A wordpress child theme for the twenty seventeen theme: text links in footer, no 'Proudly powered by...' line.
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A wordpress child theme for the twenty seventeen theme. Restyles the social menu on the bottom to have text links instead of icon links. This is useful especially in Germany if you want to put some of the required links in there.


Have a look at the following image if you want a preview of this style. In this example, I have added 3 text links (titled Kontakt, Datenschutz, and Impressum) to the footer menu.

Theme preview

Also disables HTTP referer [sic] and loads the fonts locally instead of using Google Fonts remotely.


  1. Make sure you copy/backup any custom CSS you have added to the Twentyseventeen theme, you may want to apply that to the child theme as well.

  2. On your server, copy the directories twentyseventeen-child/ and fonts/ from this repo to <your-wordpress-dir>/wp-content/themes/. Make sure the directory and all its contents have proper access rights so your web server can read the files.

    • Check: as a result, you should now have the following file: <your-wordpress-dir>/wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen-child/style.css (and some more in the same location).
  3. Activate the child theme in the Wordpress Admin panel (see Appearance => Themes).

  4. You may have to re-save your menus and theme options (including background and header images) in the Wordpress Admin panel (see Appearance => Menus).

License and Source

License is GPL v2 or later, the repo is at https://github.com/dfsp-spirit/wordpress-child-theme-twentyseventeen-textfooter

For contact info, see http://rcmd.org/contact/