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You asked why I opted out #96

game0ver opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I did so because the information you display is not accurate, not helpful, wasn't requested, and adds no value.



me too, I opted out... information not accurate, not helpful, wasn't requested, and adds no value.


+1 also creepy :(

interesting experiment, I hope you find another less intrusive way to do something w/ this information.


@huned: I wouldn't call it intrusive at all. OSRC is just displaying what it came up with using publicly accessible data. There's a note right on the site saying not to take what it says too seriously, and it's not as if there's a link to it on your Github profile.


@Aaron1011 -- "intrusive" is a subjective characterization. You're free to think what you want.


@Aaron1011 : I'd like to balance the general tone of the comments here. I think you did an awesome piece of work there and I'm looking forward to the future of this project.

I can only assume that most people complaining here must be ashamed of their public activity, take it too seriously and miss the point that you are merely formatting the data, not gathering it. The opt-out option is really appreciated even if I don't plan to opt-out any time soon :)

Thanks and keep up the good work.


I opted out too ; first, I don't like websites agglomerating my personal data without my express consent, even if said data is public, and opt out of them everytime I can. If somebody's interested in my profile, I hope they'll go check it out on its original platform and process the information themselves, the way I want to present it. That goes for linkedIn, google plus, and all the others (though I admit that on Github, you cannot really decide how to present your own data).

Second, I really don't like the phrasing you use and the way you 'compare' people and their work schedule. Some people on Github work on private repos, others work on non-Github projects, etc... and it's perfectly fine. You cannot use somebody's Github information and declare, oh, this person speaks less or more languages than this one, and this one has a more consistent working schedule. I know you have the "github is not your cv" link displayed (and that's a really good idea) but I am still really not convinced by this developer comparison feature, and how recruiters would react to it.

However, the project looks fun, could be a nice idea if the display part (especially the phrasing I mentionned) was reworked a bit. And the opt-out option is appreciated. Thanks !

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