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@dfranx dfranx released this Feb 25, 2020 · 68 commits to master since this release


  • add shader debugger
  • add plugin API
  • add MSAA
  • add option for supersampling when rendering to an image file
  • add support for #include keyword
  • add "Export -> as C++ project" option
  • add ability to load projects by drag and dropping them
  • add search in Options -> Shortcuts
  • add "Pause preview on startup" option
  • add "Show function description tooltips" option
  • change default font & theme
  • change how MouseButton works
  • change how paused state works
  • clicking on "Reset time" when paused will now rerender everything
  • fix zoom reset using double click when paused
  • fix a bug where SHADERed would think it's minimized on startup (and slow down the whole program)
  • fix copy and pasting '\t'
  • fix deleting '\t'
  • various fixes
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