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multiEmail jQuery plugin

Plugin transforms specified form field into multi-email form widget. It allows you to input several email addresses instead of one.

Available options

The are number of options available to use:

  • max: [Number:null] - Maximum number of emails allowed to input.
  • fieldClass: [String:multiemail-cont] Css class name for the main container.
  • addClass: [String:null] Additional css class to be added to the main container.
  • fieldCss: [Object:null] Css rules to be applyed to the main container.
  • placeholder: [String:null] To use some placeholder value, e.g. "Type email address", etc.
  • values: [String:null] Comma-separated list of initially set emails.
  • removeHtml: [String:'x'] Symbol in place of remove email element. Maybe html-entity, html-image, text, etc.
  • label: [Bollean:true] Whether to use label for this email field. Label should have "for" attribute which is the same as the name of the email field.

Example of usage

    placeholder: 'Contact emails',
    fieldCss: {
        width: '350px'
    max: 5

View demo page.