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Way2Close -- a simple Unity game project.


Way2Close is a simple space game about avoiding to crash into obstacles and enemies. You get points for flying close to them though.

The gameplay of Way2Close in inspired by some one-button game a friend of mine had on his Palm in 2002. The graphics style is inspired by a demo for Processing.js.


Way2Close is written in C# and is based on the Unity game engine.



You can download an APK from the releases section here at Github. Just open it on your Android device to install it. If you prefer to build the APK yourself from the source code, see below.

Other platforms

The Unity engine can generate output for a number of platforms, but I only have Android mobile devices (phone and tablet, no wearables, no TV). And I can only offer builds for platforms I own. I doubt that somebody wants to play the game on PC, but if you really want to, create an issue for it and I will provide builds for Windows, Linux and Mac. If you feel up to it, you can also create the build yourself of course, see below.

Building from the source code

  • Install the Unity game engine and a recent SDK for the supported platform you need (e.g., the Android SDK).
  • Clone the source code from the repo here at Github. Let's call the resulting folder <repo>.
  • Start Unity, choose to open an existing project, and select the folder <repo>/Way2Close.
  • Configure and run the build (File => Build Settings... in Unity). This will produce the package (APK if your platform is Android).


Way2Close is published under the GPL v3. See the file for the full license.