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No longer maintained here. This binding is now part of the official openHAB distribution at

tado° Binding

The tado° binding integrates devices from tado° into OpenHab.

It requires a fully functional tado° installation. You can then monitor and control all zone types (Heating, AC, Hot Water) as well as retrieve the HOME/AWAY status of mobile devices.


The easiest way to install this plugin is from the Eclipse IoT Marketplace.

Make sure that the marketplace plugin is activated, and then install the tado° binding with PaperUI (Add-ons -> Bindings -> tado° Binding).

Be aware that you might have to reinstall the binding after an OpenHAB upgrade. This is a limitation of the Eclipse Marketplace plugin and will be changed in future.

home Thing (the Bridge)

The binding supports discovery, but a home thing type has to be configured first. It serves as bridge to the tado° cloud services.

Parameter Required Description
username yes Username used to log in at my.tado
password yes Password of the username

Example tado.things

Bridge tado:home:demo [ username="", password="secret" ]

Afterwards the discovery will show all zones and mobile devices associated with the user's home.

zone Thing

A zone is an area/room of your home. You've defined them during installation. One zone relates to one page in the tado° mobile- or webapp.

Parameter Required Description Default
id yes Zone Id -
refreshInterval no Refresh interval of state updates in seconds 30
hvacChangeDebounce no Duration in seconds to combine multiple HVAC changes into one 5

Zones can either be added through discovery or manually. Following up on the above example, a zone configuration could look like this:

Example tado.things

Bridge tado:home:demo [ username="", password="secret" ] {
  zone heating [id=1]
  zone ac [id=2]
  zone hotwater [id=0]

Zone id and name can be found in discovery results.


A zone is either of type HEATING, AC or DHW (domestic hot water). The availability of items as well as their allowed values depend on type and capabilities of the HVAC setup. If you are unsure, have a look at the tado° app and see if the functionality is available and what values are supported.

Name Type Description Read/Write Zone type
currentTemperature Number Current inside temperature R HEATING, AC
humidity Number Current relative inside humidity in percent R HEATING, AC
heatingPower Number Amount of heating power currently present R HEATING
hvacMode String Active mode, one of OFF, HEAT, COOL, DRY, FAN, AUTO RW HEATING and DHW support OFF and HEAT, AC can support more
targetTemperature Number Set point RW HEATING, AC, DHW
fanspeed String Fan speed, one of AUTO, LOW, MIDDLE, HIGH RW AC
swing Switch Swing on/off RW AC
overlayExpiry DateTime End date and time of a timer R HEATING, AC, DHW
timerDuration Number Timer duration in minutes RW HEATING, AC, DHW
operationMode String Operation mode the zone is currently in. One of SCHEDULE (follow smart schedule), MANUAL (override until ended manually), TIMER (override for a given time), UNTIL_CHANGE (active until next smart schedule block or until AWAY mode becomes active) RW HEATING, AC, DHW

The RW items are used to either override the schedule or to return to it (if hvacMode is set to SCHEDULE).

Item command collection

Item changes are not immediately applied, but instead collected and only when no change is done for 5 seconds (by default - see hvacChangeDebounce above), the combined HVAC change is sent to the server. This way, you can for example set a timer for 15 minutes, with target temperature 22° and mode HEAT in one go, without intermediate partial overrides. It's still fine to only change one item, like setting the target temperature to 22°, but you have the opportunity to set more items and have less defaults applied.

Default handling

To set an override, the tado° cloud API requires a full setting (hvacMode, targetTemperature, fanspeed, swing) and a termination condition (operationMode, timerDuration). If only some of the properties are set, the binding fills the missing pieces automatically. It tries to keep the current state wherever possible.

If parts of the setting are missing, then the currently active zone setting is used to fill the gap. Only if the setting is not compatible with the requested change, then hard-coded defaults are applied.

  • hvacMode is set to HEAT for heating and hot water, and set to COOL for AC
  • targetTemperature for heating is 22°C / 72°F, AC is set to 20°C / 68°F and hot water to 50°C / 122°F
  • fanspeed is set to first supported value, for example AUTO
  • swing is set to OFF, if supported

If the termination condition is missing, the binding first checks if an override is active. If that's the case, the existing termination condition is used. An existing timer, for example, just keeps running. In case the zone is currently in smart-schedule mode and thus doesn't have a termination condition, then the default termination condition is used, as configured in the tado° app (settings -> select zone -> manual control on tado° device).

mobiledevice Thing

The mobiledevice thing represents a smart phone that is configured for tado°. It provides access to the geotracking functionality.

Parameter Required Description Default
id yes Mobile Device Id -
refreshInterval no Refresh interval of state updates in seconds 60

Mobile devices are part of discovery, but can also be configured manually. It's again easiest to refer to discovery in order to find the id.

Example tado.things:

Bridge tado:home:demo [ username="", password="secret" ] {
  mobiledevice phone [id=12345]


Name Type Description Read/Write
atHome Switch ON if mobile device is in HOME mode, OFF if AWAY R

Group OR can be used to define an item for 'is any device at home'.

