell not in[cell] = {"type": network_type}
n = network_map.find_connected(cell, Hexagon(0, 0, 0))
powered = False
if n is not None:
powered = True
# Going to either need to tell neighbours to check themselves again, or force a redraw and reparse of the whole network, which could be painful.[cell] = {"type": network_type, "powered": powered}
print("Network already exists, skipping.")
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