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Arduino powered BMX gate controller with spoken cadence and random start
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RAD Gate

RemoteArDuino BMX Gate Controller

This project is an Open Source gate controller for BMX gates. You will need to build the controller yourself.

Please see:


  • spoken cadence
  • random start
  • remote control
  • light tree
  • Conforms to BMX Australia / UCI gate cadence

Image of gate controller


  • Arduino based micro controller with 11 digital IO pins
    • This design has been proven to run on the Arduino Uno (both the Adafruit Metro, and Robotdyne Uno clones)
    • It also runs on the ESP8266, but you will need to change some of the pin references
  • Soundboard, I recommend the JQ6500 model. The Adafruit SoundFX boards also work
  • Amplifier module
  • Trim pot (TBA: trimpot value)
  • Diode (TBA: diode value)
  • Resistors (TBA: add suggested values)
  • Big fancy start button
  • Enclosure of some sort
  • Electro magnetic latch (I used a 280kg Ebay sourced magnet)
  • 12v supply (can be power brick, or car/motorbike battery)
  • (optional for light tree) NeoPixel stick (Adafruit or Banggood clone)
  • (optional for remote control) remote module
    • any remote module will work, as long as it can trigger a signal on one of the input pins
  • (optional) barrel jack and switch. You can omit these if you want to use the barrel jack on the Arduino, and let the unit switch on when plugged in

Component Substitutions

  • The MOSFET circuit (with diode, LED, and MOSFET) can be switched out for a MOSFET module, or relay module.
  • The resistor values for the LEDs vary depending on your LED model and how bright you want it. Use a breadboard circuit to determine these.

Hardware settings

Pin Jumper Notes
pin 3 None Default Light tree is a neopixel stick, controlled via serial protocol
pin 3 Ground Sets "light tree relay mode". Triggers relays on PINS A0,A1,A2,!3 for light tree.


This project can be built using the Arduino IDE, or on the command line:

user@host$ make


Image of gate controller schematic

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