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  • port from DirectX to OpenGL & SDL (works on linux now)
  • add CMakeLists.txt
  • use assimp - supports more 3D model file formats
  • link glslang and SPIRV-Cross (rather than using external processes)
  • only one variable manager for all stages (variable names now matter though)
  • write actual error messages in the Output window
  • add line number and shader type (source) in the Output Window
  • support single key shortcuts (example: press F to go into Performance mode)
  • KeyboardShortcuts doesnt listen to repeated events anymore
  • merge DepthStencilState, RasterizerState, BlendState into one state called RenderState
  • HLSL to GLSL transcompiler
  • cubemaps now require path to 6 separate textures
  • append version to project files (+ backwards compatibility)
  • implement version #2 of SHADERed project files
  • SHIFT+drag gizmo for faster dragging
  • slow down the application when minimized
  • add "Apply the FPS limit to the whole application" option
  • add "Limit application to 60FPS when it is not focused" option
  • limit rotation value between [0, 360] in PropertyUI
  • duplicated object now appears in PropertyUI if "PropertyPick" option is turned on
  • IsPicked variable now works with multiple items selected
  • prompt user to save project when user tries to save changes to a shader file in a template
  • prompt user to save project when user tries to open template shaders in an external editor
  • add an actual logger -> outputs high amount of stuff in log.txt
  • fix mouse cursor capture when rotating camera
  • fix bounding boxes for other geometry types
  • fix for "app wont gain focus when clicking on anything but the titlebar"
  • fix a bug where the app would crash if when set as a default app for ".sprj" files
  • fix a bug where gizmo wont move with the selected object when the object is moved using PropertyUI
  • fix a bug where user couldnt write {} (and other characters using alt and ctrl) in the text editor
  • fix a bug where user could pick a render state item by double clicking it in PipelineUI
  • fix a bug where two items could exist with names "Box", "BoX", etc...
  • fix a bug where where SHADERed wouldnt check for file updates on a recently added geometry shader
  • remove FXAA
  • remove stats page
  • remove input layout manager
  • remove glslangValidator.exe & SPIRVCross.exe
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@dfranx dfranx released this Jul 19, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release


  • add ability to duplicate selected items
  • add shift+click to select multiple items
  • add bounding box
  • add option to open shaders in an external text editor
  • add a more flexible GLSL file extension system
  • add mute button for audio files
  • add context menu in ObjectListUI and PipelineUI
  • add "collapsed" attribute to shader passes in the project file
  • add a wheel UI when rotating an object using GizmoObject
  • add option to snap transformations with gizmo
  • add minor changes to UI design in Options
  • add CTRL+click shortcut to delete the shortcut in the options
  • add DPI scale text in the options
  • add wrapped text in popup windows
  • show degrees (rather than radians) in PropertyUI for OBJModel and Geometry
  • fix gizmo (different model for scale and rotation transforms, change color on hover, etc...)
  • fix item picking
  • fix an error that occurs when loading audio file on a PC with no audio output device
  • fix PipelineManager::Has -> it was possible to have two or more items with the same name
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@dfranx dfranx released this Jul 3, 2019 · 22 commits to master since this release

  • add audio file support
  • add DPI awareness
  • fix for "VSync not being applied on startup"
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@dfranx dfranx released this Jun 29, 2019


  • add more editor shortcuts in the options
  • add an option to automatically recompile shader on file change
  • add performance mode (hide everything except preview window)
  • add "Open project directory" option
  • add FXAA (disabled - not working correctly)
  • add ability to switch what left and right click do in the Preview window
  • fix TextEditor ctrl+backspace/delete
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@dfranx dfranx released this Jun 28, 2019

This is the first SHADERed release which includes binaries.

Download for 32-bit binaries or download for 64-bit binaries.

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