Full Example


Bridge tado:home:demo [ username="", password="secret" ] {
  zone heating [id=1]
  zone ac [id=2]
  zone hotwater [id=0]

  mobiledevice phone [id=12345]


Number   HEAT_inside_temperature    "Inside Temperature"      { channel="tado:zone:demo:heating:currentTemperature" }
Number   HEAT_humidity              "Humidity"                { channel="tado:zone:demo:heating:humidity" }
Number   HEAT_heating_power         "Heating Power"           { channel="tado:zone:demo:heating:heatingPower" }
String   HEAT_hvac_mode             "HVAC Mode"               { channel="tado:zone:demo:heating:hvacMode" }
Number   HEAT_target_temperature    "Set Point"               { channel="tado:zone:demo:heating:targetTemperature" }
DateTime HEAT_overlay_expiry        "Overlay Expiry"          { channel="tado:zone:demo:heating:overlayExpiry" }
Number   HEAT_timer_duration        "Timer Duration"          { channel="tado:zone:demo:heating:timerDuration" }
String   HEAT_operation_mode        "Operation Mode"          { channel="tado:zone:demo:heating:operationMode" }

Number   AC_inside_temperature      "Inside Temperature"      { channel="tado:zone:demo:ac:currentTemperature" }
Number   AC_humidity                "Humidity"                { channel="tado:zone:demo:ac:humidity" }
String   AC_hvac_mode               "HVMode"                  { channel="tado:zone:demo:ac:hvacMode" }
Number   AC_target_temperature      "Set Point"               { channel="tado:zone:demo:ac:targetTemperature" }
String   AC_fanspeed                "Fan Speed"               { channel="tado:zone:demo:ac:fanspeed" }
Switch   AC_swing                   "Swing"                   { channel="tado:zone:demo:ac:swing" }
DateTime AC_overlay_expiry          "Overlay Expiry"          { channel="tado:zone:demo:ac:overlayExpiry" }
Number   AC_timer_duration          "Timer Duration"          { channel="tado:zone:demo:ac:timerDuration" }
String   AC_operation_mode          "Operation Mode"          { channel="tado:zone:demo:ac:operationMode" }

String   DHW_hvac_mode              "HVAC Mode"               { channel="tado:zone:demo:hotwater:hvacMode" }
Number   DHW_target_temperature     "Set Point"               { channel="tado:zone:demo:hotwater:targetTemperature" }
DateTime DHW_overlay_expiry         "Overlay Expiry"          { channel="tado:zone:demo:hotwater:overlayExpiry" }
Number   DHW_timer_duration         "Timer Duration"          { channel="tado:zone:demo:hotwater:timerDuration" }
String   DHW_operation_mode         "Operation Mode"          { channel="tado:zone:demo:hotwater:operationMode" }

Switch   Phone_atHome               "Phone location [MAP(]" { channel="tado:mobiledevice:demo:phone:atHome" }


sitemap tado label="Tado"
    Frame label="Heating" {
        Text      item=HEAT_inside_temperature
        Text      item=HEAT_humidity
        Text      item=HEAT_heating_power

        Setpoint  item=HEAT_target_temperature  minValue=5 maxValue=25
        Selection item=HEAT_hvac_mode           mappings=[OFF=off, HEAT=on]
        Selection item=HEAT_operation_mode      mappings=[SCHEDULE=schedule, MANUAL=manual, UNTIL_CHANGE="until change", TIMER=timer]
        Setpoint  item=HEAT_timer_duration      minValue=5 maxValue=60 step=1
        Text      item=HEAT_overlay_expiry

    Frame label="AC" {
        Text      item=AC_inside_temperature
        Text      item=AC_humidity

        Setpoint  item=AC_target_temperature  minValue=16 maxValue=30
        Selection item=AC_hvac_mode           mappings=[OFF=off, HEAT=heat, COOL=cool, DRY=dry, FAN=fan, AUTO=auto]
        Selection item=AC_operation_mode      mappings=[SCHEDULE=schedule, MANUAL=manual, UNTIL_CHANGE="until change", TIMER=timer]
        Selection item=AC_fanspeed            mappings=[AUTO=auto, LOW=low, MIDDLE=middle, HIGH=high]
        Switch    item=AC_swing
        Setpoint  item=AC_timer_duration      minValue=5 maxValue=60 step=1
        Text      item=AC_overlay_expiry

    Frame label="Hot Water" {
        Setpoint  item=DHW_target_temperature  minValue=30 maxValue=65
        Selection item=DHW_hvac_mode           mappings=[OFF=off, HEAT=on]
        Selection item=DHW_operation_mode      mappings=[SCHEDULE=schedule, MANUAL=manual, UNTIL_CHANGE="until change", TIMER=timer]
        Setpoint  item=DHW_timer_duration      minValue=5 maxValue=60 step=1
        Text      item=DHW_overlay_expiry

    Frame label="Mobile Devices" {
        Text item=Phone_atHome

ON=at home
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